39 Hindi Shayari SMS for Happy Valentine’s Kiss Day 2019

  • There are tulips in my garden, there are tulips within the perk, but nothing is more lovely than our lips assembly within the dark! Satisfied kiss day!
  • Kiss on hand=i am keen on you, kiss on cheek=shall we are friends, kiss on neck=i want you, kiss on lips=i like you glad kiss day!
  • Love is the happiness of nowadays, and a kiss of the next day, so this heat observe comes to you, to mention that stay existence with a coronary heart complete of affection. Happy kiss day
  • What could make me forestall kissing you, wind, rain, or sunshine? Not anything. A day without a kiss makes me unwell. Glad kiss day!
  • A friend is always true to have, but a lover’s kiss is better than angels dropping rain on me. Happy kiss day!
  • On-line kiss day messages in case you think of me abruptly, just do not forget it’s all of the kisses i’ve blown within the air eventually catching up with you.
  • Messages for chocolate day the quality things in lifestyles can by no means be kept, they have to accept away. A smile, a kiss, and love. Satisfied kissing day.
  • If kissing turned into just two humans touching lips, it would not touch our heart and bind our souls the way it does. Glad kissing day.
  • Kiss day messages my love for you grows more with every passing day, the notion of your gorgeous face takes my breath away: those brown eyes fill my soul with happiness, the ones luscious lips I like to youngsters.
  • I pass over your fabulous face. I leave out your twinkling eyes. I leave out your amazing smile. I pass over you. Satisfied kiss day darling!

What kisses mean!
Kiss accessible=i am keen on you,
Kiss on cheek=we could be friends,
Kiss on neck=i need you,
Kiss on lips=i like you,
Kiss anywhere else=we could not get over excited!

Kiss : it’s now not nokia…Connecting human beings
Kiss : it’s now not nike..Just do it.
Kiss : it is now not Pepsi..Yeh Dil maange extra
But a kiss is like pan parag.Ek se mera kya hoga!!


Whats live? Live is love.
What is love? Love is kissing.
Whats kissing? Come here and that I display you.

You’re sweet than honey.
Pure than milk.
Soft than flower.
On the grounds that I have you as my lover,
Come to me close to,
Ill kiss your lips without worry.
Ull say, having you is treasure & be with me forever.

A sweet & loving man or woman like u
Desires no message….
Only a
;;_ _;;
;( * ):
_>_.<_ —=.= muahh= v=>-*-*—-**–

Kaam karun?

¤ , ¤,
( ‘< <‘ (( )(( )>*-*—**–

Month par
I kiss you

Love is warmness.
You are candy.
While two lips are meet.
Love is entire.

Do not kiss female police,
She will be able to say, hands up.
Do not kiss a female health practitioner,
She will say, subsequent, please
Constantly kiss a woman trainer,
She will be able to say, repeat it time

Kisses spread germs.
Germs are hated…
Come on baby kiss me,
Due to the fact I m vaccinated…

  • A kiss live performance enjoy is like sex or something else that is performed with more that one person. It is the delivery and takes that makes it so exceptional. When the target market takes it to the next level, we can kick it up another notch.
  • ________________________________________
  • I understand one man who became impotent who gave aids to his wife and the simplest thing they did became kiss. – pat robertson
  • ________________________________________
  • I decide on a kiss this is a lot greater than just a tongue for your mouth.
  • A kiss from you offers me an abundance of happiness and pleasure. May we in no way part, sweetheart. Glad kiss day!
  • Nothing may be more valuable than a kiss out of your sweetheart. Glad kiss day!
  • The greatest second of joy is when I’m kissing you to your lips. Satisfied kiss day, sweetheart!
  • This valentine’s day I need to tell you ways tons I like you with a kiss to your lips. Glad kiss day!
  • If there is something in this international that is sweeter than sugar, it’s miles your kiss. Love you sweetheart and satisfied kiss day.
  • On every occasion I kiss you in your lips, my world lights up. Satisfied kiss day!
  • The touch of your lips is the simplest delicacy I will have these days. Love you so much. Happy kiss day!!
  • Sending plenty of kisses and love for you which will burn your energy, my love. Happy kiss day!!
  • My eyes are keen to look you, my ears are eager to hear from you. But, my lips are eager to kiss you a lot…I omit you, sweetheart.
  • Glad kiss day!
  • A day without the contact of your lips makes me certainly honestly unwell. I can not stay without you. Satisfied kiss day!
  • If I were given a danger to show love, then I might kiss you every hour, minute, each 2nd and in no way assist you to cross. Love you so much, child. Satisfied kiss day!
  • I choose a kiss over every different aspect… I like you lots!. Happy kiss day!!
  • Missing you baby on this day… Mmmuaaahhh… Love you lots!. Happy kiss day!
  • The contact of your lips remains there on mine… Love you masses child… Happy kiss day!!
  • Be mine and kiss me for all time… I love you… Happy kiss day!
  • Kissing makes two people come sincerely close and proportion a surely unique bond. Muuahh… Love you… Satisfied kiss day!!
  • When your lips contact mine, I forget the relaxation of the sector. This is the effect that you create on me. Love you all the time. Happy kiss day!
  • Your kisses are like stars, they show me route within the darkish… I really like you!… Glad kiss day!
  • Irrespective of how many kisses I give you, however, I’m able to by no means forget the sensation of our first kiss. Love you.
  • A good sized range of kisses to at least one whom I constantly need to love and kiss. Leave out your sweetheart and glad kiss day.
  • Whilst you lay your lips on my lips, I forget about all distinction we had and come to be one again. So, keep kissing me.
  • You realize what doctors say, kissing is ideal for fitness. It will increase your existence and continues you alive. Glad kiss day, allow’s kiss now.
  • Plenty of hug and kisses to my love. Kisses preserve someone wholesome. So, I’m giving my love masses and lots of kisses.
  • How can I forget about kissing you on the kiss day? Even though I am far away, I am sending my kisses to you good-looking.
  • On this kiss day, masses of kisses to the maximum handsome boy from the most stunning lady. Satisfied kiss day.
  • Doctor’s say kissing reduces the blood stress. So, from now I am going to kiss you each day hold you fit.
  • Satisfied kiss day my love. Allow’s make the record of kissing. And that I realize we can create the only.
  • Kissing a person is an incredible feeling and strengthens the bonding. Happy kiss day and keep kissing human beings you adore.
  • Women want reassurance inside the dedication at some stage in their lives. They need to be pampered and showered loads of love if you want to make them accept as true with which you are still in love with them. So, this kisses day shower masses of kisses on her and make her consider which you are absolutely in love along with her. In case you are not able to kiss her then do no longer get sad. You may nonetheless send her an awesome message to wish her a great kiss day. Select the best message in your female friend and express your true feelings for her.
  • I like kissing you and in case you say I will kiss you for the complete day. Happy kiss day sweetheart.
  • Love you, kiss you, hug you. You are my love and in no way want to live away from you. Glad kiss day.
  • Do you already know what is the maximum lovely issue in you? The manner you shy once I kiss you. Glad kiss day.
  • Happy kiss day my love. Even as typing this message, I will see your purple lips with the vibrant gloss. Love you.
  • Come near, closer and closer! I need to kiss your crimson lips and make it blood red. Love you.
  • Consider our first kiss, how our breath become on the preserve and we were internal every other. Love you and Happy kiss day 2019.
  • Plenty and masses and masses of kisses to my stunning female friend on the unique kiss day. Have the first-rate day.
  • Kisses are vital for any courting to get robust and complete of love. So, lots of kisses to you, pricey female friend.
  • This kiss day, I don’t need to kiss on your cheek or brow. Give me your lips, I need to make it crimson.
  • Happy kiss day my sweetheart. You already know, each time I see you, I fall in love with you and want to kiss you hard.

We get warmness from the sun,
We get water from rain,
We breathe thru the air,
And candy kiss energizes the connection.
Glad kiss day!!!!!!!

If my lips can express my love and emotions
So my lips could be to your forever
Satisfied kiss day to my love…
I want to show my love
But you did it with handiest one kiss
Happy kiss day…

If a raindrop is as compared with a kiss
I gift you it with showers
If a hug is in comparison with seconds
I will spend years
If smiles are in comparison with water
I extremely joyful you with the entire sea
If love is in comparison with human beings
I ship me and my self
Happy kiss day…


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