Holi Nepal 2019 (2075) : Holi Festival Nepal 2019 Date

Holi Nepal 2019 (2075) : Holi Festival Nepal 2019 Date

This post is about Holi Festival in Nepal 2019 or Holi Date Nepal 2075. Holi Festival is the festival of colour. The date of Holi falls in either in March or early April (Falgun or Chaitra) each year, depending on the cycle of the moon.

When is  Holi festival in 2019 or  Holi date in 2075 B.S.? When is Holi festival in Nepal. What is the date of Holi festival in Nepal? Holi in 2019 is given here. One can check it now.

Here we have also tried about when was  Holi festival in the some previous years. Let’s be familiar with date of  Holi in 2075 B.S. For you kind information B.S. is the short form of Bikram Samvat, a official Nepali calendar.

Holi is celebrated on the full moon of Phalgun every year. The Holi festival actually is  for two day festival in Nepal.

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When was  Holi in 2019 (Holi in 2075 B.S.)?

This year,  Holi in 2019 is on Sunday, 20th March in hilly region of Nepal and 21th March in the Terai region of Nepal. According to Nepali Calendar,  Holi in 2075 is on 6th Chaitra 2075 in the hilly region of Nepal and 7th Fulgun in the Terai region of Nepal.

SundayMarch 202019 Holi2075 B.S.Falgun 29 (in Hilly region)
MondayMarch 212019Holi/Faguwa2075 B.S.Falgun 30 (in Terai or Madhesh Region)

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Holi Nepal 2019 (2075) : Holi Festival Nepal 2019 Date


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