500 Romantic Holi Wishes, SMS, Messages for Girlfriend in English Language

351. It is such a good time to celebrate our love. Let’s splash or take a dip. Let this holi shine your path towards your success. May you shine to the new height of success. May this Holi be you break way to the new beginning. Happy Holi Janu.

352. Holi has such a happy vibe attached to it. When you say its Holi, happy faces, colored faces automatically comes to your mind. I wish you happiness, good deeds in every part of your life. Happy Holi love.

353. The love that I have sent you through my words are the only thing that I can give to you. I have given you my heart and my everything. Feel my love and my words. I mean each of them. Happy Holi love.

Lovely holi Quotes text Messages for girlfriend in English language

354. You bring joy and smile to my face. Just thinking about you makes y day. The vacant spaces of my life are waiting to be colored by you. You have the colors and brush to paint them I was waiting for you my whole life and I am so proud to call you mine. Happy Holi love.

355. Let’s paint a beautiful tomorrow. Let’s make the colors of joy and colors of love and paint every chapter of our life. I wish you a very colorful holi love.

356. Let’s indulge in merriment and make most of everything that we have got. Let’s celebrate this amazing occasion and enjoy its beauty. Let’s share love and happiness and fill our life with the colors of Holi. I am sending you my heartiest wish on this special occasion. Happy holi love.

357. Having you in my life has been a huge blessing for me. God has sent me happiness and his love in your form. You are my blessing, my beautiful l blessing. May you prosper and lead a happy life love. I wish you tons and tons of Happy Holi love.

Lovely holi Quotes text Messages for girlfriend in English language

358. .May your life be filled with beautiful colors. May our love and relation grow stronger with each year of Holi. I wish to fill your life with beautiful memories and colors of happiness just like you have done to mine. I wish to be by your side for the rest of my life. Happy Holi love.

359. If it were possible I would have stolen the color of rainbows, the colors of flowers and those pretty butterflies. I would have painted our present, future and even our past. If it were possible only colors in your life would have been filled with happiness instead of pain and ache. I would do anything for you my love. I wish you an amazing Holi babe.

360. Thank you so much for coming into my life and filling it with beautiful colors and love and joy. You re my happiness and my beautiful colorful rainbow. I wish you a very happy colorful Holi love.

361. Let’s splash colors and enjoy this amazing time together. Let’s play with these vibrant colors and fill its beauty everywhere. I love you so much and it means so much to spend each and every second with you. I wish you a warm holi sweetheart.

Lovely holi Quotes text Messages for girlfriend from boyfriend in English language

362. Let it go honey. Let go of all the grief and all the pain that you are holding it in your heart. It’s time to let go and enjoy and accept that happiness that is right there in front of you. Color everything, everyone that comes in front of you and color them in red yellow blue any color you want. It’s time to embrace the love that has been waiting in your porch. Your happiness is right here. Enjoy this beautiful Holi love.

363. The colors that we made together, the memories that we stored together are forever imprinted on my mind. I want to sprinkle the glitter in my life. I want to paint our beautiful future together. I want to have much more beautiful experiences together. I love you and you mean so much to me. Happy Holi love.

364. My life is so colorful babe. I love you so much for it. You came, entered and painted my life. You made it home and lived here. You filled my home with joy and happiness. It’s more than I could have ever asked of you. I am so glad to have you. Happy Holi love.

Lovely holi Quotes text Messages for girlfriend from boyfriend in English language

365. You let me know each and every color. You made it possible for everything that I have right now. You stole my heart and colored it with the beautiful rainbow colors. You made my life a heaven. Happy Holi love.

366. Everything seems so beautiful. The flower, the sky, the earth but then I realized it was you who made them so much more beautiful. It was you who made it possible for me to love them. It was you who made me love myself and accept myself. I love you. Happy Holi love.


Lovely holi Quotes text Messages for girlfriend from boyfriend in English language

367. Life is amazing when you have someone to love you, to take care of you. It makes it so much sense when you have a partner with no judgment but only love. You are the one whom I can love so unconditionally and yet won’t regret anything. I wish you happy holi to the most amazing person.

368. You add colors to my life. Your smile and warm touch are enough to melt my heart and make me go Olalla. I am incomplete without you. You complete me and bring me happiness. You are my sunshine. This holi will be incomplete without you. I want you by my side. Happy Holi sunshine.

369. May God gift you with all the colors of world and happiness. Embrace the joy, happiness. Friendship and love of your people and paint others life with your colors. You were born to shine. Let others have your light love. You are my light and love. I love you. Happy Holi.

Lovely holi Quotes text Messages for girlfriend from boyfriend in English language

370. This is an amazing day. All the love, affection, romance bombards this day. Let the colors of Holi enlighten you and your family. Accept what’s yet to come and never settle for any less. Happy Holi Janu.

371. Let’s paint our heart and life with the colors of Holi. Let them be beautiful just like you full of smile and sunshine. I want to share every color of life with you. Bind me forever to you with these bonds and never let me go. Happy holi LOVE.

372. I love you with all my heart. I want to express my love and my feelings through these colors and show you the wonders of my love. I wish you a great Happy Holi love.

Lovely holi Quotes text Messages for girlfriend from boyfriend in English language

373. Happy holi to the prettiest girl alive. Let the hues of laughter and romance fill your life and give you the happiness beyond your imagination. Wishing you a great Holi love.

374. Let’s shower the color of love. Let this mood prevail and ignite the passion. Let’s sing and splash water and play with the colors of Holi. Let’s have an amazing time on this beautiful Holi love. Happy Holi once again.

375. Let’ssing the song of Holi and dance and show our moves. Let’sspread love and happiness and being out the new happiness. Let this season of color bring out the happiness and love to our life. Happy Holi sweetheart.

Lovely holi Quotes text Messages for girlfriend from boyfriend in English language

376. Let me splash you the color of love and romance. I am the right guy for you. You can depend your life on me. I will never break your trust. I am forever yours to the end of time. Happy Holi to you love.

377. I wish each and every day of our life be as bright and colorful as the day of the Holi. Let the charm of this occasion fill the rest of our life. Sending you lots of hugs and wishes on this auspicious occasion I wish you Happy Holi love.

378. Holi is a wonderful time to enjoy the love. Let’s dip our heart and life in the deepest shade of our colors and brighten them and make them beautiful. Weall deserve it. Happy Holi sweetheart.

379. Every day is so special when I get to be with you. Holi is the best because I can color you with all the colors. I can share you my happiness, my fun and moreover my love for you. You are a beautiful rainbow for me. I live for you. I wish you all the happiness of the world and a great Holi.

Lovely holi Quotes text Messages for girlfriend from boyfriend in English language

380. Happy Holi to the most beautiful girl who brought love and romance in my life. I am the luckiest guy alive and you are my sole reason. I give you my best wishes on this beautiful Holi.

381. I wish you success and happiness on this auspicious occasion and hope for your better future. I wish all the success and opportunities and hope for our love to exist to the end of the time. I wish you beautiful Holi honey.

382. Happy Holi for the rest of our life. I will never allow any bad to happen to you. I will be your shield. I will be your happiness. I will be your reason to live. I will be your everything. I love you.

383. I want you to know that you have been running in my mind the whole freaking time. I am thinking and missing you. I promise I will there in your side the day after tomorrow. Sorry foe making you alone. I will make it up to you. Happy Holi love.

Lovely holi Quotes text Messages for girlfriend from boyfriend in English language

384. Life would be so dull and boring without these colors. Every moment, every part of our life has been drawn so beautifully with these colors. We can’t think what would have happened without these colors. Just like that I can’t think what would have happened to me without you. You are my life. Happy Holi love.

385. Enjoy every moment of this beautiful moment and have an awesome Holi love. I will never let these colors fade away from our life. This is my promise toy you. Happy Holi.

386. May the colorful light and charm of this colorful Holi color your beautiful life and make it more colorful. You are a wonderful person. Your heart is so gentleand beautiful. I want to look at you for the rest of my life and just adore you. Happy Holi sweetheart.

387. The colors are the most beautiful thing of the world but you know what’s more beautiful. It’s our love between us. The love that we share is one of a kind. The emotion that we share and the smile you give are more precious than anything. Happy Holi my life.

Lovely holi Quotes text Messages for girlfriend from boyfriend in English language

388. May your life be filled with happiness and may you get success in everything. I want your happiness and nothing more. My holiness lies with you and my colors are yours. Happy Holi love.

389. Wishing you an amazing Holi on this auspicious occasion. Let the color of love, life and happiness color you and fill your life. I wish you a wonderful holi once again.

Thus, these are some of the romantic wishes that you can send your girlfriend to wish her a colorful Holi. I hope you will have a great time enjoying the occasion as well. If you liked our suggestions then please do write to us in the comment section. Do not forget to like and comment and share the article. We wish that you have all the happiness and fun that you want on this Holi.

In this way, these are a portion of the sentimental wishes that you can send your better half to wish her a brilliant Holi. I trust you will have an incredible time getting a charge out of the event too. In the event that you loved our recommendations at that point kindly do keep in touch with us in the remark segment. Keep in mind to like and remark and offer the article. We wish that you have all the satisfaction and fun that you need on this Holi.


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