500 Romantic Holi Wishes, SMS, Messages for Girlfriend in English Language

150. A thousand colorful ray of arrows was what struck me when you held my hand for the first time. Have a great festive celebration!
151. Pleased to say the most amazing girl loves me back just as much as I love her. Happy Holi beautiful!

New Holi Greetings Girlfriend for Whatsapp

152. I still remember the awkward smile I gave you when I confessed my love for you. Thank you for loving me back and always clearing my gray, dark days with your colorful personality. Have a great festive celebration!
153. I can’t think of a better occasion to express my love for you. The festival of colors as beautiful as you are. Happy Holi my lovely!

New Holi Greetings Girlfriend for Whatsapp

154. You are the star that guides me through my dark, lonely night. Enjoy this Holi, my love!
155. Hoping the occasion of Holi shall make all your worries go away. Happy Holi dear!
156. Keep on adding colors to my blank canvas. Together we shall write the most beautiful story ever. Have a great festive celebration!
157. Let’s paint a beautiful memory this Holi, my love. A very happy Holi for you!

New Holi Greetings Girlfriend for Whatsapp

158. Just like Holi, your smile brightens up my gloomy day. Happy Holi love!
159. I wanna dance and sing all day and all night with you this Holi. Happiest Holi to my beautiful love!
160. Happy Holi to the prettiest girl who is the reason for all the happy colors of my life. Happy Holi sweetheart!

Best Wishes for Girlfriend on Holi

161. You are my favorite color who overwhelms my life with joy everytime you smile. Happy Holi my love!
162. The feeling of joy, the feeling of sadness and the feeling of immense happiness; it all comes from you. You are the various shades of colors of my life. A joyous Holi; celebrate it with happiness!

Wish you happy holi in advance in English Language

163. A splash of tons of colors was what I felt in my heart when I first saw you. I will never forget that moment when I knew you were the one. Happy Holi to the girl who only brings joy to my heart!
164. My days go dark when I see you sad. Don’t ever lose your smile. When you’re happy, my day brightens with colors and joyous lights. Happy Holi dear!
165. You’re my colorful rainbow after a rainy day. Happy Holi to the only girl whose smile sets a thousand colors to my life.

166. Today is the day to commend the dynamic tints of our sentimental relationship… . Today is the day to enjoy cheerfulness and amusing to make it the most vivacious event… .. Today is the day to wish to Happy Holi with the glow of my heart… .. Glad Holi my cute sweetheart!!!

happy Holi message for a girlfriend in English Language

167. I am sending a delightful message wrapped in adoration to the most wonderful young lady I know… . You are the person who has lit up my existence with your adoration and hypnotized me with your love… Wishing you an extremely Happy Holi… . May you are continually lighting up my existence with your grin.

168. Holi is an ideal opportunity to add new hues to our power of profound devotion… . It is an ideal opportunity to overlook every one of our battles and simply have sentiment at the forefront of our thoughts… It is an ideal opportunity to express our affection for each other… ..

169. Wishing the best of the Holi to the most ravishing and most adoring young lady… . Upbeat Holi to the affection for my life.

170. Having you in my life has filled my existence with lovely hues. May God favor us both with bliss and flourishing. May our relationship become more grounded. Glad Holi to my adoration.

happy Holi message for a girlfriend in English Language

171. This Holi, let us add delightful platter of hues to our life. Give us a chance to sprinkle each other with shades of giggling, sentiment and happiness. Wishing you a vivid Happy Holi to the prettiest woman.

172. You are the person who pours the brightest hues throughout my life and make my life lovely. Offering my hues to you gives me the most joyful inclination; I need to appreciate all tints of feelings just with you. Make the excursion longer and how about we appreciate it together. Upbeat Holi and adore you.

173. Feel the shade of adoration in your heart, which I send through my words. I cherish you is reality of my life and it brings the shade of bliss and grin. Paint a lovely tomorrow together and fill the empty space of our canvas with a wide range of hues. I adore you and upbeat Holi.

happy Holi message for a girlfriend in English Language

174. The wonderful shade of my adoration, I feel when I take you in my arms; it is the shades of affection which I guarantee I never let it blur. Being with you pours hues in my heart and makes my life wonderful. I generally be with you in your grin and in tear and need to impart each feeling to you. Upbeat Holi.

175. I need to take the shade of rainbow and the shade of butterfly to paint my future with you where red, green, blue and all hues give their grinning face in my artistic creation, there will be no shade of torment and dark. Glad Holi.


176. Adoring you is reality of my life; I never let you go. Others say hues acquire joy your life, however for me, it is you. You are the shade of my life and you are everything. I adore you. Upbeat Holi.

happy Holi message for a girlfriend in English Language

177. Gracious dear, Holi is Here,
Squeeze of Red and a squeeze of green,
Happy hues all are seen,
With affection and with bliss..
Wishes of Holi all I mean !!

178. I May Not Put Colors On Your Face In This Colorful Fest,
Yet, I Am Praying To GOD To Add More Colors To Your Beautiful Life.
Glad HOLI 2 you and your Family my Love:- * !!

happy Holi Shayari in English for a girlfriend

179. With petals of Roses,
Palm brimming with Holly water,
Light of Full Sun,
The scent of Flower and Grass with dew.
I wish u an extremely wonderful HOLI.

happy Holi wishes in English for a girlfriend

180. A few things simply can’t be communicated in words
A few people simply can’t be lived without
Love can say a lot notwithstanding when words cant
So all I am going to state is
I cherish u.
Upbeat holi sweetheart!!

181. Try not to consider me I am dependably in your eyes,
in your brain, in your heart, in your soul, in every heartbeat,
wherever ever if u need me,
Wishing You Happy Holi my Love !!

182. Holi is an exceptional season to recall the individuals who are near our souls with sprinkling hues. Cheerful Holi !!

183. Much the same as A red Rose
that fills d world With Beauty and Fragrance
You Have Made My Life So Beautiful
By being In It.
Glad Holi.

happy Holi wishes in English for the girlfriend

184. The celebration Of Colors and Joy
Wanna Say Thank You 4 All The Love and recollections you
have bought 2 My Life.
Glad a beautiful Holi !!

185. Propitious red.
Sunkissed gold.
Relieving silver.
Truly purple.
Delighted blue.
Perpetually green.
I wish u the most joyful holi my adoration !!

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186. Holi is the day to express love with hues.
It is an opportunity to demonstrate warmth.
Every one of the hues that are on you is of adoration!
Upbeat Holi sweetheart !!

happy Holi wishes in English for a girlfriend

187. Life is brimming with hues, Maybe this HOLI celebration,
You even had more hues throughout your life,
Furthermore, you appreciated them at their brightest shade.

188. I wish you that even after the HOLI.
Those hues are there in your life and continually producing around you making a wonderful world.
Happy Holi !!

happy Holi short poem in English for the girlfriend

189. Blue is tune,
Yellow is music,
Green is move,
Red is excellence,
White is love and
Pink is for euphoria.
I wish all of you these on Holi.
Cheerful HOLI my affection !!

190. I wish that the shades of Holi, paint each and every day of your reality with more smiles, more joy, more love and greater accomplishment. Wishing the best of the Holi to the most beguiling and most loving young woman. Superb Holi to the glow of my life.

191. We should cover our heart with our feelings of deference and shading it with our great long stretches of past. The shading I share with you is love that makes me sprightly and routinely binds me to you. The inside shade of my heart relates to being as one. I cherish you and Happy Holi, my adoration.

192. I feel so delighted, would you be able to recognize why? For the reason that I am blessed, would u be able to observe how? Since God loves me. Do u know Why? Since he gave me a gift. Guess what? It’syou my Heart. Upbeat HOLI adore.

happy Holi wishes in English for a girlfriend

193. I like to worship you in calm, for in stillness I don’t stagger refusal. I wish to watch over you in your isolation, for in your isolation nobody holds you, aside from me. Cheerful HOLI

194. In spite of the fact that itis unimaginable for me to apply tints to Your Face, this holi, nonetheless, I Am arguing to godliness to append extra shade In Your dazzling Life. Upbeat HOLI to you my Love.

195. A couple of things basically can’t be partaken in words. A few people can’t be lived without. Love can state a considerable measure yet articulations can’t. Subsequently all I got the chance to state can be condensed in a word. That my dear, I cherish you and it should remain up to this point. Cheerful Holi sweetheart.

196. May this Holi give you the most Colorful and wanted Happiness that you have ever ached for? Chipper Holi To you my Dear.

happy Holi wishes in English for a girlfriend

197. May This Holi be as striking as ever? Glad HOLI Love. I wish that this celebration of Colors top off your and your family’s lives with delight and joy. Upbeat Holi Love.

198. Holi is the day to express love with tints. It is a chance to exhibit love. Ensure that every last shading on you is of adoration. Upbeat HOLI my affection.

199. Each day of our lives should be bright, be that as it may, it is once in a while so. Therefore, stash yourself adequate hues for a whole year! Have an incredible happy celebration! My cherish.

200. I wish you a particularly merry Holi. Enjoy brilliant shades of euphoria and love. Furthermore, kindly do be my side, each day of my life. Cherish you young lady and a Happy Holi .

happy Holi 2019 wishes in English for a girlfriend

201. I’m feeling relinquished without you. I long I could cheer this Holi with you. Cheerful Holi and make the most of my love.Miss YOU, with my entire existence. Glad Holi!!
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