12 List Of Most Highest Paid Nepali Actresses

10. Sushma Karki(1-1.25lakhs approx)

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Nepali Actress Model Sushma Karki in Black dress with cute shy smile


Performing artist Sushma Karki began her amusement profession as a video move (VJ) in a Nepali TV channel. She likewise began displaying and acting in movies. She appeared as a performer in the movie ‘Meo Euta Saathi Cha’.The thing move titled Udhreko Choli… in the hit movie “Plunder” set up her as the ‘udreko choli’ young lady. After that, she had moved in different stages in various subjects in the song.Sushma had a long illicit relationship with chief Sudarshan Thapa. 

After she said a final farewell to Thapa, she discovered Naren Shrestha, the lead vocalist of Anuprastha band. The issue with Naren turned out poorly for long. Despite the fact that Sushma hopped into living respectively with Naren, they separated inside one year of the relationship. That wasn’t the end in any case. They met up again and put together in an eatery in Tahmel. Sushma had praised her birthday in the eatery. The joint wander broke a couple of months and they sold the eatery.

 There were reports of Naren beating Sushma out in the open – more than once. He had likewise caused the issue when he meddled what sorts shots she was to offer in films and different recordings. In the wake of separating, Sushma conceded that Naren had “destroyed her vocation”. Directly after the separate Sushma did hot photoshoots and acted in a hot Teej tune video. She has been occupied in arrange appears and other displaying assignments after the separation.


According to an unconfirmed 2013 report, Sushma Karki reportedly charges Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 100,000 per movie.

Meo Euta Saathi Cha, K Yo Maya Ho, Batch No. 16, Mero Jiwan Sathi, Loot, Bouncer, Nepathya, Bindaas, Bindaas 2, Bouncer, Sanjog, Paap, Sakash, Chalechha Batas Sustari are the film played by her

Actress and model Sushma Karki’s career has gone through its peak and troughs.

Before being mainstream for the thing move ‘Udhreko Choli … ” of ‘Plunder’, Sushma Karki had just acted in various movies. Be that as it may, the thing move set up her as a thing money the prominence, “Bindaas” was made. The film made on sex topic was flame broiled by the Censor Board and was at long last discharged with an A certificate.As if “Bindaas” wasn’t sufficient, the spin-off ‘Bindaas 2’ additionally demolished her name in film industry.Sushma was left with no new movies for a year and a half. She likewise lost a film she had as of now signed.None of the movies after “Bindaas” helped Sushma in at any rate.

11. Jharana Thapa(1-2lakhs approx)

Jharana Thapa

Jharana Thapa

Jharana Thapa is an outstanding renowned performer of Nepali film industry.she was born on 28 March 1981 in Kathmandu Nepal. She got hitched with Sunil Kumar Thapa in 1998. The couple was honored with a little girl Suhana Thapa. Jharana Thapa is the main Nepali actress.She has been likewise been assigned as brand envoy for the End Water Poverty battle in Nepal. She entered the movie industry with the presentation film Jeevan Saathi (1993). Her different movies resemble Anjali, Sukha Dukha, Bhai-Tika, Purnima, Siundo Ko Sindur, Muglan and so on.

Jharana Thapa Filmography Year Title 1999 Jeevan Saathi 2001 Anjali 2001 Sukha Dukha 2001 Bhaitika 2002 Purnima 2002 Siundo Ko Sindur 2003 Muglan 2009 Subash No Smoking (2015) Chadai Aau Hai (2015) Jodi No. 1 (2014) Kaslai Aafno Bhanu (2014) Trishna (2014) Awards Year Award Category Movie Role Result 2008 Fem Botanica KTV Film Awards 2065 Best Actress Takdir Won 2009 KTV Film Award 2066 Best Actress Ma Timi Bina Mari Halchhu Won Actress Jharana Thapa is one of the best on-screen characters in the Nepali film industry. Notwithstanding being a performing artist, Jharana is additionally a filmmaker. She appeared as a maker by creating ‘Dharma Sankat’. After that, she delivered ‘Gorkhali’, ‘A Mero Hajur’ and ‘Takdir’. The last movie created by Jharana is ‘Facebook’.

Jharana’s introduction movie is ‘Daijo’. Jharana is hitched to maker Sunil Kumar Thapa and is the mother of an adult girl, Suhani Thapa. In July 2015, Jharana and Sunil had commended 20 years of marriage.due to because of achieving a lot of success in Nepali film industry she is listed in a high paid actress.

12. Karishma manandhar(4-6 lakhs approx)

Nepali actress Karishma Manandhar Picture

Nepali actress Karishma Manandhar

Drawing in the group of onlookers with the appeal and tastefulness notwithstanding amid the 40s is not a simple undertaking. Be that as it may, the extremely wonderful and well-known Karishma Manandhar (KC) expert in this ability. The performer, even in her 40s, has possessed the capacity to secure a conspicuous position in the film business. Her certainty, identity, and effortlessness do not go unnoticed by the groups of onlookers. Karisma undoubtedly has possessed the capacity to substantiate herself in the film business. Her acting abilities are cherished by the Nepalese gatherings of people because of which she is as yet one of the popularKarishma Manandhar was born on ninth June 1971 in Nepal. She spent her youth in Jharuarashi, Lalitpur. The excellent performing artist, however, was not raised in a sumptuous situation in her adolescence according to a few sources.

Karisma did her tutoring from Shuvatara School.On the arrangements of the movie ‘Kasturi’, the performing artist met Binod Manandhar who was the executive of the film. Afterward, a similar executive ended up being her life band together with whom she got hitched. The Manadhar couple has a little girl named Kabita Manandhar who is doing her four-year college education in Baltimore Maryland, USA.Elegant and a la mode Karishma went into the Nepalese film club at an extremely youthful age. At 14 years old, she did her introduction in the film called “Santan” inverse Bhuwan KC. Afterward, Karisma went to India to attempt her fortunes in Bollywood films. She was the lead performer in a film named ‘Danga Fasad’ discharged in the year 1990. Be that as it may, she was not ready to pick up notoriety in India so she returned back to Nepal where she proceeded with her vocation as an actress.Karishma has done various Nepalese movies which gave her massive prevalence.

Some of her movies are Mayalu, Arunima, Kastoori, Tapasya, Manakamana, Milan, Truck Driver, Bhauju, Sarangi, Andolan, Ek Number Ko Pakhe, Kancha, Ranabhoomi, Basanti, Dhukdhuki, Babu Saheb, Baas Ma Chaina Yo Man and some more. With each film she did, she could pick up the consideration of the Nepalese group of onlookers. She is till date, one of the renowned performers in Nepal.Evergreen, appealing, elegant and in vogue Karisma is the symbol of magnificence and certainty. She has substantiated herself in each means of her life. Her extraordinary exhibitions and profound acting have been the columns to her prosperity. Indeed, even in her 40s, she looks as youthful and dynamic as some time recently. The performer who began her vocation at a little age has possessed the capacity to survive that too in a renowned position in the film business of Nepal. Karisma is certainly a motivation for the Nepalese gatherings of people.

12. Pooja Sharma

pooja sharma nepali actress model

Pooja Sharma

Pooja was born in Sindhupalchowk and her family moved to Kathmandu following three months of her introduction to the world. In a meeting in October 2016, Pooja had informed that she is 24-years of age, that makes her birthday April 30 of 1992.
Pooja is the main offspring of her folks. Pooja’s dad is a specialist. He is right now (starting at, 2016 October) is posted in Sindhupalchowk. Pooja’s mom used to be an educator. She became ill and left the showing calling and is as of now living as a housewife. Previously, Pooja had gone to Canada for additionally contemplates. In any case, she couldn’t live there for some restorative reason and returned back to Nepal. As of October 2016, Pooja has finished her lone wolves degree in tourism and is wanting to join Masters soon. Pooja appeared as a vocalist in a two-part harmony melody with surely understood artist and performer Anil Singh. The melody was discharged in October 2016. A video writes about the arrival of the melody:

3 Lovers, Madhumash, Mero Best Friend, Ajhai Pani, Chankhe Shankhe Pankhe, Prem Geet, Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu are the film which is played by her.
Pooja appeared in ‘3 Lovers’ with Priyanka Karki. The movie she appeared in driving part is ‘Madhumash’. Discussing the film, Pooja has told in 2016 that she lamented doing that movie. She advised that she didn’t know the proper behavior around then and had done a considerable measure of missteps in the film. ‘Ajha Pani’ highlights Pooja as a character named Yunisha. The movie composed by Ram Sharan Pathak is being delivered by Sudarshan Thapa and Poonam Gautam. Coordinated by Alok Nembang, the film the present generation of Sudarshan Thapa Production. ‘Prem Geet’ has been the best movie of Pooja Sharma. Pooja’s association with the maker and the performing artist of ‘Prem Geet’ was bad. Along these lines, Pooja was supplanted by Aslesha Thakuri in the spin-off of the movie ‘Prem Geet 2’. In any case, Pooja and the chief Sudarshan Thapa have additionally collaborated to create the movie titled after ‘Prem Geet’ melody, ‘Me Yesto Geet Gauchhu’. The shooting of the movie is relied upon to begin after Tihar 2016.

Performing artist Pooja Sharma brought up in ubiquity after the accomplishment of ‘Prem Geet’. From that point onward, she stole the spotlight by wearing provocative and uncovering garments out in the open capacity. She likewise postured in a two-piece in her Thailand visit. She likewise made some discussion on the web and made a picture of the egotistical performing artist.

12 The List Of Most Highest Paid Nepali Actresses