Genuine congrats on your marriage. May your croft keep working forever, and must it ever alternate, may it adjust to a stouter and superior one.

Wishing you numerous more days as cheerful as this one, numerous more events for festivity, and a lifetime of affection and giggling.

Endowments to the cheerful couple! May your responsibility develop, your euphoria increment, and your affection become more grounded from this day forward.

This pivotal event denotes the beginning of your coexistence. May the adventure be an upbeat one loaded with peace and congruity, bliss and chuckling, sentiment and enthusiasm May your continuing be the crown gem that ties together all the rest. All the best!!

Marriage gives you a chance to bother one exceptional individual for whatever is left of your life. I am happy your discovered your exceptional individual.

May your resemble a sparkling star, lighting up even the darkest of times. Feed your affection, bliss, and expectation each honored day of your marriage. Congrats!

May your affection assemble with the intensity of a tempest, so your future coexistence can be watered by its unending chuckling and happiness. Congrats on your wedding.

A major praise on achieving this exquisite turning point of marital euphoria. We implore that support and fortunes may tail all of you the times of your association.

May each day you share extend and fortify your as you go with each other to significantly more joyful more seasoned years. Congrats!

May love be your watchword in both great and tough circumstances. Offer your affection as companions and as a couple, in light of the fact that in evident conjugal kinship you are more grounded, more valiant, and more blissful. Congrats!

I have dependably had this inclination that you were intended for each other. Congrats, and I seek you remain this cheerful after whatever is left of your lives.

You are genuinely fortunate to have discovered each other. Congrats! I wish you much satisfaction.

Congrats to you both and may you convey the delight of this upbeat day near your heart as you travel the street of coexistence.

You two are intended for each other and this day just snaps it

Wishing you loads of bliss and joy on this extremely day and for whatever is left of your lives together!
Hottest wishes to an awesome couple. Here’s to a lifetime of experience, love, and satisfaction! Congrats on your marriage.

May each day that you spend together in your new life hold a magnificent amazement for you. Congrats on your wedding.

Our joy knows no limits upon the arrival of your wedding. Wish that you convey this serenepledge from quality to eminence with each fleeting day.

Enthusiastic congrats on your marriage. Might your wedding similar to a clear night sky full with gleaming stars of warmth, paradise, and upkeep.

A wedding bond means the merger of two hearts. Could the seeds of warmth keep on upward through the silts of time and take a lot of joyful organic foods for both of you.

Another affection resembles a growing bloom. Your has developed into a rich red rose, and we are regarded to praise that affection with you today. May it generally stay relentless; congrats on your wedding.

As we witness two hearts join as one we supplicate your solidarity will dependably stay solid, letting the harmonies of that quandary you to fortify after some time. Numerous warm wishes on your wedding.

All the best to both of you on your day! May what’s to come be brilliant loaded with every one of the endowments and delights of life. Both of you merit it!

Congratulations on your wedding! What a respect to be a piece of your day and witness the sprouting love between two dear companions turn into a lifetime responsibility. May your affection just extend and your euphoria just develop with each passing year.

With the hottest wishes to an extremely couple. May the obligation of wedding join your spirits and draw out all that is great in both of you.

Congrats! God favors you today and for whatever remains of your wedded lives.

Aap mere pyaar ko itana aasaan rakhane
ke lie aapaka aabhaaree hain ki aap jaanate hain ki ek madhur prem jeevan ke
lie sabakuchh hai. Khushahaal shadi shuda jeevan ho.

Vivaah purush ke poore jeevan vyateet
karane ke lie ek mahila se achchhe jodee ka rishta hai.

Aapako ek lamba aur saphal vivaahit
jeevan ka badhaee aur shubhakaamanaayen.

Main aapako ek saral jeevan kee kaamana
karata hoon aur ek shaant jeevan vyateet karane ke lie dhanyavaad deta hoon,
aap donon ko khushahaal vivaahit jeevan kee shubhkamnaye.

Jab main aapaka dil se mila, to yah
itanee tejee se pamp ho gaya tha ki mai samhaal na sakee. Usee din se pyaar ho
gaya aur aaj shaadee bhee ho gaee. Mere patidev, hamaara rishta saato janam tak

Vah aapako bilkul sahee kah rahee hai,
yah aapke lie ek sachchee jindagee hai. Aap ke lie yah vishesh din bahut kuchh
hai. Aap hamesha apana sarvashreshth kshan paarit kar sakate hain. Ek sukhad
jeevan ke lie shubhkamnaye.

Marriage isn’t only a promising bond. It is a trip that keeps going till endlessness. Comfortable start of the voyage, here’s longing that both of you have an important and upbeat ride.

Wish you appreciate every one of the delights that fellowship acquires life. May your life henceforth be loaded with joy and pleasure. Good fortunes for the days to come.

You are truly outstanding, nay; you are the plain best couple I have ever had the joy of knowing in my life.

Congrats and a cheerful wedding day to the both of you!

Here’s to both of you—wishing my two most loved lovebirds a lifetime of satisfaction and love. Well done on a wonderful wedding!

I trust that consistently both of you spend together is as merry and love-filled as could be expected under the circumstances. Here’s to one of my unequaled most loving couples! Congrats.

Finding your intimate romance is a grand gift. May you discover wellbeing and joy, and I wish you numerous long stretches of unbreakable love and chuckling. Congrats!

May your marriage be loaded with each fixing that manages conjugal association: understanding, love, bliss, productivity, and sentiment. Glad wedded life. Congrats!

For a Special Couple. May your wedding be an opportunity to praise all the extravagance love has brought into your lives and all the delight that still lies ahead. Wishing you satisfaction dependably.

For two individuals in a marriage to live respectively for quite a while is certainly the one wonder the Vatican has neglected.

Here’s to achievement in your new titles, lady of the hour, prep, spouse, wife, and any more you will get throughout the years together.

The present wedding will go back and forth, however the recollections it makes will remain for eternity. May the recollections of satisfaction, bliss, expectation, and love we share today stay new forever. Congrats.

Wishing the both of all of you the affection and bliss on the planet and congrats on your marriage.

Congrats to an excellent couple. Wishing you a great excursion as you assemble your new coexistence.

Through the tempests of life, may your affection for each other be unflinching and solid. Wishing you bliss and satisfaction on your big day. Congrats!

Only a note to state how cheerful we are for you. Wishing you a lifetime of the best euphoria, love, and joy.

Main tumase pyaar karata hoon, mere
shabd sirph aapke lie hain, aap sabhee yahee mere 4 shabd hamaaree saalagirah
me sunegen.

Aap ke lie bahut khushee din hai, aap ek
achchhe jeevan ke lie ek adbhut insaan hai aur aapako bhagavaanako aasheervaad
hamesha milatee rahe.

Apane vivaahit din par aapako pyaar aur

Main aapako kahana chaahata hoon,
shaadee ke sambandh banaakar har din mere adbhut dil mein raho, isalie mainne
aapase shaadee karane ke lie kaha tha. Aaj vo din aa gaya hai. Aapako shaadee
kee shubhakaamanaayen.

I wish you both all you wish for yourselves and that’s just the beginning.

May all your days be as euphoric and cheerful as the day of your wedding. Congratulations to the lovely couple! May this be the upbeat start of a brilliant coexistence.

May your blossom brighter and your brotherhood become sweeter with each passing year. Congrats on your wedding. Wishing both of you a universe of satisfaction and euphoria on your big day.

May your marriage be loaded with all the correct fixings: a store of , a dash of silliness, a bit of sentiment, and a spoonful of comprehension. May your euphoria retain working forever. Congrats!

Your big day may travel every which way, yet may your everlastingly develop. Congrats to the ideal couple!

Like a beacon on a dim night, may your affection for each other dependably sparkle brilliantly. Congrats on your big day.

May the years ahead be loaded with durable euphoria? Congrats to a couple whose match genuinely appears to be made in bliss! The man who says his better half can’t take a joke overlooks that she took him.

To the Bride and Groom – May the Lord favor your lives together. Congrats Wanting you to enjoy all that life has to offer of life today and in the days to come.

Wishing you a stunning wedding and a far and away fantastic synchronicity. May you appreciate the best that life brings to the table. Wanting you both to enjoy all that life has to offer on your uncommon day and past.

Congrats! How awesome that you should meet to make both your lives finish! Congrats, wishing you folks as well as can be expected give you.

I am happy to be a piece of your big day and anticipating seeing what originates from both of you.

May you generally drink together from the wellspring of affection, which is a forceful spring everlastingly spilling itself out for you.

My sincere wishes that you both get the delight and joy that you both merit.

Wishing you numerous long stretches of satisfaction and bliss.

Wishing you the most awesome day with bunches of incredible recollections that will endure forever. With affection to an couple whose satisfaction together warms the hearts of everybody around them. Congrats.
I do in a marriage, finishes a delightful sonnet and denotes the start of a lifetime of harmony. Congrats.

By taking a gander at you both, I wager that every single man and old maid begrudges the ideal match ever. Heartiest wishes for the ideal couple.

I should state that your wedding pictures must be spared and safeguarded for I figure that not a couple will be as flawless as both of you. Cheerful wedded life!

Today when you both say I do, we say cheers for the upbeat couple and wish you both a long and glad life ahead loaded with enterprises.

The delightful wedding service of a flawless couple like you both is a proof that certain exist. All the best! On this event, we are glad to praise your and checking of your excursion together. Congrats!

As you remain there and cuff the hoodlum that stole your spirit and heart with the wedding band. The chase for your significant other has reached the end. Congratulations!

Aapako apane jeevan ko eemaanadaaree se
kharch karana chaahie. Aapke paas saalon saal tak shaanti aur samrddhi ke saath
jeevan vyati kare. Aap vaastav mein pyaar aur khushahaal shadi shuda jeevan ke
saath rahen.

Apane sabhee meethe sapane aur ichchhaen
saphalata ke raaste par hai. Khushahaal shadi shuda jeevan kee

Aap apane aapase khush hain aur aap
apane jodee se khushee hai. Logon aap dono saalagiraah kee badhai sandesh de
rahe hain. Aap dono ka jeevan aise hee hamesha khushahaal rahen, pyaarabhara
rahen aur shaantipoorn rahen.

We are enormously upbeat on your big day since we have seen you go from saying ‘boo’ to I do. Congrats young lady. I would state that your wedding is as delightful as impeccable it could be. Congrats on your huge day!

We see both of you glad and we know how consummate you are for each other. We wish to see you both cheerful all through your trip of affection. All the best!

I figure you should settle an immense image at your home that peruses the most joyful and adoring couple on earth. We wish both of you the best in all things.

How about we accept that your marriage resembles that of an elastic band where, it gets extended, pulled, distorted, pulled and wound like that of the distinctive stages throughout your life. However, it will hold you close toward the end. Congrats!

Your wedding is a standout amongst the most delightful services I’ve ever observed. I wish that your wedded life is as excellent as this day and I trust that you appreciate each day of your excursion ahead by offering you’re to each other. Upbeat wedded life!