Hot Air Ballooning In Nepal – Nepali Hot Air Balloon


Hot Air Ballooning In Nepal – Nepali Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Ballooning in Nepali. Nepali Hot Air Balloon. Hot air ballooning in Nepal is one of the very famous points of tourist attraction of Nepal. Hundreds of travelers have written about Hot Air Ballooning in Nepal or Nepali Hot air Balloon in book or web portal.

Hot Air Ballooning in Nepal has not a long history. It has only one decade history. Ballooning in Nepali sky has been very popular among tourists in some years. It gives the most spectacular views of the Kathmandu valley, capital city of Nepal and other Himalayan ranges towering in the background. If the day is clear, then view of Kathmandu or other Himalayan ranges will be superb. One can view ancients’ cities, green mountains, Snow Mountains, hills, jungles, rivers, etc. Hot air ballooning in Nepal is one of the most important things to do in Nepal for tourists.

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hot air balloon in Nepal

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If we see the history of Hot air balloon ride in Nepal. In the year 1991, Chris Dewhirst and his friend did an expedition to fly over Mount Everest. He was so impressed with the view of ancient cities, valley, green mountains and Snow Mountains, all this visible at one time, that he planned to share his experience and show this magnificent view to other people also. Then, in association with Nepali partner he opened Balloon Sunrise Nepal in 1995. Hot air balloon ride in Nepal has not long history.

The advantage of this ancient, beautiful and romantic form of flight, hot air ballooning in Nepal is that there is no whirring or whining of engines, no dusty Perspex and no airplane wings to obscure the most magnificent of views.


Hot air Ballooning is the latest adventure sport of Nepal. Huge tourists are drawn every year for hot air ballooning in Nepal. Thousands of tourists come to Nepal just to look up into the Nepali sky. Hot air ballooning provides the tourists to see the mighty towers of The Himalayas for an unforgettable excitement and memories to last. Through hot air ballooning in Nepal, you look down where your eyes will capture greeneries, magnificent valleys unmatched like anywhere on this planet. Nepal is often known as country of “Shangrilla”. With Hot Air Balloon you can do both view Himalayas as well as fly up above the Shangrilla to feel it. If you are in Nepal to visit, don’t miss Hot air balloon ride in Nepal. This is one of thing to do in Nepal that makes you excitement and happy.

The nine story high balloon uses burner to regular cooking gas. The experienced and trained pilot flies this at the height of 3000 m. with 12 passengers. The pilot should be trained holding a valid certificate from Federation Aeronautic International. Its flight time and route has to be approved by Civil Aviation and every flight should maintain close communication. A balloon can’t increase or decrease its’ speed and as it cannot change its direction easily its only control is up and down. So its pilot has to know the movement of other aircrafts. An assistant pilot has to follow the balloon flying in the sky on the ground in a van in case it has to do emergency landing.


The cost of hot air balloon ride in Nepal

If we talk about the cost of hot air balloon ride in Nepal, then it is not more expensive than other country. There are some travels and tours who organize such hot air ballooning services in Nepal. They are in Kathmandu as well as Pokhara city. The cost of hot air balloon ride in Nepal is not expensive. It is generally organizing of one day trip. The cost of hot air balloon ride in Nepal depends on the group of tourists. In general, cost of hot air balloon ride in Nepal for the commercial flight of one hour costs US $ 195 per person. The cost includes transfer to and from hotel, one hour flight, and breakfast and flight certificate.

This flight is not possible in rainy season and in foggy and cloudy day. So it has very limited flying days. If the flight of hot air ballooning is cancelled due to bad weather, the ticket is fully refundable.

Hot Air Ballooning In Nepal – Nepali Hot Air Balloon

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  1. Hello! I am travelling to Nepal in January/February 2015 and am keen to experience a hot air balloon ride. However I have seen/heard that a lot of the old organisations that once did it are no longer in operation. Would you be able to direct me to current organisations that are still operating the hot air balloon rides in Nepal. Thank you very much,

    1. Thank you for your kind message, Although We are not operating any travel and tours packages, but can help you to find good and best organizer who help you to ride hot air balloon in Nepal. We will mail you as soon as possible with all information.. Thank you..

      1. Hi,
        Did you find any information regarding the hot air ballon ride in Nepal (Pokhara and Kathmandu). a friend of mine is travelling nepal shortly.

        Thanks in Advance
        Roshan Pradhan

        1. Roshan jee, there are many private organization who serves for the hot air balloon in Nepal. You can have fun…………

    1. Hi would like to get some info regarding the Hot Air Balloon. Do you organize such trips? Where?

    2. Is it still available in Nepal?
      I heard it shut down.
      No e-mail replies and the phone’s switched off (according to recent internet searches).
      Please provide details like e-mails or phone numbers.
      Thanks in advance.

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