39 Hindi Shayari SMS for Happy Valentine’s Kiss Day 2019

Kiss is the most natural way to
Express love, affection and care
Satisfied kiss day to my cherished ones…
Kisses are like happiness
So it’s miles nice whilst shared
Glad kiss day…

Kiss is the primary language
We recognize right from the beginning
Glad kiss day…
Kiss is one action that describes
What hundreds of phrases can’t?
It suggests love and affection…

  • I need to sweep your lips with mine every so often every day and for all time. Satisfied kiss day!
  • Sending plenty of affection and kisses for you. Happy kiss day 2019.
  • Sweetheart sending you a loving kiss to assist you to realize how much you mean to me.

Hiya, my sweet valentine,
I need to desire you a kiss day,
By using giving a candy kiss for your cheeks.
Satisfied kiss day………
An apple is incomplete without seeds,
And kiss day birthday celebration isn’t always entire,
Without kissing my valentine.
Satisfied kiss day…..
Kissing my valentine is my way,
To show my love and affection,
To my pricey valentine.
Happy kiss day……
I’m sending you,
A flying lip kiss,
On this kiss day,
Please take delivery of my expensive valentine.
Glad kiss day……
Say glad valentine day,
To your valentine,
Also, kiss and hug her,
And permit her to realize,
How an awful lot you adore.
Satisfied kiss day……
I need to hug you,
I need to kiss you,
I need to offer you a Cadbury,
To let you take a taste of my candy love.
Glad kiss day………
I need to make my this valentine a memorable one,
I want to take you on a protracted drive,
And need to mention, I love you and kiss you.
Glad kiss day……..
Oh, my pricey valentine,
I need to sink to your love,
I need to sink in the ocean of your deep eyes,
And need to kiss you to have fun kiss day,
Glad kiss day……
I bear in mind the primary day,
You kissed me on my lips,
Please kiss me again,
In this kiss day to re-memorize,
My memory on this kiss day.
Glad kiss day…….
The day I noticed you,
The day I talked to you,
The day I like you,
Today is the day,
I kiss you
And never forget you.
Glad kiss day……

These days is a very special day,
For each people my valentine,
I want to kiss you,
And say, I like you a lot.
Happy kiss day…….
Honey is honey,
Apple is apple,
However love does no longer love,
Without a kiss.
Glad kiss day……
Hours makes a day entire,
Minutes completes an hour,
Seconds completes a minute,
And a candy kiss completes,
A kiss day celebration.
Satisfied kiss day…….
A candy kiss is a key to like,
A difficult belief is a key to an awesome dating,
Marriage is the key to offer to begin to children,
Youngsters are the destiny of our state,
So, celebrate kiss day, fortunately.
Satisfied kiss day…….
I want to adore you,
By kissing for your hand,
I need to make your pal,
By kissing on your cheeks,
I want to make you my love,
Through kissing on lips and neck,
Satisfied kiss day……
Sunshine offers us warmth,
Rain offers us water,
Wind offers us air to respire,
And a candy kiss energizes our dating.
Happy kiss day…….
The day I saw you,
And the day I really like you,
I continually need to kiss you,
However by no means dare to kiss you,
Nowadays is kiss day,
Are you able to assist me?
Happy kiss day…….

Life is the beautiful present
Given via god,
Love is the high-quality present
Given my life,
And a kiss is the cute gift
Given by using the love.
Glad kiss day…….
My pricey candy valentine,
The day I saw you,
I need to kiss you,
The day I endorse you,
I want to kiss you,
The day I like you,
I want to kiss you,
I wish my wait may additionally over today,
Glad kiss day…..
Oh, my sweetheart,
I took delivery to like you best,
I stay to stay with you best,
I smile to peer smiling you best,
But I never kiss you until you need.
Happy kiss day…….
My pricey,
It isn’t essential to kiss
At the kiss day party,
Proper love is a result of
Religion, belief, and dedication,
I never kiss you until you need.
Satisfied kiss day……
I in no way attempted to kiss
To any flower or girl,
But these days I kissed a rose
Giving to you,
And imagined of kissing you.
Satisfied kiss day…….
Kiss is the romance of love,
And I want to kiss you
To make my love romantic.
Happy kiss day…….
Today I was dreaming of kissing you,
But realized whilst conscious,
Wishing you a very happy kiss day……..
We were friends for the remaining years,
I like you and you love me,
But we never attempted kissing,
I assume we ought to attempt kissing this kiss day.
Satisfied kiss day….

  • I’m sending you my token of affection through a kiss. Happy kiss day sweetheart!
  • Happiness is sort of a kiss. You have to the percentage it to revel in it.
  • This kiss day, wonder your loved ones with a considerate gesture! Ship them ‘kiss day’ flowers, candies and presents
  • Online and allow them to understand how a whole lot you adore them!

Sunshine gives us warmth,
Rain offers us water,
Wind gives us air to respire,
And a candy kiss energizes our relationship.
Satisfied kiss day!

Kiss at the brow: we’re lovely collectively.
Kiss at the cheek: we’re buddies.
Kiss at the hand: I like you.
Kiss on the neck: I want you, now.
Kiss at the shoulder: you are ideal.
Kiss at the lips: I like you.
Glad kiss day my love!

Love is warmness.
You’re sweet.
When two lips meet.
Love is a whole.
Lots of kisses for you on this kiss day.

Kiss is the first step to reveal how lots I like you,
How plenty I think about you,
How a whole lot I omit you,
And show that I believe you…

You’re sweet than honey.
Pure than milk.
Tender than flower.
On account that I have you as my lover,
Come to me near,
Ill kiss your lips without fear.
Ull say, having you is treasure & be with me forever.
Glad kiss day.

I’m with you studying this,
Searching at your eyes and your lips,
Touching your lips softly with my fingertips.
Making love to you in each kiss.
Happy kiss day 2019.

Kisses spread germs.
Germs are hated…
Come on child kiss me,
Because I am vaccinated,
Satisfied kiss day costs !!!
Your hugs and kisses are like the stars
That mild up my lifestyles when things
Get darkish! Glad kiss day.
Honey, I am very sick nowadays,
Just due to the fact you didn’t kiss me.
Please, pricey, I need that medicine
Before I die.
Kiss accessible=i like you,
Kiss on cheek=we could be buddies,
Kiss on neck=i want you,
Kiss on lips=i like you
Happy kiss day!

  • A kiss is something you can not give without taking and can’t take without giving. Happy kiss day!
  • I’m like a kiss, no longer because of its splendor, however, because I am capable of bloom and develop with you…
  • Any guy who can pressure competently even as kissing a quiet girl is truly no longer giving the kiss the attention it merits.
  • 5 advantages of kissing, change the flavor, burn calories, lips never pass dry, relieve strain, make face muscles strong, so hold kissing!


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