4 Things Must Know Before Buying Best Smart Lock For Your Home

Things to before buying the best Smart Lock for home:- Technology seems to be ruling the world right now. Everything is getting smart and digitalized. From our refrigerator, mobile phone to even our car- all are smart and is connected via the internet.

In this globalized and tech world, there seems nothing to be left out of getting smarter day by day. One example would be Locks of the Doors. While some may still use the contemporary locks, the new types of locks “Smart Lock” are available in the market and seem to be the next big thing.

Some may ask why to use the Smart Lock when the conventional lock works? Well, the locks that you have in your doors may have been working properly, but they do not go in today’s smart world and are terribly inconvenient as well. Remember all those times when keys used to get lost every other day.

Also, remember how inconvenient it is to drag yourself to the door just to answer it. With smart locks, you can get control of the lock from your cell phone, remote or via tablets. You do not need to drag yourself everything you need to answer the door.

Security Home Smart Lock
Home Smart Lock

Thinking about making your world smarter with smart locks? Well, then you need not to worry even if you have no idea about the smart locks. We have come up with a few things that you need to consider while buying smart locks.

4 Things you absolutely need to know before buying Home Smart Lock

  1. Compatibility

The first thing you need to know before buying a smart home lock is to know whether your door is compatible with not. Smart locks are customized to make every deadbolt automatic in terms of locking and unlocking, however, no every kind of door works properly.

If you need to pull or push the door to lock it, then, in that case, the smart lock might not properly work. Since you would be locking or unlocking from remote, you won’t be present on the door to push or to pull. So, in that type of door, smart locks are not compatible.


Next, make sure that the lock fully extends to the jamb. The smart lock tends to fully expand, but if it can’t expand as much as need, the motor may be burnt.

So, before buying the lock, you must know the type of door you have and know if the door is compatible with the smart locks.

  1. Replace deadbolts or add it later?

While most of the smart locks act as deadbolts, some do not. There are some smart locks that are attached to the existing deadbolts and serves you with manual locking and unlocking. These are a lot easier to install as well as to the operation, but you need to know beforehand if that goes with the existing deadbolts or not.

So, the decision to replace the deadbolts or to add them later is completely yours. If you thing the deadbolt that you have is compatible with the lock, go for it. On the other hand, do not bother to buy the one with the deadbolts to make things easier to set up and to operate.

  1. Consider the connection medium

Smart locks are usually connected with tablets or mobile phones to lock or unlock the door. There are different standards to connect with smart locks. Most people use multiple standards in order to connect to the phone or other devices. But, you must check the lock before doing it.

  • Bluetooth:

The most common standard is Bluetooth and widely used as well. The fact that it does not need the power to operate makes it one of the widely used connection standard. Having said that, there is one disadvantage of using Bluetooth.

It does not cover a maximum range as the Wi-Fi do. The range is limited. If you are quite far from your door, you would not be able to answer the door with Bluetooth. So, you must need to consider it before buying the lock.

  • Z-wave:

The second medium would be the use of Z-wave. For operating z-wave, normally a separate hub is required to control lock via smartphones. This wave has a range of approximately 200 feet. However, it can be increased to 600 feet as well.

  • Wi-fi:

The last and final standard is WI-FI. The most important positive aspect of this medium is that the operator can operate the lock from anywhere there is wifi. For example, if you are outside and your friend needs to get in, you can unlock the door for him or her. There is only one condition, the wifi must be available to operate the door via the smartphone.

  1. Consider why you are buying a smart lock and how do you want it to operate

Lastly, you need to consider how would you like to lock and unlock your door and why you are buying this smart lock. While the lock is automatic if you want you can also use the key or pin code to open. The decision lies upon you.

Finally, you need to know that smart lock is convenient – but may not be secure always. You should consider why you are buying one. If the only purpose behind buying is for convenience then you are sure to get happy. On the other hand, if you are in search of security, you might get a little disappointed as this still use some old deadbolts which could make it less secure.

So, these are all the things that you must consider while buying the home smart locks. Never make a decision in a rush. Try to know about the lock more carefully including its pros and cons. While pros may override the cons, it all comes to your need and satisfaction. One disadvantage might even override all the advantages. So, study as much as you can about the smart locks before buying.

Above mentioned tips are sure to be very helpful in researching about the Smart Locks before you buy the one.

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