10 Areas of Investment in Nepal with High Risk for High Profit

Areas of investment in Nepal  with high risk for high Profit

Nepal is the largest ground of containing the opportunity for making the basic and creative factors to avoid the investors targeting the high risk a for a high profit in gradually incremental order with full networking methodology.  As it is said that if you want to bath in small quality and the small area you can move to ponds or rivers,  and if you want to take the real taste and flavor bathing in huge water quantity, then the sea will only provide you the real marrow. You cannot get a lot of fruits by planting the single tree.

The investment is also based upon this principles in the context of Nepal. Nepal is one of the going country and developing country where you can make and manage your own identity and figures to make yourself recognized and positioned in the Nepalese mirror of market. High profit can only calculate from high investment. The high investment needs huge budget to operate in good postures and lucrative manner that can make the customer attracted toward its uniqueness and advantageous features.

There are many area s of investment in Nepal with high risk for high profit where you sharp and make your future and business bolder and accelerate with your own and supportive strategy.  Nepal has many sectors where it announces and appeals the investors to make the huge investment for making the country economy prosperity and maintainable.

Nepalese economy is going ahead in creeping mode and style due to many internal and external problem your business depends upon your own roots of handling power to make its lead patiently hold. Customer will surely move toward your shops and places to if you have made and maintained the services and door of good welcoming and well behaviors with well product services. The customer cannot be cheated for m many times,  they may be created by you at the first time of shopping in your shops. But that types of activities will make your business status demoralize and declines your prestige in the market list.

Nepal has many opportunities to invest and make your investment highly increase because you can make your investment safely mobilize and utilize according to the needs and dynamic structure of business formation and map.  Various areas of investment in Nepal with high risk for high profit is one of the absolute question which has an absolute answer in the following series.  There many investors who have a huge budget and searching in proper field to make investment with secured siblings.  Areas of investment in Nepal   gives you many option to relief your and free from confusion and confliction because many gives many tension and many confusion.

Here, we have given you some of tips and tricks to make an investment is safely manner that will bring you away from the losses and keeps you in safe places. Area of investment in Nepal for high profit with high risk rectify the broad sense of investment to imply the largest structure for their basic as well as the harmonious stand and existence in the market  for long time almost permanency. The Huge budget does not invest in the dynamic market due to the impact of price changes that will bring the company in the loss. There are many areas of investment which have much profit in the very short period of time and contain calculated risk that can be managed.

Meanwhile, the country government has also announced their criteria and freed from many tax for operating any kind of trade and industry, this is also one of the promoting and positive content to straddle and thrive your business across the country.   With sectors section, following are some of the topics and title where you can make your profit increases  exponentially.  These are the areas of investment in Nepal with high risk for high profit furnished below:


10 Areas of Investment in Nepal with High Risk for High Profit

  1. Machinery production :

    large machnery Production

    Large machinery Production

Nepalese economy is moving in the upwards in the machinery production sectors also but not as expected and gradually increasing order.  Machinery production is also the base of straddling the small and large scale industry to help and support them to invest and other  industrialist and other investors in the specific sectors. Due to lack of proper machine, the product cannot be produced in heavy and good design. The latest and edited technology can only compete with foreign industry operating in the domestic territory. Therefore, it is also one of eth sectors where you can double and gain the expected and calculated profit of your pre-planned after making the huge investment. High capital investment automatically gives you the high profit and it also attains the high-profit factors due to high-risk containment.

  1. Insurance:

    Insurance Image Click Man Safety

    Insurance = Safety

We all know that, the transportation is increasing day by day but the road is not scaling and widening, that gives the negative signs of losses and incidence occurrence.  Due to the increment in income of the customer, also increases their living standards that make and buy the bikes and other vehicle. The increment in vehicle go=row the risk of accident and making the road fully filed and more rushed every time. In the crowd of people and groups of bike in road movement has not the limitation and there are many person who suffers and makes the accident.

So, the every bike buyers have nowadays become aware and careful about the life and  vehicle to make it safe and for those terms, they want to go with insurance policy.  Areas of investment in Nepal with high risk for high profit also under go with it. insurance policy will also make you more  graded in very short terms as it is also the compulsory policy made by the Nepalese government to do at the time of making license. So, the  rider and driver are obliged to do the insurance of the vehicle which reduces the risk of being accidental loss even after  held.

  1. Hydropower electricity:Areas of investment in Nepal with high risk for high profit

It is dreaming sectors that will never make you poor and even though it have high risk. In Nepalese context, there are many small investors who are making the agenda and sectors their private by investing group of investors in one common projects.  Hydropower electricity investment is going on rapid speed by many international and national sectors because Nepal carry the high power and sources of water and become easy to produce electricity in Nepal and another country too. Nepalese electricity project investment is also one of the areas of investment with high risk for high profit because it will give your tortures in the gap of times but never let you go with loss aspects.  It has very high demand and most oversee projected of Nepal and for an investor who eager to make their safe and better investment.

  1. Money exchange services:

Currency Echange

This is also the areas of investment with high risk for high profit. We all know that every Nepalese member from family has left the country for the earning purposes. Money exchanges services also have face the slump in the market because sometimes due to a decrease in money rate, many senders does not want to send their huge amount of money to Nepal due to getting lost in actual receipts. There are many money exchange services who are performing better and some are going and operating good postures in balance level. As it has high risk, it also gives you high profit at the time of money value increased in foreign rate. It is seen the crowd in the center where the money is exchanged due to a large number of sender have sent money in the greed of getting some of more amount. Therefore, it is also one of  the more specific and   good coverage services to make the customer satisfied in very short time and achieved the profit in very short period of time. It posses both high risk and high profit.

5. Dress material:

Investment in dress material is also one of the most deserving investment because it also gives you the high profit as it also has high risk. Choosing dress material and supplying of dress material in a proper and rapid manner will set and stand you in top level while making mistakes and become unable to select the good and likely dress according to the customer will not choose and likes by any of the customers have to pass with great loss.

The dress material is also the most dynamic variable which is changeable according to times, season, and needs of the customer, so, you have to adopt and brought h product of customer wants which will only make the standard and reputed business man and recognized owner.  Making mistake in selection and design will make you sink.  It also bears the high risk and high profit. We can easily say that it is also areas of investment in Nepal with high risk for high profit because Nepalese are very much buff to wear new design launched and latest clothes, fashionable design to show their beauty and actualization value and position.

  1. Automobiles:Automobiles Manufacturing

Nepalese are a buff to ride new launched and latest bikes as they have to buy even by taking a loan. Nepalese people want to live a showing life and many of person have habits of changing the new bikes in some specific period. And mostly those people belong from the rich family or wealthy family. In the Nepalese economy, Nepalese are even riding the high to low-grade bike accord to their income. All they have the dream to bike and almost 80% of Nepalese rides and drive bike even with their flexible economic status or poor economic condition. Investment in automobiles in Nepal and come with new technology homogenous bikes will create the high risk with high profit. Therefore it is also areas of investment in Nepal with high risk for high profit.

  1. Casino:Casino

This high risk along with high profit oriented business a law can be operated by the foreigners and other too. According to Nepalese rules, Nepalese are not allowed to play but they can open the casino. The casino is one of the high scale business having un-limit profit crossing the percentage level. The casino makes people billionaire in one night and beggar in one day. It is business having a uncalculated risk but it holds high profit without any terms and condition. It is also known as the places of money laundering where the great business man came to whiten their black money. as it holds the high risk and high profit, also fall under one of the areas of investment in Nepal with high risk for high profit.

  1. Hospital:

Investment in the hospital also have a high risk if you do not maintain the proper management and accuracy in the test result and machinery function, then you have to wet your identity with dirty feedback. In Nepal, the hospital has not achieved brand in an s qualitative service sectors due to various disturbance and unwell managerial function. Hospital is also one of the sector of Nepal which grab the high risk and high profit depends upon your operation and system of maintenance that will satisfy the customer. Thus,  areas of investment in Nepal with high risk for high profit also talks about this sectors.

  1. Diamond designation:

In fact, Nepalese are women are girls only feels exhaustively beautiful if they wear the diamond ornament even a single pieces in their body anywhere. Diamond designation in the new and more lucrative model will impact on looks that will increase your sell and profit. Therefore it is also areas of investment in Nepal with high risk for high profit.

  1. Airplane charting:

It can be also introduced in Nepal and you can also make your figures as the airplane company owner if you want to invest huge capital and earn the huge profit. Airplane services will make you tycoon in very short period of time. In Nepal, there is not any luxurious plane which will provide you the luxurious services and wished services. It also has the high demand in Nepalese market to make the dream fulfill of upper-level people rich people to fly in the plane getting the services of five star to make the satisfied them. Therefore, it also has the common features and states about the areas of investment in Nepal with high risk for high profit.

So these are the Areas of investment in Nepal  with high risk for high profit

Author-(Dipak Sah)