Top 10 Haunted Places in Nepal

Haunted Places in Nepal: – There are many names of the supernatural power like ghost and spirits that are said to exist but there is still no any tough evidence to enhance the odds of their presence.

However, there are many experiences of people that somehow make people believe in the existence of such supernatural myths. No matter how educated people are but this supernatural thing takes some space in the heart of everyone.

In past, people have found a lot of examples which somehow shows that there is the presence of ghost and spirits. These kinds of incidents are mostly found in the rural areas. Well, some people say there is no any kind of evil and supernatural power. They say people see it is because of their poor education.

God knows whether it is the consequences of poor education or there is really the presence of some evil bodies. On the basis of the experiences of the people and the incident that has happened in this past few years, here is the list of the top 10 haunted places of Nepal.

In the list of top 10 Haunted places in Nepal we have:

Top 10 Haunted Places in Nepal

  1. Scary Ranibann-

Raniban is a village which is located in Achham District in Seti zone of west Nepal. This place is very famous for its beauty, scenery and stunning views. People visit here mostly to see the pleasing mountains, sunrise, and sunset.

The place was named “Raniban” on the basis of the beautiful forest present there where queen uses to spent her time during good old days. Along with attractive side, this place has some dark side as well i.e. this place is also famous as the haunted place of Nepal. Nobody dares to visit the jungle of Raniban at the night time.


It is said that some unusual sounds are heard during the night time. Some local people over there say that they frequently hear women crying but they find nothing when they go and watch.

Most of them assume that this usual happening might be related to the previous incident i.e. a girl was raped and murdered there according to the police. And the shocking part is the murderer was found hanged on the tree of the Raniban forest after the two days of the incident which is really hard to believe but is true.

  1. The water tank of Dhapasi-

Another haunted place in Nepal where people hardly visit is the “water tank of Dhapasi”. The place is situated in Dhapasi, Basundhara. The Tank is used to store water for the local people around here.

Since the place is haunted, no one dares to go nearby the tank during the night time because they believe that the spirit of a man walks around the tank at night. A lot of people claim that they have seen a man roaming around the tank during the night. Due to which people think twice before going there even during the daytime.

People say that this might be related to the previous incident. According to the people around there, a man was beaten and killed badly. It is said that at first he was robbed and was beaten so hard until he was unconscious.

And then he was thrown into the tank full of water and locked it by the robbers. We all can barely imagine how it would feel to get locked inside the tank full of water. People think that the spirit of the same man roams around the tank during the night.

  1. Devighat in Chitwan-

Devighat is one of the most famous cultural and religious centers in Nepal. This town is located on the side of Seti Gandaki and Krishna Gandaki rivers. The place is also regarded as the holiest place for Hindu religion people. The strange thing about this place is the skull of a person was found in this place on 12 July 2009 by police.

By local people, it is said that close to the bank of the river, 4-5 old ladies come and begins to move by the lightning fire in their body. Many people are the evidence for it and they say that this paranormal activity still takes place sometimes.

No one knows who those ladies are and why they dance at the mid-night nearby the river. This is a big mystery for all local people. Due to these reasons, this place is regarded as one of the haunted places in Nepal.

  1. Mount Everest-

The tallest mountain in the world “Mount Everest” is located in the Himalayan areas of Nepal. Every year many tourists visit Nepal to see and climb the Mount Everest which is also called “Sagarmatha” in the Nepali language.

Since Mount Everest is the tallest among the mountains, it is not that easy to climb at the top of it. Many people try to get up to the top but only a few people get success and among the remaining others, some people get back to the base camp and many of them die.

It is said that this mountain is haunted by the ghost climber “Andrew Irvine”. He was a climber who died during his attempt to reach the top back in 1924. Many of the climbers who have visited around there have said that they have seen the spirit of Andrew Irvine which is pretty hard to believe.

Local people say that the spirit of Andrew tries to give confidence to the climbers which is maybe because he couldn’t make it to the top in his real life. Due to the cause of such incidents, people say that the Mount Everest is haunted by the spirit of Andrew Irvine. So, this comes on the list of haunted places in Nepal.

  1. Royal Palace of Nepal-

On 1 June 2001, the Nepalese Royal Massacre occurred on the ground of Narayanhity Royal Palace which was the residence of the Nepalese monarchy. Altogether, about 10 families members were killed during that incident including King Birendra and Queen Aishwarya.

After this brutal massacre, many people living near the Royal Palace reported many incidences of shouting, cries and gun noise from a dark place of the palace. People around here assume that the noise is made by the spirits of the Royal Family who died on the night of the massacre.

Considering the report of many people, later on, king Gyanendra performed a lot of religious rituals to stop those paranormal activities. Today the palace has opened as “Museum for Local people and tourists”. The reason behind the murder and what actually happened that night is still a big mystery for all Nepalese people.

  1. Mugling- Narayanghat Road-

Travelling is one of the favorite hobbies of most of the human being. Traveling far away from home to new places is an exciting journey. Doing it at night is much more adventurous and fun as compared to traveling in the daytime.

But sometime this journey of traveling could turn into a nightmare as well. During the old days, people use to say that the feeling of traveling on the road of Mugling to Narayanghat was not less than living a bad scary dream.


Multiple people have said that they have seen some weird things and have faced different paranormal activities while traveling through Mugling –Narayanghat road during night time. Everyone says that traveling through this road during the night by walking could be very dangerous.

That is why nobody does that. But these days the traffic at night is so huge that people rarely get into such trouble. But still, this place could be a real danger during the mid-night.

  1. Bank of Sundarijal-

The place named Sundarijal is located at 15 km northeast of Nepal’s capital city, Kathmandu. This place is very famous among the people since this is the place from where drinking water is supplied to all the places of Kathmandu.

Along with its impressive facts, it has some dark sides as well. Every year, many people die here with different incidents like while summing or due to accidental fall from the top.

Local people around here say that the river of Sundarijal takes few lives of human every single year which is pretty strange. And another thing is according to the local people, the forest of Sundarijal is pretty dangerous to visit during the night.

They believe that the spirits of a lot of people who dies there every year roam around the jungle during the night time. This kind of belief of local people around there is quite strange and mysterious.

  1. East-West Highway-

The East-West Highway is built across the terai geographical area, from Mechi in the east to Bhim Dutta in the west. It is also known as the longest highway of Nepal. There comes a lot of dense forest on its mid-way. That midway of East-West highway where the dense forest appears can also be listed on the list of haunted places of Nepal.

Many of the travelers who have traveled through this section say that they have noticed some paranormal activities in the jungle. Travelers say that they hear the scary noise and crying of women coming inside from the jungle. Local people who live around here say that they hear the sound more during the night time.

Due to which this place is pretty scary to travel during the night time. Some people believe that there are some evil spirits inside the jungle but nobody knows about it. And still, nobody has ever tried to go inside that thick jungle during the night.

  1. Aryaghat of Pashupati Nath Temple-

Pashupati Nath Temple is one of the most famous and historical places for Hindu people which is located on the bank of the Bagmati River in the eastern part of Kathmandu valley, the capital city of Nepal.

This temple also falls on the list of UNESCO world heritage sites since 1979. Here dead People are burnt on the bank of the Bagmati River following the certain rituals. There is a separate place call “Aryaghat “inside the forest of Pashupati Nath Temple.

The Pashupatinath temple and Arya Ghat, Kathmandu, Nepal

The Pashupatinath temple and Arya Ghat, Kathmandu, Nepal

This is the place where dead people are buried. Since the place “Aryaghat” is the home of dead bodies, people say that whoever visits the place during the night can hear the voices of spirits of dead people. Other than the workers, only a few people visit there with the threat in their heart.

  1. Building to the side of Newroad Gate-

It is really hard to believe but the people who live around the street of the new road says that one of the houses on the main street of the new road is haunted by the ghost. There are rumors that the building to the side of new road Gate is haunted and nobody actually stays there during nights.

Local people say that they usually see the image of ghost one the windows of the house and hears a lot of strange noises coming inside from the building.

They say they found nothing inside the empty floors of the house during the daytime but nobody has shown the bravery of getting into the building during the night time.

At present, the uppers floors of the building are totally empty whereas there is still a watch shop on the ground floor. Since the people are very scared of the building it can also be referred as one of the haunted places in Nepal.

Hence all the above-mentioned places are the Top 10 Haunted Places in Nepal.

No matter how literate we are, there exists certain threat of supernatural powers like ghost and evils in all of our heart. Even though there is no any strong proof of it but still people somewhere in there heart believes about it.

Those above-mentioned places are such place where human barely go especially during the night. And if we see in every case there is one similarity i.e. murder and crime. This similarity shows that pure souls of a human being become evil when they really want revenge.

These things are really hard to believe but it is true according to me.

Top 10 Haunted Places in Nepal