41 Valentine’s Promise Day 2019 Shayari SMS in Hindi


I won’t promise to be
Your buddy for all time,
I might not live that long,
But allow me to be you
Buddy so long as I live.
Glad promise day

I promise to you
I am constantly there for you
Glad promise day

Promise to you my pricey
We will walk together
Till the life ended
Satisfied promise day

I cannot promise to
Resolve all your problems,
I’m able to only promise
That I will never
Assist you to face them alone,
Satisfied promise day

This promise day.
I don’t promise you the moon,
I don’t promise you the superstar,
But in case you promise to recall me,
I promise to be always there.
Taking into consideration you on this promise day.

Love is the happiness of today,
And the promise of the day after today, so
This heat be aware involves you, too
Say that live lifestyle with a coronary heart
Full of affection. Happy promise day

Promise to constantly love you
Promise you, my love
Promise you my life
Promise to usually accept as true with you

If at any time existence is
Like a candle in the wind,
Then i’ll place my arms
Around you, so that
All burns are mine and
All mild is yours.
It’s a promise…

We met it was luck!
We talked it changed into hazard!
We became pals it became destiny!
We’re still buddies it’s far religion!
We can continually be buddies its a promise!
This promise day.

With every beat of my heart,
I can love you increasingly more,
After years of togetherness,
That is my solemn vow for you,
My love!
Glad promise day

Promise to yourself to be
Wonderful in life &
Maintain smiling.
Glad promise day.

Promise me that you’ll
Constantly be my real & excellent
Friend forever. And never
Be unhappy & always be glad
In all good and terrible
Moments of life.

Speaking without egos,
Loving without intentions,
Worrying without expectancies,
I promise you that you’ll
Be mine constantly.
Satisfied promise day

Happy promise day my friends…
Do me a favor…
Promise me these days that you will
No longer ruin your promises
That you have made on your
Loved ones… Promise..?

This promise day
I do not promise u d moon,
I don’t promise u d famous person,
However if u promise to keep in mind me,
I promise to be continually dere.
Deliberating u on dis promise day

We have so much extra than I ever
Thought we’d, I like you
More than I ever thought i
Should. I promise to present
You all I have to provide, I will do
Something for you as long as I stay.

Speaking without egos, loving
Without intentions, being concerned
Without expectations, i
Promise you that you’ll be
Mine always. Satisfied promise day.

You are the happiness of my lifestyles,
You are the smile of my lips,
I am alive to peer you
Every time, your lovely smile
Deliver me electricity please don’t
Ever depart me glad endorse day.

A promise isn’t easy, a promise
Is meant all the time, I need to
Make a promise nowadays, to
Give you love and forestall by no means.

I realize you do not leave out me anymore,
I recognize you do not even have the
Compassion, however, it’s only a
Promise again, promise to
Love you with all of the ardor!

I have to have been born under a
Lucky celebrity to find someone
As first-class, as you are I can
Observe the rainbow to the
The end, in case you promise to be
My friend happy promise day.

I do no longer promise you the moon, I do
Now not promise you the famous person, however, if
You promise to don’t forget
Me, I promise to be always there.
Deliberating you on this promise day.

I can not promise to remedy
All of your troubles, I can
Only promise that I can
In no way can help you face them
By myself, glad promise day.

I promise to be your, I promise to
Wipe your tears, I promise to preserve
You smiling, I promise to be your
Dream catcher, I promise to constantly
Cheer you up! Glad promise day.

Kabi nahi rone dunga tuge I promise
Kabi door nahi karunga tujhe
I promise udasi kabi nahi aayegi
Teri pash I promise, har pal tuge
Tere saaye se bhi nahi darne dunga
Tujhe I promise satisfied promis day love.

My pricey candy love, I promise you
That, I would constantly love you
From my coronary heart, without ego,
Without a goal, and care you
Without expectations I really like
You’re my candy coronary heart, desire you a
Very satisfied promise day my pricey.

Oh, my sweetheart, I promise you i
By no means depart you on my own, I might
Maintain you each second in my
Heart, if you move far from me, i
Promise I would search you from
Any corner of this world and
Make you mine satisfied promise day.

God didn’t promise days without
Ache, laughter without sorrow,
Solar without rain, but he did
Promise energy for the day,
Comfort for the tears, and mild
For the manner glad promise day.

I should be born below a
Fortunate big name, to discover a pal
As great as you’re, I can
Follow the rainbow to the
The end, in case you promise to stay
My pal, glad promise day.

We have so much greater than I ever
The idea we might, I really like you extra
Than I ever idea I may want to, i
Promise to present you all I ought to
Supply, i’ll do whatever for you as
Long as I stay happy promise day.

Nayi subha laya hai naya promise,
Naya promise laya hai naya irada
Naya promise je sath badalna hai
Humko ha promise ko pura karna hai
Humko har kisi se kia huwa promise
Zarur pura karo satisfied promise day.

Talking without egos, loving
Without intentions, being concerned
Without expectancies, I promise
You that you’ll be mine
Always. Happy promise day.

I can’t promise to solve all
Your problems, I will most effective
Promise that I will in no way
Permit you to face them on my own,
Satisfied promise day to my dear.

Time is prevailing that lets me
Dwell to your love, I promise
To keep your reminiscences with me
And cherish them, no man
Has ever and will ever once more be
A witness to this kind of love.

You deserve the first-class matters in existence
And I have the best a promise to
Give to you, this promise is
To make your lifestyles most excellent
In all the methods there’s keep these
Wishes near in your coronary heart constantly.

When the high-quality matters in lifestyles had been
Won, the most effective component we are able to do is to
Guard them. I promise to maintain
Forever this jewel of happiness that
You and I have located and hold
The reminiscence of our love is forever genuine.

We are meant to be collectively
And constantly be close to thru
The best instances and a bad one.
Satisfied promise day my pricey!!

Please promise me, promise me
In tears, promise me in love,
Promise me in lies in case you
Must, please promise me
Promise me, you’ll by no means
Forget me glad promise day.

Guarantees and love walk collectively
Like the railway tracks,
That can never be apart.
Love ur guarantees and fulfill
Ur promise to maintain love
Alive. Satisfied promise day.