500 Heartfelt Love Messages For Girlfriend From Boyfriend

Heartfelt love messages for girlfriend from boyfriend:- When you are in a relationship, it is very important to maintain the spark that exist between the couple during the initial times. Girlfriend wants her boyfriend to constantly praise her, her beauty, understand her emotion without of her telling him.

So all the boyfriends need to tell her their feelings, understand her emotionally for which short sweet messages from time to time can do just the work. Below are some messages which they can use for their girlfriends.

500 Heartfelt Love Messages For Girlfriend From Boyfriend

1. I want to be a teardrop, to be born in your eyes, to run through your face and to die on your lips.

2. There is a dream that is more beautiful than the rest. There is a dream that lasts longer than the rest. But my most beautiful dream is the one who is reading these lines right now.

3. When I think of you, my soul is trembling, so I feel my body cuffed. You’re always here with me, but so far away, I just know how much I miss you.

4. If I dream, I don’t know what is good and what is wrong. If I dream, I don’t know what the dream is and what it is. If I dream, I don’t know what I’m doing, but I hope I’ll be there with you.

5. All my desire to be with you, kiss your mouth, watch your eyes. I would like you to do it as much as you can, and always only with you.


6. I would often like to be a wandering cloud with a whispering wind, to fly to you. Look in your eyes, kiss your mouth and spend a long night with you.

7. Sometimes you think about me and you know I’m far away. Just trust me because I’m thinking of you. My way wherever you go, my heart always loves you.

8. Ever since I got to know you since then, I love you, a captivated glow of glittering eyes. You’re far from me, but I’m not an orphan because you’re here with me, locked in my heart.

9. I have a desire to call you, and I dream with you all night.

10. You’re the sun that descends in the evening. You are the moon, the body of the night. You are the star that shines in my eyes. Find out that I love you very much.

11. I hate the sun because it may affect you. I hate the moon because it can be with you at night. I hate water because it can touch your lips. I can’t tell you I hate everything that can be near you because I want to be only near you.

12. If your touch were hurt and I go to hell. I’d spend all my life with you and laugh in the fire.

13. I would like to look deep into your eyes and tell you it is not worth living without you.


14. You are the only one who brings joy, without you my life is a closed box. I look forward to seeing you again, and the wildest desires break out of the box.

15. I never thought that life was so beautiful since I knew you. I had been living since I know you. My heart gently smashes with your heart, I love you day by day, better and better.

16. Just love me for a minute until I tell you I love you. Just love me for an hour until I cry, I wish you. Love me for a day until I can kiss you. Love for a lifetime, and I’ll always love you.

17. Life is a long dream, somebody dreams bad and someone is beautiful. I would like us to dream about something beautiful, and our dream would never end.

18. The most beautiful feeling when I think of you. The most beautiful feeling when I dream about you. The most beautiful feeling when I get to you and wake up with you.

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19. If you go to bed in the evening and look out the window, look for the most beautiful star in the sky. And if you are thinking of those who love you, think about me too, because I love you too.

20. You are the beginning, you are the end, without you it is just the cloudy sky. I only see the sun beautiful with you, I just love you, I hope you know.

21. I love love for you, I would give you everything in the world.

22. I look out the window, I see the moonshine, I feel the tears drop down on my face. If you were here and asked me what was wrong, I would just say I miss you very much.

23. Your kiss is blue on the sky, trees are green from your eyes, without you the whole world is empty.


24. The rain rushes through the window, though you would kiss every drop of my lips. Lightning is empty without the sky. I don’t know how long I can stand without you.

25. For the world, you are only one person. For me you are the world.

26. If you really think you’ve been thinking about me then please be cautious with my heart.

27. You can take my heart, just do not break. Else the whole world would be over for me.

28. There are too many stars in the sky, too much tears in our eyes. There are too many women in the world, but no one like you. You are unique or special.

29. I’m not alone when I think of you. I’m your dream, you are my awakening, you are all my heart wants.

30. There is a place in my heart you can only fill it. You’ve won at the first moment and will always succeed.

31. Recently something happened to me, the most amazing thing. A dream that has become real, that day when I saw and get to know you.

32. If my heart was like the universe, then it would not have enough space to put all the love I feel about you.

33. If you were tear, I would never cry. Because I do not want to lose you.

34. There is a dream, which is more beautiful than the rest. There is a dream that lasts more than the rest. But my most beautiful dream is bounded to the one who reads this message now.

35. If I dream, I do not know what’s good and what’s wrong. If I dream I do not know what the dream and what is. If I dream, I do not know what I’m doing, I just hope I’ll be with you.

36. I would like to be a wandering cloud to whisper in your ear. To look at your beautiful eyes, kissing your mouth, and spend long nights with you.

37. There are seven wonders of the world, six continents, five corners of the Pentagon, four letters of clover, two eyes, but only one of you.

38. There are moments in life when we miss someone so much that we want to break her out of our dreams and really want to embrace her.

39. If you disappeared once and spread into stars, it would make the sky so beautiful that mankind would fall in love with the night.

40. How could I live without you? Life is about you.

41. I’d like to tear my heart and put it in your window instead of a flower. If you saw my wilting heart, you would believe that I really love you.

42. The hours spent together are hours and days. Days should be months, and eternity will last until I am with you.

43. I hope that all the sweet hope that lives in the hiding of our hearts will be a reality. Life and hope await open arms, and whether it is beautiful, it is up to us.

44. It hurts when my eyes look at you. It hurts if you live in me and I exist in you. Like two elements that quench each other, it hurts if you are, and even more if not.

45. You have 25 seconds to write to me. 15 of them are back, and if your SMS doesn’t come in within 10 seconds, of which 8 have already passed, you’ll come to me with a thousand kisses.

46. Look into my eyes and see my heart. Embrace yourself so that the magic does not pass. Grab my hand and never let go, you are the greatest miracle in my life.

47. You need land to be life, the day to be light. You have to be the border that you should not be infinite, and you need me to be happy with life.

48. That day when the stones come alive and the sun stops coming out at dawn, that day I will not love you again.

49. My heart cries for amative you, my hands for caressing you, my mouth for kissing you.

50. Rare sounds, looks, smiles, kisses and hugs. That’s how you and I talk.

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