Holi Songs 2019 – 30 Best & Famous Bollywood Hindi Holi Songs of All Time


The artists of this melodious song are Amit Kumar and Anuradha Paudwal. This song is from the movie “Aakhir Kyon” meaning the question “why?” The title of the song “ssat rang mein” which means in seven colors, itself speaks of the message the song is trying to convey.

The songs speak how the character is playing with the seven colors of the rainbow just like the colorful festival of Holi and is trying to win over everyone’s hearts through the colors of the rainbow. This song even tells us to let our emotions enjoy the colors of the beautiful Holi and let the love and happiness spread all around us while the festival lasts.

It gives us the happy message of being joyful and colorful in our own ways and make it joyful and colorful to others as well. Hopefully, you will too make the festival of Holi as joyous and as delightful as the song itself. Always be colorful and remember to always be as beautiful as a rainbow.


The song “holi re holi” was composed for the movie “paraya dhan” released in 1971 AD. The artists who gave sang this song were Asha Bhosle and Manna Dey. The song begins with “holi rey holi rango ki holi” meaning Holi of beautiful colors.

The song itself is very playful and just paints smile all over your faces. The song gives you nostalgic feelings and the voice of Asha Bhosle is sure to make your hearts dance. When you hear this song, you instantly feel the rush of happiness and joy in your veins. And of course, it is great fun to move your bodies to this beautiful song.

You will be compelled to sing “holi re holi aayi tere ghar pe masko ki toil”. The song further proceeds on the characters to have more fun by singing and playing with colors. We wish you to have a lot of fun and joy playing this song at your Holi party. All the best wishes and let a smile take over your world!


This epic and famous song was created for the movie Mangal Pandey: The rising released in 2005 and the artists who gave their voices to this beautiful song were Chinmayi, Madhushree, Srinivas and Udit Narayan. The music was given by the talented A.R. Rahman.

When Aamir Khan and Rani Mukherjee are seen dancing and wrapped in all the colors in this song, our hearts too jump with happiness and moving our bodies to the amazing rhythm of this beautiful song. The song has fast beats towards the chorus which makes the song even more interesting and paces your happiness to an, even more, faster speed.

The song talks about dancing, playing and painting each other with colors, splashing and drenching oneself with water and of course the chemistry between the lead characters itself talks about love. Any Holi is incomplete without this colorful song. This song surely needs to be on your playlist in your Holi party and make it even more special.


This famous Holi song “Piya sang khelo holi” is from the classic movie Phagun which was released in 1973 AD. The vocalist is Lata Mangeshkar and the lyricist is Majrooh Sultanpuri and the beautiful music is given by Sachin Dev Burman. The song title “Piya sang khelo holi” means to play Holi with your loved one.

The song proceeds on saying that it is the month of Phagun and therefore it is the month of Holi. in the song, the characters are seen dancing, singing and playing with colors and water guns. The soulful voice of Lata Mangeshkar is actually quite soothing but the background music of dhol makes your heart skip a beat with happiness.

This is a classical Holi song and is quite a loving, heartwarming song too. So, as the song title suggests, this Holi play, sing, love, dance and enjoy with your loved and dear ones and never hesitate to make this occasion a joyous one!

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This famous, epic Holi song is from the famous movie “Sholay” of the year 1975 AD. The voices in this famous song are the talented duo Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar. The music was given by R.D. Burman and the lyrics were written by Anand Bakshi.

The chorus of the song that goes “holi ke din dil Khil jaate hain, rango mai rang mil jaate hai” must be famously known to all out of all the Holi songs. The line means that on the occasion of Holi, our hearts lighten and brighten up with the colors that end up mixing with each other making the festival even more colorful.


The song, especially the chorus is very catchy and the rhythm and the flow of the words with the beats and music itself tempts our hearts and feet to jump in the air with happiness. Hoping your Holi is filled with positive vibes with the beautiful sound of this famous Holi song.


The song “bhagi re bhagi Brij wala” is from the famous movie Rajput which was released in 1981 AD. The artists who gave their melodious voices to this song are Asha Bhosle, Mahendra Kapoor, Manhar Udas and Dilraj Kaur. This is a song packed with full of fun that teases the characters for playing with water and coloring their faces and their clothes with different colors.

The pure voices, especially of the most talented Asha Bhosle, really makes your heart and minds mesmerized with the happiness of the colorful festival of the Holi. the song further tells its story of the innocent joy the Holi brings to our everyday monotonous lives and shows us that Holi needs to be spent with nothing but love, joy and of course lots of colors.

This beautiful song also has references to our Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha. What more to prove the love of culture and tradition than this. Hope you have a great, enjoyable Holi with this melodious song.


This beautiful song titled “Dil Mein holi jal rahi hai” is from the famous movie Zakhmee which was released in 1975 AD. The artist who sang this song is the ever famous Kishore Kumar.

The music for this song is given by Bappi Lehri and the lyrics for this song were written by Gauhar Kanpuri. Have you ever heard the famous lines “aali re aali re aali re Holi”? If you have, then you must be familiar with this song that is dil mein holi jal rahi hai which means that the festival of Holi has captured and smitten all of our hearts.

This song is very fun to listen as well as to dance along with. There is definitely no doubt that you, your family, your relatives and all of your friends will surely find this song amusing in your Holi party. Wishing you a great Holi and hoping this song will add a little bit more spice and life to your party of Holi.


The song titled “chhan ke mohalla” is from the movie of comedy genre called “Action Replayy” which was released in 2010 AD. The singers of this song are Sunidhi Chauhan and Ritu Pathak who are both very talented and have God-given voices.

The song stars the most beautiful woman on earth Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who has given the song another level of boost. This song is blasted all around during Holi because it is such fun to sing along and dance with. The song is all about a girl sharing her thoughts and dancing her heart out. The song involves the use of various colors that have made it even more vibrant.

The song further tells the character’s story of how she has become colorful with her youth but has not found her true love even though she has searched for it everywhere around her. The song is packed with beats and rhythms that will successfully make your bodies move to the melody and your hearts will definitely jump with happiness.


The ever famous song “are jaa rey hat natkhat” is from the Hindi Bollywood movie Navrang which was made in 1959 AD. The artists of this beautiful song are Asha Bhosle and Mahendra Kapoor. The word “natkhat” means naughty and the song teases the naughty to go away in a light-hearted way.

The sweet voice of Asha Bhosle is just enough to melt anyone’s heart. The rhythm and the beats make your heart want to dance and sing along with the song. “Are jaa rey hat natkhat naa chhure mera ghunghat, palat ke dungi Aaj Tujhe gaali re”, these lines really say all the sentiment and the playfulness that the song and the lyrics want to convey.

The song further proceeds on saying the ground and the sky both are red with love and the characters too want to paint each other’s faces red with the colors of love. Wishing your Holi is also as playful and as colorful as this melodious rhymes and music of this song.


This song “Tann rang lo Ji Aaj Mann rang lo” is from the famous Hindi Bollywood movie “Kohinoor” which was released in the year 1960 AD. The singers of this beautiful song are the talented Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammad Rafi. The song title “tan rang lo Ji Aaj mang lo” means to color the bodies and hearts with colors in Holi.

The song further has words and lyrics that say to play and enjoy the colors of love in holi. Then, the song says the whole town is colored with different colors from streets to the blue sky; everything is colorful. The song focuses on the happiness and the joy that the festival of Holi brings into the lives of the people.

Also, the song tells the character’s friends and loved ones to dance and enjoy in their homes and all around. This beautiful piece of art is a soothing medication to our ears and hearts and really is a fun way of welcoming Holi into everybody’s lives.

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