Best 5 Hotels With Swimming Pool in Kathmandu, Nepal

Best 5 Hotels With Swimming Pool in Kathmandu, Nepal

People are passionate to enjoy the life according to their choice. Because everybody knows that people have only one life. The life will be full of lights only if he or she enjoy and takes the enjoys of every moment. Mostly the people are busy in their own works. They don’t have time to take rest and get relax. Even they don’t take the breath of relaxing due to mental pressure of the busiest life. Although they want to make the life light and entertaining.

So they organize different party and functions to get rid of all burdens. They make the celebration and grasp the happiness. Besides this, all thing are managed by the people according to their conditions that may be of knowingly or unknowingly. They visit the hotels having the curious and energizing services like the swimming pool and others. Let’s talk about the hotels in Kathmandu which contains the service of swimming pool too:


Best 5 Hotels With Swimming Pool in Kathmandu, Nepal

1. Maharaja hotel:

Maharaja hotel is one of the hotels with swimming pool in Kathmandu, Nepal. This is also called the four-star hotels located in Gaushala, Metropark having the optional and international facilities which will make your time much tasty and valuable.


PROVIDING THE CUSTOMS OF SWIMMING POOL, YOUR SWIMMING DREAMS WILL COME TRUE AND YOU BECOME THE PERFECT SWIMMER AFTER Practices OF SOME TIME AND WEKS. Mostly this hotel welcomes the international tourist who came from the outside of the country. As it is one of the popular hotels of Kathmandu, makes your living safety too. Nothing any wrong will touch you and your goods.

building Maharaja hotel in kathmandu Nepal picture
the building of Maharaja hotel in Kathmandu Nepal

It is one of the packed hotels but also you can get the rooms for stay. As it appoints near the world heritage site that is Pashupatinath, already kept the advance booking but also you will get difficulty to take place and spend day or night. As it is attached with the shopping malls, makes you easy for buying of any goods of your choice.

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2. Hyatt regency:

Hyatt Regency is another one of the hotels with swimming pool in Kathmandu, Nepal. The greatest hotels of Nepal we can also call it, having the two hundred ninety bedrooms, largest ground, and decorated with extremely the colorful lights and cultural design. This hotel falls under the list of the most popular five-star hotel located in Jorpati, Chabahil. Mostly, Hyatt regency welcomes the high-class customer that may be from nations or out of nations. The largest occupied land is its extra advantage, that helps in organizing the concert of actors, singers.

Hyatt regency in kathmandu Nepal picture
Hyatt regency in Kathmandu Nepal

This hotel had welcomed the Indian superstar, Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar who have come for the film suiting i. e BABY, and great actress Sunny Leone and others too. It has the services of gaming and restaurant, bars, cafe etc which will steal your heart. The modern and historical building is increasing its beauty and attraction of the customer for spending the memorable time. The kingdom of the international customer as it is known for. The great Hayat regency opens the door of welcome for their local customers too. As it is situated in the heart of Kathmandu, brings the new and seasonal offers and provide the different tastes according to the customer.

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3. Soaltee crown plaza:

The soaltee crown plaza is another one of the hotels with swimming pool in Kathmandu, Nepal. Celebrating the fifth annual years of establishment on 2073/8/10 launches many offers and options of dinners and breakfast. This is also listed in five-star hotels as it serves like them. The beautiful decoration and internal smelly environment obligate you to taste any one items or the food of here.

Soaltee crown plaza in kathmandu Nepal picture
Soaltee crown plaza in Kathmandu Nepal

It also consists the service of the casino which is also called the game of gamble and gamble. The great gambler from India, Nepal, china and from other country came here to make and organize the big deal. This hotel contains the many kinds of dishes according to the customer’s tongue.

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4. Dwarika hotel:

Dwarika hotel is another one of the hotels with swimming pool in Kathmandu, Nepal. The historical design and outstanding internal environment is its great feature, located in Battisputli, Kathmandu. It is categorized under the three-star hotels of the Nepal. Organizing the many seminars and welcoming the internal tourist, and serving the customers at the affordable price have made this hotel great. Giving the choice of consuming the dishes according to the customer and providing the good and desired services makes the customer spend some long time and enjoys the Kathmandu valley.

Dwarika hotel in kathmandu Nepal picture
Dwarika hotel in Kathmandu Nepal

The hotels made up of wood design from outside reminds you the memory and production of king’s palace feelings. The outer designation attracts the customer of religious beliefs. The providence of good service, quality dishes and relaxing in swimming pool helps you to entertain the life and enjoys the feeling of the entertainment and burden free.

The hotels using only the fresh and organic foods and bakery items produce from its own local farm. The restaurant heartily promotes the concept of slow dining, with traditional meals ranging from six to 22 courses, decorated table with clean and fast services. The Newari-inspired architecture and interior décor, for which the hotel recently won the PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) Heritage Award, that promotes the tourism sector and increases the invitation of the national and international guest.

The creation of historically architecture and maintenance of safe and strict services makes an exceptionally authentic atmosphere. This is further enhanced by the meals served in traditional brass and earthenware and the waiters dressing in traditional costumes, representing different regions and ethnic communities without discriminating and devalued the other castes and races guest.

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5. Annapurna hotel:

Annapurna hotel is another one of the hotels with swimming pool in Kathmandu, Nepal. This hotel is located in the highway of new- Baneshwor with the great complex building. It is famous for the organized of different seminars and programs. The political program or education fair and different other party and programs are mostly organized below the roof of the Annapurna hotel.

Annapurna hotel in kathmandu Nepal picture
Annapurna hotel in Kathmandu Nepal

This also contains the services and facilities of five-star hotels, so is categorized under. The services and cleaner are very fast so that the customer does not get the chance to claim. The comfortable and affordable price help you to expand the saving amount on other items. The services of the swimming pool are also provided by it. Many of the international businessmen choose it for the best services and staying time. It does not confuse you in and items, clarify you in different subject and topics that you want to ask. Although it is the best destination and choice for medium and high-class people which near from the international airport.

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