History of Madhesi Movement in Nepal

History of Madhesi movement in Nepal

History of Madhesi Movement in Nepal :- Nepal is the democratic Loktantrik country with the great chain of Nepalese support for the right selection and providence of equal right to every Nepalese as the definition of democracy and Loktantrik explain. But some of the politicians have ruling and regime the country with their self-made definition and principle which is against the context. The politicians of Nepal have mocked types that have made the country like the ground and matter of scrap. They have not the mission and vision of the development of Nepal and make the country prosperity. There are many leaders who are busy in gaining their own values, wealth and adding the stairs and floor in their home with the black income earned from positioning in politics.

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Many of the politicians have not their own indoctrinate due to their lizard character and even not any knowledge.  With great sorrow,  I am obliged to say, it’s the country where the uneducated person becomes the education minister and those who have not even seen the farming land become the agricultural minister. Making the topic more clear, the country is full of the Nepalese but having their all own identity and assistant in the society. Among all, Madhesi is one of the backward society and almost two-third of the total population of the nation. The Madhesi of Nepal is even in struggling phase for their equal rights. The 21st century says there is freedom of everyone and freedom of all positive things, every should get the equal value and equal position and participation. In Nepal, due to some of their power and political impact, they have captured the large number of the booth of the vote in their own control and under their arms.

Madhesi looked the struggle in Nepal and struggling for Nepal but the government is giving the support in sluggish mood and tiny incentives.  Madhesi have given many contributions for the country that is immortal. The betrayer forgets the person help when he gets rid out of problems. The same arbitrary and activities are going with the Madhesi people living in Terai or Madhesh region. Madhesi are treated as the backbencher and backstroker and they have not any fear of their attack or invade. A person who has not any knowledge about the history of Madhesh will only speak against the Madhesh and behave intolerantly and cruel. There is a big history of Madhesh if you enter deeply but there are some phases I have only taken here to draw your attention and make you convince and inject you the reality and facts without any mixture and exaggeration.  The society having the largest population in entire the country and even though they are in struggling rude road.

The country can only sign up and step up if the unification of all the people entire the country will change their mentality and adopt the thought of we all are Nepalese either they belongs from eastern or western, either they belongs from Madhesh or Pahad.  Two eyesight of government has made many Madhesi wept and passed with the pits of dismal. There are many mothers who have lost their creative and lovely child, also exist many wives who have made their life whiten forever due to the passes of their caring husband.  Tears fall from the eyes after lighting and focusing the sorrows of all martyrs grounding and starting history. Adding the more facts,  they are not the foolish rather they have the thirst of equal right and wants to live in freed society not behaving like the colonized.  There are a novelty and uncountable novel of sorrow if started to describe the chapter of dismal and sadness only of the great and graced martyrs and their sacrifices for the Madhesh. Let’s go below and talk about more about the history of the Madhesi movement in Nepal.

Bitter but best facts:

It’s the time of about 1960 B.S., there was the system of taking passport and Madhesi have to show their passport to enter the Kathmandu. This fact also shows that Madheshi is treated and dominated from initial time. They are treated Madhesi as their servant and done their works by their hands giving the instruction because all the administrative and police and army were theirs. Even now,  about 75% of intervenes and domination is alive in Nepal with Madhesi people. These types of bitter truth also show the history of the Madhesi movement in Nepal, how they are fighting with the government and how the government of Nepal is acting like the deaf and foolish. It’s the too heart penetrated facts, that the Madhesi are checked in Hetauda, Chitwan, while they are traveling to Kathmandu for any of their official works. Madhesi are always kept in the back and used as the pusher of the vehicle.  This types of historical facts made the Madhesi aggressive but the action needs the conducive time to act and react against it. Due to patience and eccentric and not brutal though, Madhesi are asking for the right with open and wide mouth without making weapon and gun hands. So, history of the Madhesi movement in Nepal also describes the ancient past facts.

Janakpur invades over King:

After facing the unlimited and daily discrimination and naughty behavior by the governmental administrative, activeness of Madhesi agitation have reached up to international headlines from the conduction of great march and protest in many gaps of times. It also gives the message about the victims and dominated sense due to the killing of one innocent Madhesi after the agitation of King visit to  Janakpur. It’s the people born rights to agitate anyone and anything you dislike it.   After the visit of King Birendra to Janakpur for the revealing and addressing the people with their values and subsidies or anything more else, at that time, it is said and is truth that one, Madhesi  have  agitated  in front of BIrenrdra, then after he was killed by police by the administration and instruction given by Birendra. This types of action and non-human activities how their mentality of the regime by make the people of Madhesi confuse and make them one the back supporter and Potter. This event has also burned and rises with great enthusiastic of Madhesi unity but the government has pressed with their police and army power by doing and making the people afraid giving the painful torture by grasping while doing the protesting.  This is also the action which speaks about the history of the Madhesi movement in Nepal held in the gap of time and period of time for the actual and right demand of a large number of populated society.


Great march  in 2062/63:

This was one of the historical and exhaustively powerful agitations against the government made by the Madhesi people. There expected even not the single person left at home, all have come descended on the road and making their voice common robust asking for the equal rights and equal placement or participation of Madhesi in every sector. Usual and positioning prime minister of that time, the great leader of Nepal and also treated as the  Asia Girija Prasad Koirala, have almost given the rights and have made the agreement of nine points with  Madhesi party and alliance. But all their dream and agreement become the toilet paper after his death. The new politicians have made the and start again treating Madhesi as the step brother.


With an increment of agitation against the government by the Madhesi, the government also start increment in inspection and investigation of the document of Madhesi if they go to the office for some work. This is the great matter and the news of spitting over the thought as they are treating with Madhesi. The march of Madhesi in 2062/63 have made recognition of the MADHESI and Mades and also exist inside Nepal and the people of that places are struggling and asking for their equal rights and participation, have died many too with the bullets of administrative.

The administration has killed and shoots the innocent Madhesi who are also their own countrymen. The bullets have a spade and flown away from their body and head, many become handicapped and many injured. The government have given hope and made the Madhesi optimized for their promise of giving  Rs. 10 Lakh d to all defunct family and provide the job to anyone of the family members. In contrary, all promise become the ash and even not all dead declared the martyrs and there are many families who have not achieved the announcement of Rs.  10 lakhs. These types of ballooning promise and hopes have made the Madhesi valueless and government mannerless and characterless. These types of protest lead and push the country prestige down and make the country economic fragile or handicapped.

Black day celebration on constitution announcement:

The Madhesi people of celebrating the 2072/ Ashoj 3 as the black day, it is the day when the government and political and parliamentary member are announcing the constitution of Nepal. The first president of Nepal belongs from Madhesi society. The half countrymen celebrate the day as the light of festival called DIWALI whereas the  Madhesi centered people celebrates this day as the black day as even not lit up the bulbs and spend the whole night in darkness. This types of action and support of more than 50%  straddled people of Madhesh.

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Madhesi are against the constitution and they have confronted many domination and discrimination by the governmental administrative and always striking and giving the ultimatum to the government to announce and released the constitution of all and everyone rights inclusion. The constitution should not contain the rights and values, and respect of some portion and some specific cases, it must contain the every aspect and equal values of all the people and all the countrymen entire the country. But they have not listened to anyone of the voice and taken the ultimatum as the wanting of children given on the game of rubber-band. So, it was also the history of the Madhesi movement in Nepal arises in the gap of time still now.

Sanction of six months:

History of Madhesi movement in Nepal does not fix the time for upheavals but there is adapted like the race of the Madhesi movement done and occurrence in a gap of time for their equal value and equal respect. After the announcement of the constitution, the Madhesi have started and announced also the sanction for an indefinite period, later on, it gets open after six months. The people of Kathmandu have become like the hungry tiger came in aggression mood and want to snatch anything with anyone if they look.

oil tanker in madhesh terai nepal

oil tanker in madhesh Terai of Nepal

The government has tried many times to persuade the Madhesi centralized party to open the border closing done on the border of all Madhesh touched. There was a blockade of everything, and inflation has taken their position and grown drastically in upwards which have made much Nepalese poor and poor Nepalese rich. The country has to load much economic pressure and has made the economic fragile without giving the rights and equal participation to Madhesi. After six months, with obligation and imperative, the government request the Madhesi parties for agreement and exit the sanction. After the points agreement, border reopens.

The killing of  sixty in March of 2073:

In period and movement of sanction, there were risen of various confliction with Madhesi  Morcha and government police.the government and police have used their power forcefully to make any fade the protestor from the border and also want to quit the agitation and announcement of the strike of a long period of time. Due to the scarcity of all grocery things and life surviving things, there were the conditions reached near to pestilence. The people of Himalayan was in the trap and trying to get rid of all these problems. But the border was closed, and the scarcity of petrol and diesel have reduced the vehicles on the road.

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These also speak about the history   Madhesi movement in  Nepal. In that sanction and many fights, more than sixty Madhesi have lost their life by eating and receiving the bullets of Nepalese police. Any some are announced as the martyrs and some are not, some are provided the money and some have not received. These all are the history of the Madhesi movement of Nepal addressed in the gap of time. This is the matter of great sorrow that even the race of 21st century Nepal is so behind and back that there is not an establishment of a constitution and it’s implementation permanently.