Top 200 Happy Holi Wishes, Messages, Quotes, SMS for Lovely Wife in English

Happy Holi Wishes Collection: Holi is considered as a standout amongst the most worshipped and praised celebrations of India and it is commended in relatively all aspects of the nation.

It is added here and there called as the “celebration of affection” as on this day individuals get the chance to join overlooking all feelings of disdain and a wide range of awful inclination towards each other.

The immense Indian celebration goes on for a day and a night, which begins at night of Purnima or the Full Moon Day in the long stretch of Falgun.

It is praised with the name Holika Dahan or Choti Holi on the first night of the celebration and the next day is called Holi. In various parts of the nation, it is known with various names. The liveliness of hues is something that gets a considerable measure of inspiration in our lives and Holi is the celebration of hues is really a day worth cheering.

Holi is an acclaimed Hindu celebration that is commended in all aspects of India with most extreme bliss and excitement. The custom begins by illuminating the campfire one day before the day of Holi and this procedure symbolizes the triumph of good finished the terrible.

Upon the arrival of Holi individuals play with hues with their loved ones and in the night they demonstrate love and regard to their nearby ones with Abeer.

Top 200 Happy Holi Wishes, Messages, Quotes, SMS, Greetings, Cards for Wife in English

  1. May colors togetherness life colors spirituality of friendship fill your life joy and fun Happy Holi.
  2. Best wishes to you for Holi filled with sweet moments and memories for long, Happy hold.
  3. May God gift you all the colors of joy, colors of happiness, colors of friendship, colors of love and all other colors you want to point in your life.
  4. Holi is the day to express love with colors. It is time to show affection. All the colors that are on you are of love. Happy Holi.
  5. May god point the canvas of your life with the most beautiful colors sprinkles, peace, luck, success and joy at every step wish you a very colorful and happy holi.
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Happy Holi Greetings Cards

Love Messages in English for a wife

  1. Wishing you a happy and colorful Holi!
  2. Happy Holi best wishes to you for a Holi filled with a sweetheart.
  3. May God give you colorful life as Holi festival, spray Happy holi.
  4. Happy Holi to my sweet and wish you seem to be the way you want.
  5. May success come your way, may your day be full of fun, may you empress everyone happy holi.

Holi wishes in English for a wife

  1. Always remember that your life is colorful, your thoughts as colorful, your vision as colorful. Happy Holi.
  2. Colorful Holi may visualize your life everywhere colorful. Happy Holi.
  3. Happiest holi to the man of my life, praying you will always be blessed!
  4. My life would be incomplete without the shades of your color, I love you with all my heart. Happy Holi 2075!
  5. Wishing you a very colorful and joyous holi 2075! Always cherish every moment of life!

Holi wishes in English for the wife

  1. You are my sun, you are my shine, you are what matters the most to me. Happy Holi 2019!
  2. I never knew what colors I was missing in my life until I met you. I love you. Have a good holi 2019!
  3. Happy Holi to the man that gives me strength when I needed it the most. Enjoy a lot.
  4. Thank you for always being the biggest supporter of my life. Happy holi 2019.
  5. You are the one who has taught me a beautiful painting. Happy Holi 2019!
Happy Holi Festival Hindu Status Greetings Cards Wishe Images Pictures Messages HD Wallpapers Quotes PHotos Pics
Happy Holi Greetings Cards

Holi wishes in English for the wife

  1. My life was a blank canvas before I met you. Thank you for letting the colors in my life. Have a good holi 2019.
  2. I wish you get all the happiness in life, enjoy this holi 2019!
  3. I hope this holi shall bless you with all the success in life. Happy Holi.
  4. Let all your worries fly away from this colorful Holi festival. A very happy holi to the only love of my life.
  5. Wishing that only success and happiness kiss your feet every step of the way happy holi 2019!

Holi wishes in English for the wife

  1. This holi, dance, sing, and move along to the rhythm of colors. Have a good holi!
  2. I am thankful to God every day for being your girl. I love you very very much.
  3. Let the colors of happiness surround you always. Happy Holi my love!
  4. Today I present to you the colorful gift of our love and I hope to paint an everlasting love story. Happy Holi 2019!
  5. The colors of joy, happiness, and togetherness are what I feel whenever I see you. I love you very much, have a good holi 2019!

Holi wishes in English for the wife

  1. Thank you for filling my black and white life with very beautiful, colorful steps of light. Happy Holi.
  2. I am surrounded by the colors of love, trust, and faith when I am with you. Happy Holi love!
  3. You are the colorful rainbow I seek for when I am sad and dismay it, happy holi.
  4. For me, you are as beautiful as a clear blue sky that the sun longs for happy holi, my love!
  5. My life was empty and you turned out to be the pearl I had cherished for a long time. Have a nice holi.

Holi wishes in English for wife

  1. You turn out the best of colors from me, Happy Holi.
  2. You always bring joy and happiness to my life. I hope I can do the very. Have a good holi.
  3. The sky shall be filled with colors of our love with this festival. Happy Holi.
  4. Never change your colorful life. Always cherish yourself, have a good holi.
  5. I want to dance along with you this colorful Holi festival. Hope to have lots of fun this season.Happy Holi.
Happy Holi Festival Hindu Status Greetings Cards Wishe Images Pictures Messages HD Wallpapers Quotes PHotos Pics
Happy Holi Greetings Cards

Holi Messages in English for wife

  1. Let the colors of love spray your song. Happy Holi.
  2. You are the reason my life is so special. Promise me you will always be with me. Happy Holi!
  3. You are the color of love that I wish to cherish forever, Happy Holi.
  4. Life and love, both would be incomplete without your colorful presence. Happy Holi dear.
  5. Your smile is the brightest and your eyes speak so many colors just like the festival of Holi. Have a good holi to my love.

Holi Messages in English for wife

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