41 Valentine’s Promise Day 2019 Shayari SMS in Hindi

My expensive candy,
Dawn inside the morning and sets in the night,
Moonrise inside the night and units within the early morning,
However, I promise you that I’d continually with you.
Glad promise day…

My dear coronary heart,
Solar and moon makes a spherical of earth and earth itself makes round on its center,
But my expensive it’s me who handiest makes your spherical on this earth.
Glad promise day…
My dear Rose,
It is terrific for me which you met me,
And made my life useful,
If you are with me all the time, I promise you to stay each moment of this lifestyles with you.
Satisfied promise day……….
Oh, my dearest of dears,
Guarantees vary from individual to individual,
However I might be there forever like that for you,
Keep my hand so that we collectively can move for long distance.
Glad promise day….
Oh, candy,
You’re my love and these days I need to make a promise that,
I might usually love you like by no means before.
Glad promise day….
Oh, my coronary heart,
Not anything on this global is authentic and everlasting as like as a sturdy notion,
If you believe in me, I’d be there for you constantly.
Satisfied promise day….
Oh, my expensive sweetheart,
Promises come and pass, flop and show
Sunrises and sets,
However, I would stay a complete life with you.
Glad promise day…

My expensive love,
I continually heard that love is blind,
However I can see your true love,
I’m able to feel your everlasting love,
And I can love you more than you.
Glad promise day….
My pricey love,
I love you so much from every corner of my coronary heart,
Will you please marry me,
I promise I’d continually make you happy and smile.
Glad promise day…..
Oh, my dearest love,
I genuinely love you so much,
I in no way want to lose you,
My existence is nothing without you,
But, it’s miles the whole lot with you.
Glad promise day…..
Oh, my candy love,
Nothing in this global that I will promise you to provide,
But I promise that I love you constantly and give u reasons to smile.
Satisfied promise day…
Oh my pricey, you’re my lifestyles,
You’ve got given me a manner to live,
You are my happiness, you’re my consolation,
I make you promise that,
I might by no means make you unhappy.
Happy promise day….
My sweetheart,
My eyes seek you till they see you,
My coronary heart stops beating till it feels your closeness,
And my lungs prevent respiration till they get your perfume,
Please, make me promise which you could continually be the reason for my glad life.
Satisfied promise day….
My dear heart,
I’m here to vow you,
I might speak to you without my egos,
I might take care of you without my expectancies,
I would like you without my private intentions,
And that I constantly preserve you in my coronary heart without something in going back.
Happy promise day……
I have made lots of promises to you,
Some of them have become proper and some left,
But, these days I promise you,
Best to like you forever.
Happy promise day……
Some promises are remembered,
A few are forgotten,
However love remains always,
As normal within the coronary heart and soul.
Happy promise day……
I promise you that,
You will be my superstar all the time,
I promise you that,
You would be my sweetheart valentine ever.
Glad promise day…….
I in no way believed in promises,
As now and again it proves and on occasion fails
I most effective consider in me and you,
That is sufficient, to make a robust bond of love among us.
Glad promise day……
I don’t recognize,
How to make promises,
But I recognize that,
I cannot live without you.
Happy promise day……
Don’t make any guarantees to me,
As promises hurt in heart,
Always like to me,
As it relieves in the coronary heart.
Glad promise day…..
Promises always change with time,
So I in no way make any promise to you,
I simplest love you continually,
As love remains unchanged all the time.
Happy promise day……..
As flora bloom and die,
Guarantees too prove and fails,
Love neither generates nor finishes,
It usually stays inside the coronary heart.
Satisfied promise day……

  • My promise of never leaving you is as actual as gospel. By no means let your worries problem you for i’ll be there forever with you!
  • Our paths will never be distinct nor will it be divided. We can be together on every journey and in each destination. Satisfied promise day!
  • I have a heart complete of love for you, eyes full of thirst of you and thoughts full of thoughts of you. I’ll never let you move from me. Satisfied promise day!
  • When I say i’ll be yours for all time, it’s now not a promise, it’s a truth. Wishing you a satisfied promise day my love!
  • I’ll always be there for you even if the complete world falls apart. It’s a promise I made right after I first met you. Happy promise day!
  • I’ll by no means discover a cause for now not loving you. That’s why i’ll never be brave enough to go away you. My love, happy promise day to you!
  • Each breath I take is a warranty for you that i’ll love you so long as I’m alive. Don’t allow any other thoughts hassle you.
  • I promise to love you so long as there’s a tomorrow after every these day. I’ll be there for you continually and forever! Happy promise day!
  • I want to be the whole thing which you consider and you dream of. My promise today is that I’ll never let our paths be divided!
  • I promise to offer you life complete of happiness and peace. I want to make you the happiest character in the global! Glad promise day!
  • We have a whole lot of dreams to satisfy collectively. I promise that i’ll do my part with the best I’m able to do, constantly and for all time.
  • Your smile is what I need to see every day and each season. I’ll do something it takes to make certain this smile stays on. Satisfied promise day!
  • I can’t be greater grateful for what you’ve given me. You deserve to be cherished no matter what you do. Wishing you a happy promise day!
  • You’re my lottery to happiness. Thank god i’ve gained it. I promise to love you and cope with you so long as I’m alive!
  • The love I have for you is certainly one of a type. It’s the sort of love that makes a person stay for all time, regardless of what is going incorrect!
  • There’s nothing in this global truer than the fact that I really like you. And after I promise to by no means depart you, it’s a guaranty for life!
  • No love tale turned into ever so romantic and passionate. No promise turned into ever so powerful. You and that I am going to make records! Satisfied promise day!
  • I’m so in love with you that loving you has come to be that means of my existence. The whole lot else is simply a phantasm. Glad promise day!
  • Existence never regarded so really worth living, not until you got here into my existence. You promised me a better the next day and I promise you a satisfied all the time!
  • I’ll be unswerving to you until my last breath. My love is inquisitive about you. I need nothing however you in my lifestyles. Glad promise day!
  • You’re the form of husband that every woman desires of. I sense blessed for having you as my lifestyles-accomplice. Satisfied promise day!
  • I promise my whole existence and my world to you, for today and for all time. I need nothing extra and not anything less than you! Satisfied promise day!
  • My life could be so worthless if I haven’t met you. I promise to be with you so long as there’s a day after each night!

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