What is Himalayan Foods – List of 10 Famous Himalayan Foods, Dishes, and Recipes


What is Himalayan Foods?

Himalayan Foods: – When we think about the food of Himalayan Region, yak meat, and butter tea strikes mind. However, Himalayan food is not just yak meat and tea. There are many quintessential dishes that can blow any one’s mind, from shooting to spicy dishes, vegetarian curries to yummy meat and much more.

All these yummy dishes that are easily available in Himalayan region’s restaurants fast food, and local people’s kitchen constitutes Himalayan food. There are a lot of such dishes. Buy, here are the top 10 best Himalayan food you need to try out when you are in such areas.

List of 10 Famous Himalayan Foods, Dishes and Recipes

1. Yak meat – Most Popular Himalayan Foods

yak meat nepali dish recipes
Yak meat

Yaks are synonymous with the Himalayas. In the high altitude with cold weather, yaks live and can be found easily. Yak meat is the most try food while at the Himalayas.

It is an exotic dish that can be easily found in local restaurants and fast foods. If you have not tried out the yak meet before, you might feel different in taste. However, one you get used to eating yak meat, it gets you addicted.

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2. Dried Yak Cheese (Churpi) – Most Popular Himalayan Foods

Commonly known as Churpi in Nepal, hard dried yak cheeses is something that is widely available in a Himalayan region. While making it, the locals squeeze milk from Yak and let it dry and harden.

Chhurpi Dried Yak Cheese - Nepal Map
Nepal Map by Chhurpi Dried Yak Cheese

Once the cheese hardens, they cut the long stick into small pieces for making it easier to consume. These are so hard that you might even break your teeth while trying to chew. Better put it in your mouth and enjoy the sweet taste for hours. These Himalayan candies can be the best present to your friends and families at home.


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3. Thukpa

Thukpa is boiled noodles, mixed with vegetable and topped with meat items of choice. It is noodle dipped very hot soup which is very good in cold places to keep oneself warm.

This Tibetan dish is very commonly found in Kathmandu and Himalayan places. A bowl of Thukpa brings fresh ingredients and a happy addition to the local meet.

thukpa soup recipes Nepai dish

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4. Sukuti (Dried Meat)

Sukuti is dried meat, marinated with spices. In the Himalayan region, usually, sadheko sukuti is found which is the mixture of spices like ginger, garlic, onion, cumin, coriander and chilly.

Sukuti Dried Meat
Sukuti Dried Meat

It is usually served as a snack or added to noodle dishes. This dish can be eaten year round since it can be prepared long ahead of time. This sukuti is found in almost all Himalayan restaurants or fast foods.

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5. Instant noodles

Himalayan regions in Nepal and Tibet are far from civilization. While rest of the world eat instant noodles out of laziness, people of Himalayan region eat them out of necessity.

Instant Noodles Recipes
Instant Noodles Recipes

Preserved instant noodles are perfect for high altitude and scare region where the temperature may fall extremely in the winter season. Local Nepali brand Wai Wai and Indian brand Maggi noodles are most popular instant noodles in the Himalayan regions.

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List of 10 Famous Himalayan Foods, Dishes and Recipes

6. Momos

Momos are the steamed flour dumplings stuffed with various fillings of vegetables and meats. This dish is believed to be of Tibetan origin and since then has spread to its neighboring countries like Nepal, India, Bhutan and much more.

This dish is commonly found in the Himalayas of Nepal and Tibet. In Nepal’s Himalayas usually, Buff momos are found as beef are restricted to eat. If you are visiting Nepal for the first time, be sure to taste the Momos of Kathmandu. It is easily available in every fast food, restaurant or in the roadside allies.


How to Cook Chicken Momos

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7. Daal bhat

When consumption, raise if somebody can show you ways to eat along with your hand- hand that’s (a more rationalization can come back later). It’s quite straightforward to try and do, and also the best thanks to eat your Daal Bhaat (traditional Nepali meal served double on a daily basis, rice & lentils typically with vegetable or meat curry).

The primary month roughly i used to be here, I had to arouse a spoon all over I went; however all the Nepali individuals simply grabbed their food and began consumption.

Nepali food dal bhat tarkari rice masu achar chatani
Nepali food -dal bhat tarkari masu achar chatani

Finally, one friendly guide same, does one need American state to indicate you ways to eat along with your hand? I reasonably did, however didn’t as a result of I assumed it’d be gross to own food everywhere my hand, and stick my fingers in my mouth.

Anyway, i attempted it and it had been straightforward and fun! Currently it’s my technique of selection for Daal Bhaat. If you can’t get somebody to indicate you, simply strive this: along with your hand, build your four fingers into a scoop, however still reasonably flat, scoop some food, hold it up to your wide open mouth, so push the food along with your thumb into your mouth. It’s quite liberating – strive it!


Dal bhat is a traditional meal popular in many areas of Nepal, India, and Bhutan. It constitutes steamed rice and cooked lentil soup called dal. It is the most widely available food in the Himalayas of Nepal and India.

It is often served with vegetable or locally called Tarkari which is a mix of available vegetables. In Nepali, it is also called Dal Bhat Tarkari. A small portion of pickle adds life to it.

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8. Dhido

Dhido is yet another major dish found in the Himalayas. It is a thick porridge, often made with a variety of flours like corn meal (Makai ko Dhido), buckwheat flour (Phaphar ko Dhido) or milled, mixed with salt and water and cooked.

Dhido Gundruk Nepali typical recipes dishes
Dhido Gundruk – Nepali typical dishes

Dhido is often served with vegetable curry, soup or with curd to enhance its flavors.In the extreme cold weather, locals prefer eating dhido to dal bhat as it provides heat too.

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9. Tea

Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves. Being originated in the Himalayan region back in the 1800s, tea is still the most important and frequently available beverage in the Himalayas.


Locals in the Himalayas sit day long sipping tea to keep them warm in the high altitude. In the Himalayas of Nepal, they boast their own Nepali tea and in Tibet, the national beverage is tea whisked with yak butter.

Wherever you are, tea is the most to keep yourself activated, fresh and warm all day.

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10. Gorkhali Lamb

Another winter favorite, Gorkhali lamb is a curry dish. This curry is chunky and involves slow cooking the lamb, adding chunky potatoes and finely chopped onions.

Gorkhali lamb curry recipe
Gorkhali lamb curry recipe

For enhancing flavor, the lamb is often grilled and sealed with chilli mixtures before transferring to the sauce. In the Himalayas, this food is favorite of the locals. Usually, the curry is served with rice.

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Hence, there are many quintessential cuisines available in the Himalayas that are unique in taste, and texture as well. So, next time when you are on a trip to the Himalayas of Nepal, India or Tibet, be sure to try the above-mentioned dishes.

There are plenty to choose from, however, it is recommended to try each and every dish as all dishes are unique in its own sense.

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List of 10 Famous Himalayan Foods, Dishes and Recipes


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