25 Heart Touching Love SMS Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend

Find here 25 Heart Touching Love SMS in Hindi for Girlfriend. We have published here the best of best heart touching love sms shayari for your girlfriend or lover or gf. have a closer look. It’s all free.

Heart Touching Love SMS in Hindi for Girlfriend

1. heart touching love sms in hindi for girlfriend

SWEET thinking,

Kishi per us hadd tk varosha karo,

ki aapko dhokhaa dene mein usse khood sharaam mehashush ho.


ush hadd tk ushkaa dhyaan raankho,

kee wo khood aapko khoney sse dre.

2. heart touching love sms in hindi for girlfriend 140 character

Saheel per khere khere hamne sham kardee,

Apnaa dil or duneeyaa ap ke nam ker di,

Ye vi na sochaa kaeise goozaregee jindgi,

Binaa soche samajhe har khooshi ap ke naam ker di

3. heart touching love shayari in hindi for girlfriend

Agr jindagi mein kuchh banne kee tamnna ho To

gulaab banne kee kosish karanaa

qyuki ye us k hath mein vi khooshbu chod detaa he

joh ise masal ker phek detaa hei..


4. heart touching love poem in hindi for girlfriend

Yadoh Ko Ham Aj bhi Yad Karate hei

Her Rishataa Ap per Nisaar Karate hei

PHoorsat Mile To Kuchh Leekh vejana

Ham vi Aapke msg kaa Intajar Krate Hein.

5. text for heart touching love letter for girlfriend in hindi

Ham Woh Nahin Joh Dil todd Denge,

Thaam ker Hath Sath Chod Denge,

Ham Pyar Karate Hein “FISH AND WATER” kee Tarahei…

Alg Ho Gye To DaM todd Denge.

Love u so muchei….

Love isn’t just about magnificence, however it’s an additional favorable position to have a young lady as excellent as you being my better half. You are my pulse.


Your lovely grin makes everything appear to be correct, notwithstanding when it’s the inverse.

You’re a need and I’m fortunate to be your darling. It was the ideal snapshot of our lives that ought to be remained careful.

I adore my life since it gave me you, I cherish you since you are my life.They say love harms, however I’m prepared to go out on a limb, in case I will be with you.

6. heart touching love messages for girlfriend in hindi

Na Kashati Na Kinaaraa hei Koii,

Na Manjeel Na Jine kaa Saheraa hei Koii,

Na Anshu Na Khooshi kaa Ishaera hei Koii,


Ap hei to Lagataa Hei,

Hamaaraa hei Koii.

7. heart touching love quotes for girlfriend in hindi

USH DIL ko PYAR karo,

joh TUMMHE DRD de,

per USH DIL ko kavi DRD mat doh ,

joh TUMMHE PYAR kare,

Q kee TUMM DUNEEYAA k liye ik ho per

kishi ik kee TUMM DUNEEYAA HO

You’re a precious stone. Getting you into my life was an accomplishment that I accomplished. It’s not possible for anyone to supplant the position you hold inside my heart.

I adore you sweetheart. Your excellent eyes caught my heart and your superb grin facilitated all torments. You will everlastingly remain my unparalleled boo.

Nectar base, I don’t want to be the ideal sweetheart and companion yet the one that you will dependably approach when you require somebody.

8. heart touching love lines for girlfriend in hindi

One of my Best message:

“Kosishh karanaa kee Jindgi mein

woh shaqhs aapako Humesaa Muskurata huwa mile jo

Aapako Aaine mein dikhaataa hei…

9. heart touching love msg in hindi for girlfriend

Koii pyar karane baalaa Agar dookh de,

Or Aapkee aankho mein Anshu aa jaaye,

To es yakin ke sath Anshu ponchh lenaa ki,

Ye hak vi ap hi ne unhe

diyaa hei…!!

10. heart touching sms hindi girlfriend via facebook

ik pyara saa sawaal-

Anshu puchane baalaa dil ke zyaada kareeb hotaa hei ya phir Anshu deney baalaa..


Plz Reply with great Answer…


11. heart touching sms in hindi for girlfriend 140 character

Tanahei mai muskurana ishak hei,

ik bat subase chupaanaa ishak hei,

yu to nind vi nahee aatee rat var,

agr aa vi jaaye,

to sote sote jaag jaanaa ishak hei

12. heart touching sms in hindi for girlfriend 140 words

Ye dil pyar k kb il na rahaa,

Koii vi intajar k kb il na rahaa,

Is dil me bash gayee doshati aapkee

Ab to chand vi didar k kb il na rahaa.

13. heart touching shayari in hindi for girlfriend via facebook

Mohabat karo to itanaa ke hosh na rehe…..

Intejar qaro to itanaa ke wakt na rehe….

Varoshaa qaro to itanaa qaro ke shaknaa rehe…..

Apnaa lo use aeise kee kishi or kaa hak na rehe…

14. heart touching shayari for gf in hindi

Teree aankhon mein ye joh namee si chei hei,

woh mere door hone kee gawaahee hei,

Yad itanaa na kiyaa qaro muze,

hichkiyaan le le ker merii jan per ban aayi hei

You will constantly live in my reality. I’m so certain about it in light of the fact that the heart knows where it has a place. You have a place with me and I am unquestionably keeping you.

Most circumstances you wish to comprehend what I’m supposing when I’m quiet… I continue thinking about whether different folks are as fortunate as I am to have somebody exceptional.


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