Top 10 Hated Celebrities in Nepal

Top 10 Hated Celebrities in Nepal

Hated Celebrities in Nepal: – Being a celebrity is not always about the limelight, fan followings, and fun. Though they kind of enjoy the limelight and followings most of the times, it is definitely always bedded for flowers for all of them. As much as these celebrities are loved and desired, they are also criticized for their small mistakes or even their acting abilities and scandals and can turn their life upside down.

Speaking of Hated Celebrities, there are lots of celebrities worldwide who are criticized for few reasons, be it their public appearance, acting abilities, or even for how they look. Nepalese celebrities are no exception in that matter. There are few celebrities who are hated by Nepalese people for many reasons. While these celebrities have many criticizers, the people who follow them and idolize them are also in large number. So, as they say ‘beauty lies in the eye of Beholder’, in the same way, the following celebrities are highly loved by few while hugely criticized by others. But, to be frank, criticizers outnumber the followers in case of 10 celebrities of Nepal listed below.

So, check out the 10 hugely criticized celebrities in Nepal along with their biography and the reason for their hatred as well. Truth be told, some of these celebrities have caused such controversies that many are reluctant to working with them as well.

Top 10 Hated Celebrities in Nepal

  1. Rishi Dhamala : Hated Celebrities in Nepal

Rishi Dhamala is a popular Nepali Journalist and also a founder of Nepali Journalist organization named Reporter’s Club of Nepal. He has been active in Nepalese media and journalism for over a decade now and has also helped the Nepalese Journalism grow. However, today, he is one of the hated celebrities among the Nepali people. Keeping aside his contribution to journalism of Nepal, Rishi Dhamala is basically hated for his unique or rather his annoying questions he asks his guests on his television shows.

Rishi Dhamala
Rishi Dhamala

Apart from that, he loves flaunting himself on camera and is everywhere on Tv, radio, newspaper. He is literally everywhere which is quite not digested by Nepali people and thus hated. Having said that, he is consistent in whatever he does and his struggle is real. What people think about him seems to have no difference on him, this makes him the person he is.

  1. Archana Paneru: Hated Celebrities in Nepal

ArchanaPaneru is one of the erotic model and a movie actress. No doubt she is one of the most hated Nepal celebrity who is hated for being extra vulgar and for posting her nude pictures online. So much so that, she and her mother were arrested by Nepal Police for posting nude pictures online.

Archana Paneru
Archana Paneru

At the age of 16, Archana started releasing her nude photos and her mother was accused of encouraging her minor daughter to make such choices. Though she has been gaining support from her mother, her father is extremely disappointed in her actions so are all the Nepali people. Until and unless she proves to be the finest actress and give justification of her actions, seems like no one is going to respect her and like her for what she has been doing.

  1. Tirsana Budhathoki: Hated Celebrities in Nepal

Tirsana Budathoki is yet another very controversial model of Nepal. She came to lime light with her hot and sexy music videos which people found to be little vulgar and inappropriate. Following to that, she again attempted to come into the limelight in social media by painting her whole body without clothes.

Tirsina Budhathoki- Nepali Model
Tirsina Budhathoki

This act of hers was also not appreciated by Nepali people which did nothing but gave the wrong perception of herself in the Media. Due to her illogical comments on TV shows and vulgar music videos, she is on the list of the most hated celebrity of Nepal.

  1. Jyoti Magar: Hated Celebrities in Nepal

Jyoti Magar, also popular as Jyoti Thapa Magar is a Nepali folk or lokdohori singer, actress, and a model. She is also one of the few celebrities or models of Nepal who is hugely criticized for portraying bold characters on music videos.

jyoti magar
jyoti magar

Jyotimagar has largely hated coz of her body exposing appearances in the folk songs which is against folk song principles, and truly makes no sense at all! Mostly, the people who respect folk songs and think the folk song should represent Nepali culture and tradition, hate Jyoti Magar.

  1. Anmol KC: Hated Celebrities in Nepal


Nepali film actor Anmol KC Picture
Nepali film actor Anmol KC Picture

Anmol KC, son of veteran Nepali actor Bhuwan KC and actress Sushmita KC, is an award winning Nepali actor, model and a movie producer. Truth be told, Anmol KC is one of the most popular actors who has been part of award winning and highly successful movies. But why is he hated by Nepali people?


Well, there are few reasons for that as well. Anmolkc mainly hated for his bad expression and acting in his movies.However, considering the fact that Anmol is contributing his best to the Nepali movie industry rather than going abroad and enjoying his high profile life, the hatred towards him is baseless. I am sure in the coming days, he will prove himself and shut the mouth of his haters.


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