Top 40 Valentine Hug Day Love Shayari, SMS, Messages in Hindi Language

Valentine Hug Day Love Shayari, SMS, Messages in Hindi: – The one who has prepared the schedule for Valentine’s Week, thinking quite carefully, ordered all seven days. By giving roses, chocolates and teddy bears, we can express our love. But the right time to test what is in the heart of the other person the high day is vital.

Whether to console someone, to have romance or to increase bonding, then we hug put each other. Obviously, the method of two friends’ hugs can not be like two lovers. If you say in simple words, the way you hug or others hug you. You can find out whether the other person is just want to be friends or something more.

Hug day is the sixth day of the valentine week. This day is celebrated every year on 12th February. On this day most lover and girlfriend embrace each other and express their love in a romantic way.

This day is very special for loving people. Every couple try to celebrate this day as a memorable one. It is believed that if you hug someone, then you tell him that you love him very much. Let’s celebrate this beautiful day with some beautiful message to the one whom you love .

Top 40 Valentine Hug Day Love Shayari, SMS, Messages in Hindi Language

Find here top 40 valentine hug day love sms in Hindi language. Here we posted free love sms, messages, shayari, quotes, images, pictures, Facebook sms etc for your gf, bf, premi, premika, gharwali, sali, jija, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or someone special. These sms, quotes, messages, shayari, Facebook status are great and romantic as well. It can be love tips in Hindi language.

1. hug day sms in hindi for girlfriend : Free love msg in Hindi

Dard jitana hai meri nigahon mein,
na de khuda kisiki raho mein,
bitana chahate the zindagi jinaki bahon me
sayad maut bhi na mila paayegi unki panaho me…
Happy Valentine’s Hug Day 2019

2. Love Quotes hug day sms in hindi for girlfriend

unki yad mein sab kuchh bhulaye baithe hai
chiraga khushiyon ke bujhaye baithe hai
ham to marenge unki baho me
ye maut se sarta lagaye baithe hai
Happy Valentine’s Hug Day 2019

3. New hug day sms in hindi for girlfriend  msg in Hindi

baitha kar mehabuba ki baho mein ais josa aaya
Wah Wah!
Wah Wah!
Baitha kar mehabub ki baho mein ais josa aaya
phir kya huwa?
Bibi ne dekha liya aur ICHU mein hosa aaya!
Happy Valentine’s Hug Day 2019

4. valentine hug day sms in hindi for girlfriend 140 character

Ai rat tu mere akele pana par is kadar mat hasa
varna tu us dis bahut pachhataayegi.
Jab meri mohabahta meri baho mein hogi.
Happy Valentine’s Hug Day 2019

  • Hug day messages sending you nowadays a hug from throughout the miles so heat and tight, the distances might disappear and you’d know how a great deal I really like you!
  • No matter how a ways apart we are, I recognize I will constantly discover my manner lower back to you, hug you and shower you with my kisses. Happy hug day!
  • There is one present in this global giving that’s as good as receiving. And that I supply it to you these days. Happy hug day!
  • A hug warms, delights and charms. It’s the satisfactory present to give to your beloved and I am sending you across one today.
  • If a hug ought to bring how a great deal I love you, I might preserve you in my hands for all time. Satisfied hug day!

5. Romantic Love SMS in Hindi Language: Free love msg in Hindi

Na jane kaun sa jadu hai teri bahon mein
sarab sa nasa hai meri nigahon mein
teri talasa mein tere milan ki asa liye
duwaain mogata phirat hĕu daragahon mein…
Happy Valentine’s Hug Day 2019

6. valentine hug day 2019 sms in hindi for girlfriend

na jane kaun sa jadu hai teri bahon mein,
sarab sa nasa hai teri nigahon mein,
teri talasa mein tere milane ki asa liye,
duwaain mogata phirat hun main daragahon mein…
Happy Valentine’s Hug Day 2019

7. valentine hug day sms in hindi for girlfriend 140 character

araju thi teri banhon mein dam nikale,
kasura tera nahin bada- nasib ham nikale!
Jahan bhi jaye khus rahe tu sada,
dil se duwan sada ye hi nikale!
Happy Valentine’s Hug Day 2019

8. hug day shayari in hindi for girlfriend

mahobbat rutha jaai to use bahon mein le lena,
bahut hi pas kar ke tuma, use jane na dena,
wo daman bhi churaai to use tum kasam de dena,
dilon ke mamalo mein to khataain ho hi jati hain,
tum ina khataon ko, bahana mat bana lena..
Mahobbat rutha jaai to use jaldi mana lena…
Happy Valentine’s Hug Day 2019

  • Hug day messages sending your way a warm hug, to can help you recognize that I’m thinking of you. You sincerely suggest a lot to me.! Happy hug day to you too pricey.
  • You’re so unique to me. There’s not anything higher than having you as a friend to share hug day with! Thanks for making my day.
  • Sending you a hug and a kiss to make you smile and to say, I’m thinking of you and I leave out you! Satisfied hug day!
  • The moment I spent on your arms makes me a sense as though I am in heaven I want to bathe my love on you, to make your day unique. Happy hug day to you to expensive!
  • There is one present which cannot take delivery of without taking it returned …This is why I give you a hug which can’t be giving without taking it again. Glad hug day.

9. happy hug day sms in hindi for girlfriend

aja mahobbat se yaro mulakat ho gai..
Mere dil ki baton mein wo kuchh aise kho gai…
Jab puchha maine ki ati hai yad meri..?
To khamos hokar meri bahon mein so gai..
Be My valentine!

10. happy hug day sms in hindi for girlfriend

mere angana mein rosani bhale na rahe
tere daman mein chandani hames rahe
mar bhi jaun to kaphana mile na mile
mere khatir teri orhani hames rahe
tum bhale hi kisi gair ki bahon mein raho
tere dil mein ek jogani hames rahe
Happy Valentine’s Hug Day 2019

11. True Love SMS in Hindi Language: Free Messages, Shayari

Na ruthana hamase ham marjayenge!
Dil ki duniya tabha kar jayenge!
Be My valentine!

12. hug day wishes in hindi for girlfriend

Pyar kiya hai hamane koi majak nahin!
Dil ki dharakana tere nam kar jayenge!
Happy Valentine’s Hug Day 2019

13. hug day sms in hindi for husband

Tuje dil se juda kabhi hone nahin denge,
hath hamara kabhi chhorane nahin denge.
Teri muskana hi itani pyari hai ki
ham marbhi jaye par tuje rone nahin dege.

14. hug day sms in hindi for husband

Ha mera har lamha chura liya apane,
ankhon ko ek naya chand dikha diya apane,
hamein zindagi di kisi aur ne,
par itana pyar dekar jina sikhaya apane!
Be My valentine!

  • A hug can vanish all my fears away and can also display my love and affection closer to you… Happy hug day!
  • Waiting for that allows you to come again and embody me on your hands as quickly as feasible. Satisfied hug day!
  • Hug day messages regardless of wherein are you, I will constantly find my manner to hug you tight and bathe you with passionate kisses. I really like most effective you, sweetheart.! Wishing my pricey a completely glad hug day.
  • There’s nothing extra comforting than your hug darling. I omit you! Happy hug day!

15. hug day sms in hindi for boyfriend

Ek din jab meri sans banda ho jaayegi
mata sochana ki chahat kam ho jaayegi
farka sirfa itana hoga aja ham apako yad karte hain
kala meri yad apako rulaayegi.
Be My valentine!

16. hug day sms in hindi for boyfriend

zindagi ke liye jana zaruri hai,
pane ke liye araman zaruri hai,
hamare pas chahe ho kitna hi gam,
par apake chehare par muskana zaruri hai…!
Andaza-ai-pyar apaki ek ada hai,
dur ho hamase apaki khata hai,
dil mein basi hai ek pyari si tasvir apaki,
jis ke niche “ai mis yu” likha hai..

17. hug day sms in hindi for wife

Banane vale ne dil kancha ka banaya hota.
Torane vale ke hath mein jaankhm to aaya hota.
Jab bi dekhata wo apane hathon ko,
use hamara khayal to aaya hota!

18. hug day sms in hindi for wife

Jo dhala jaye wo sam hoti hai,
jo khatama ho jaye wo zindagi hoti hai,
jo mila jaye wo maut hoti hai,
aur jo na mile wo mohabbat hoti hai….
Be My valentine!

19. hug day sms in hindi for wife

Jindagi mein har gam ko chhor dena, khushi ko nahin,
har muskil ko kho dena, kamayabi ko nahin,
agar zindagi mein kuchh khona pare to hamein kho dena,
par apni hasi ko nahin……

I’m sending you a present which I can be happy to get hold of the back from you. Sending a warm hug to my loved. Satisfied hug day sweetheart!
I’m wishing you a hug day,
With plenty of love, care, and smile,
I need to hug you my pricey,
Are you able to too?
Happy hug day


Simply give a heat hug to
Bucket of flora despatched by way of me,
I just imagine that I was given your hug.
Glad hug day

A hug is an excellent gift you can deliver
It suits all
And no person ever minds
In case you go back it
Happy hug day

I sense so cherished
When you hug me sooo tight
Glad hug day

A protracted tight hug from you
Might be perfect right now.
Happy hug day, darling!

20. hug day sms in hindi for wife

daawa hai dard sine mein daawa usaki daawa di hai
ai meri rani tune mujhe kisaki saja di hai
mana ki tune mujhe chhor diya sari jindagi ke liye
phir bhi khuda se tere hansane ki duwa ki hai

21. hug day sms in hindi for lover

aap kya jano ham apako kitna yad karte hai,
harapal apaki pharyad karte hai,
roz khata likhate hai kartuna netaawarka ko,
aap ko dikhane ki manga karte hai.

22. hug day sms in hindi for lover

tu nikale to thika lage,
tera baap nikale to mujhe bika lage,
aur jab aye polisawale ki jipa,
mere skutar ki kika lage!

23. Love Messages in Hindi for girlfriend: Hindi love shayari Facebook

Nadi ko sagar se milane se na roko,
baris ki bundon ko dharati se milane se na roko,
jinda rahane ke liye tumako dekhana jaruri hai,
mujhe tumhar didar karne se na roko
Be My valentine!

24. Love Messages in Hindi Language: Hindi love shayari Facebook

muhobat ke nase mein jab adami chura hota hai,
use mahayebuba ka har phaisala manjur hota hai.

  • Please percentage your cute, funny and romantic messages in the given space. Please ship real messages, we are able to delete junk mail messages.
  • It is usually the best time to hug your beloved; simply hug and feel the warmth of affection. Glad hug day.
  • A hug is a lovely memory and the final closeness that friends do share. Satisfied hug day.
  • Sending you an enormous hug in this unique eve with lots of love. Glad hug day.
  • In my eyes, you are so lovely which you deserve a hug no longer only for in the future however every single day of life.

25. Love Shayari in Hindi for girlfriend: Hindi love shayari Facebook

Mana ki apase roja mulaqat nahin hoti,
amane-samane kabhi bat nahin hoti,
magar har Subah apako dilase yad kar lete hai,
uske bina hamare din ki suruwat nahin hoti


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