46 Valentines Day SMS Messages Shayari in Hindi Collection

41. valentine’s day shayari hindi for husband

Jaba khamosa ankhon se bata hoti hai;
aise hi mohabbata ki suruata hoti hai;
tumhare hi khyalon men khoye rahate hain;
pata nahin kaba din aur kaba rat hoti hai.
Valentines ke din ki subha kamanayen.

42 valentine’s day shayari hindi for husband

rat gumanama hoti hai;
din kisi ke nama hota hai;
aba ham jindagi kuchha isa taraha se jite hain;
ki har lamhan aapke nama hota hai.
Ham taha dil se chahate hain ki aap hamari zindagi bhar ke liye valentine ban jayen.


43. Hindi Valentines day sms collection

sirph itana hi kaha hai, pyar hai tumase;
jajbaton ki koi numaisa nahin ki;
pyar ke badale sirph pyar mangata hun;
riste ki to koi guzarisa nahin ki.
Happy valentine divas 2018.

44. Hindi Valentines day sms collection

log kahate phirte hain jise ham pyar karate hain vo ek chanda ka tukar hai;
par unhen kya pata jise main pyar karat hun, chanda usaka ek tukar hai.
Happy Valentine’s Day 2018.

  • Chocolate sugary treats and new rose packs are extraordinarily sweet and excellent. However, not anything is as sweet and remarkable as you appear like. Playful Valentine’s day 2019!
  • As the messages of brilliance and love unfold around. I’m certain I’m the maximum blessed man in the earth. Chipper Valentine’s day
  • With a polite you in my lifestyles, I certainly am the luckiest man on the planet. I believe you have got Valentine’s day that is as bewildering as you is probably.
  • This present Valentine’s day, I ought to uncover to you the sum I regard and esteem you. I am thankful for the lion’s proportion of that you do to make our home a playful one. I like you.
  • You’re the maximum splendid element that passed off in my lifestyles. I couldn’t imagine a presence without you close by. Happy Valentine’s day, my boyfriend!

45. Hindi Valentines day sms collection

mohabbata to sirph ek ittephaka hai;
ye to do dilon ki mulakata hai;
mohabbata ye nahin dekhati ki valentines ka din hai ya rat hai;
isamen to sirph vaphadari aur jazbata hai.

46. Hindi Valentines day sms collection

lamha-lamha vaqta gujar jayega;
kuchha hi dinon ke bada valentine day a jayega;
abhi bhi vaqta hai kisi se chakkar chala lo yara;
varna ye valentine day bhi aapne pati ke saath hi gujar jayega.
Happy Valentine’s Day 2018

I could not imagine presence without you; the solar might by no means climb without you close by. I am glad that I locate the opportunity to revel in every Valentine’s day with you.

Now and again we brush aside to kingdom exactly the sum we revere each different, anyway Valentine’s day is a diffused notice of the sum you mean to me.

Cherishing you takes after an insane ride; the endeavors with you in no way cease. A duty of appreciation is altogether to make every day out of the ordinary. Satisfied Valentine’s day 2019!

No gemstone should diverge from your eminence. You’re the maximum basic issue in my existence and I believe you acknowledge what I’ve prepared for our Valentine’s day together.

There are such huge numbers of stars within the sky this evening, yet on the off danger which you tally them, they may be every one of the motives that I am appreciative that you became my Valentine.

I realize that Valentine’s day is a length whilst young girls are dealt with like sovereignty, however, I need you to realize which you are my ruler every single day. Upbeat Valentine’s day 2019!

Domestic is the place the heart is. When you are away, I cannot cease thinking of being returned to your hands. We ought to have an excellent Valentine’s day 2019!

Love is something that keeps going all the time and the general public of the candy things which you enhance the scenario me, regardless of whether or not it is Valentine’s day or not, imply the entirety to me.

You are making me so satisfied that every now and then I wind up grinning basically at the chance of you. Tons obliged to you for making my existence this type of fantastic enjoy.

This Valentine’s day is one which I’m able to hardly wait for because I get the possibility to undergo each 2nd of the day with you nearby.

Each and continually that I go through with you resembles Valentine’s day in my coronary heart due to the fact that it’s far brimming with affection and bliss.

Valentine’s day is the only day when you could see the adoration in each dating. My adoration for you is unmistakable each day of the year.

Valentine’s day wishes for a sweetheart – love is workmanship that originates from the coronary heart

There is not anything that I cannot do while you are close by, that’s the case I’m glad to have the ability to go through the day with you. Happy Valentine’s day, my adoration.

Sweet is nice, blossoms are pretty, but nothing fills my heart with pleasure extra than seeing a smile throughout. We ought to make this current Valentine’s day a reminiscence to share for eternity. Upbeat Valentine’s day 2019!

The love which you offer for me gives me the team spirit to rouse each day and vanquish it with a smile all over. I adore you!

Each night time I quit my day with an idea of you so I’m able to have candy goals throughout the night. I’m able to infrequently wait till tomorrow with the intention that I’m able to see you all over again. Upbeat Valentine’s day 2019!

I’ve by no means felt extra fortunate than I do this present Valentine’s day because you’re assured to be mine this 12 months, which makes it the maximum uncommon Valentine’s day up till this point.

I can’t take my eyes off of you, which is the purpose I will rarely wait to appearance for your eyes and divulge to you ways unusual you’re. Upbeat Valentine’s day.

Most young ladies get a bunch of roses for Valentine’s day, but, you get a blossom in order to sprout continually instead of simplest for multi-day.

I am happy to the point that I am getting the risk to go through this modern Valentine’s day with my closest associate. It will resemble a fable wherein you are showered with my affection.

I generally trusted that adoration transforms you, however, the way in which you make me experience on every occasion I see you’re a trade that I’m able to never stay without. Upbeat Valentine’s day 2019!

I feel like the maximum lucky guy alive at the grounds which you went thru this gift Valentine’s day with me. I guarantee to make you feel just like the ruler which you are.

After I check out the mirror, I see a twinkle in my eye and I keep in mind that is the affection that I sense for you consistently. Upbeat Valentine’s day 2019!

You appearance extremely good inside the daylight hours, yet the night glow makes a radiance on your eyes that makes me need to take a late night walk with you constantly.

You are the maximum crucial girl in my lifestyles. I’m starting to look all starry eyed at you always and I will infrequently wait to do it once more the following day. Joyful Valentine’s day child!

Not anything is extra sentimental than sharing dusk on a coastline. I will infrequently wait to perceive what see I am will impart to you this cutting-edge Valentine’s day.

I have an extremely unusual region saved in my heart for you and no one can have this spot. May additionally tonight of adoration gets loaded of bliss our lives! Upbeat Valentine’s day, my affection, my higher half of.

I never expected how notable love is the factor at which one definitely adores is aware of no selfishness, you’ll dependably be anyone important in my life, I constantly needed to discover, that visit my lifestyles resembles contacting the sky since it commonly seems to be difficult to have someone such as you, when you consider that I’ve no longer will never launch you of my existence.

You are the lady of the hour I cherish and why I’m able to lose my singleness and opportunity I typically had before I met you, presently I without a doubt want to revel in our affection.

Because you turned into my sweetheart. I see life through the eyes of affection, so I am happy that we cherish so energetically.

I settled on the high-quality selection of my life to position my eyes on you, presently I stay for you, my ruler. I am keen on you. Joyful Valentine’s day.

I needn’t trouble with greater checks to look whether or not your adoration is the element that I required in my lifestyles considering the fact that we changed my life my better 1/2. Satisfied Valentine’s my love.

What I maximum need in lifestyles its miles to renowned to stay respectively in an effort to stir each day adjoining to you and treat you want a ruler.

How hard may be as basic because the coronary heart and mind are in a state of Concord, I am keen on you now not just with the heart, I likewise do it with the psyche. A debt of gratitude is in order for being my incredible love

To me you may dependably be the younger female who leads my lifestyles, just to pay attention to your voice I sense that my heart pulsating so tough, I’m a captive for your adoration. Cheerful Valentine’s day.

Right here and there I reflect on consideration on whether I’m wearing on a fantasy. On the grounds that up to now I can not trust how venerated, I feel about your affection. Upbeat Valentine’s day.

Whilst we are as one it resembles paradise on the earth existed, came into my reality to offer me a lot of delight and love that I by no means cut up.

It was enough to look once you stir in me the maximum ideal feeling of adoration, become sufficient to listen to your voice to feel your words seemed like the track in my ears.


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