Holi Festival: Celebrate the True Meaning of Love And Respect To The Society


Holi festival is a traditional Hindu religious festival, which celebrates the joyous occasion of getting closer to our societies. Holi is also known as Spring Festival. It is celebrated before the Vasant season. The festival of colors symbolizes the triumph of good over evil and has been celebrated since ancient times.

The festival of colours is usually celebrated with colours, flowers, clothes, and sweets. Colourful fabrics, lotus, garlands, sand mandalas, and other such objects are used in the celebrations. The festival of colours is one of the most awaited festivals among the Hindu majority in India and Nepal. This is the main auspicious festival of Holi.

The festival of Holi is celebrated with the same enthusiasm and energy as it was centuries back. In addition to the traditional colour of red, various other colours are also used. It has been noticed that since ancient time, people associated the colour red with prosperity and happiness in life. Hence, Holi is also celebrated with a festival of colour. Vasanti or bright colour is usually used.

In India, too, red is the most popular colour for Holi. However, other colours too like turquoise, amethyst, and ruby have also gained importance. Jewellery embossed with these colours is available at a high price. Some of the more common colours used in the Indian Holi festival include red, blue, pink, white and yellow. These colours represent the four elements (air, earth, water and fire) and the four seasons (day, night, etc.) Jewellery embossed with these colours can be worn to celebrate Holi.

Although Holi is celebrated in all parts of the world, the festival is mostly celebrated in India. It is observed in a grand scale. Thousands of red carpets, rivers, colourful flags and lamps make the atmosphere joyous. The best time to catch up with the Holi festival is mid-Falgun or early Chaitra when the weather is conducive.

During the Holi festival, all shades of red are preferred. Even the most ardent devotees prefer to stay away from the traditional orange-red colours. Instead of that, they choose green or maroon as their favourite colours. But the basic colour would be red. People who have a liking for sweets and candies lookout for Holi packages that include sweets and chocolates.

For those who are not particular about colours, pink and blue are also acceptable options for Holi. The most popular colours associated with the Holi festival are red and pink. However, some people who do not like these hues opt for green or orange colours. If one has a great liking for sweets, then colour combinations such as magenta and orange can also be considered.

holi festival
Holi Festival Colors mother daughter

The Holi festival celebrates the true essence of love and affection. The festival marks the victory of love over hate. A beautiful red candle is lit at the beginning of the festival, along with flowers and kites. This candle will guide the devotees to reach the first corner of the earth where they place the red candle. After this, the person adds lots of sweet goodies to the candle and burns it slowly till the end of the festival.

Holi Festival is the Festival of Love and Respect to the Society

Holi festival is celebrated to celebrate and respect to the Hindu society. Holi is the Festival of colors. The significance of these colors is that they are the colors of love and abundance.


As we all celebrate Holi in our home and in the office, we should make it a point to see that we decorate our abodes in a colorful manner. Holi festival is not restricted to a single theme or color combination. There can be a lot of variety and creativity in the selection of colors. In fact, one can opt for a mixture of colors so as to get a very colorful environment.

Holi festival is also celebrated in different countries as per their religion and culture. One can find some interesting color combination for the festival. For instance, in the Hindu religion and culture, red color is used to express the love and affection for the family and/or relatives.

Red color is also believed to be the color of “life” because according to the legend, “Life is but a breath”. So red color at this festival is representative of the festival of love and affection and the giving-and-receiving of affection. In addition to this, pink color is also used at the festival of color in Hindu religion and culture.

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Holi girl

Color combinations can be utilized in order to get a more vibrant look and appearance. The festival of color is also a time for home decoration. During the festival of color, pink colored fabrics should be used. This could be used on walls, doors and windows. Pink colored fabrics can also be used to spread colored drops on the objects. These colored fabrics should be made using cotton as they are more durable and soft to use.


Holi festival is celebrated to love and respect for the people. This festival is a good time for the people to tell their loved ones how much they love them and appreciate them. It is also a time for the people to express their love and affection to their close friends and relatives. Colors are used during this festival to express these feelings. Pink color is considered to be the favorite color of people.

When it comes to costumes, people mainly choose red clothes. Pink colored clothes should be used as colors for women. The men can also wear any colors according to their choice. The most loved color is pink. It is believed that when a bride wears a colored dress, her groom will feel love from her heart. This is also one of the reasons why people like to wear wedding dresses which are colored pink.

Holi festival is celebrated to love and respect for the people. This festival is a good time to tell your loved ones how much you love them. This festival is a time for the people to express their love and affection to their close friends and relatives. Pink color is used for this festival.

The festival is celebrated on the full moon of the Hindu month Falgun or Chitra in the Indian or Hindu Vikram Samvat calendar. People were so delighted that they offered Vishnu beautiful flowers as gifts.

Holi festival is celebrated to celebrate happiness and love. It is also believed that Vishnu went around looking for all the beautiful devotees of the world. After finding them, he brought them to his home and sat on the bed and fell in love with them.

This festival is observed in various parts of India and Nepal. Different people celebrate this festival in different ways. Some of them tie beautiful colored candles around their lamps and offer sweets to the goddesses. Some others paste colored rice grains on their doors and request them to be near their homes on the full moon night. Some others pay tribute to the god of knowledge by painting his image on the forehead.



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