Best Reason: Why Teej is called Hariyali Teej


Best Reason: Why Teej is called Hariyali Teej

We are here again with the best reason, Why Teej is called Hariyali Teej, We have given here to one of the most logical reason to say Hariyali teej.

We all know that Teej festival falls in the month of Sawan or Bhadra. It falls according to Hindu Lunar calendar. Teej falls on the third day of

Perhaps one of the most difficult elements to grasp in the Indian and Nepali population’s way of life is their religion and culture. Nepali and Indian population’s religious fervour is indeed intense and devout. For your kind information, majority of population in Nepali and India are Hindus. Hindus population’s religious practices, follow a typical pattern of physical offering which is extremely colourful. The variety of festivals take place throughout the year.

Teej is termed तीज in Nepali and Hindi language. Teej is a festival celebrated in Nepal and northern regions of India. Culturaly and traditionally, Hindus women of Nepal and northern India observed the Teej for the wellness of their husband. We have already discussed about 7 reason to celebrate Teej festival by women. Now we are going to the best reason to to say Hariyali teej. Why Teej is called hariyali teej?


Reason to call hariyali teej
Celebrating hariyali teej

Best reason: Why Teej is called Hariyali Teej

Traditionally observed by women for the wellness of their husband, this festival these day symbolizes a forum for women’s freedom of expressions.Literary meaning Teej is third. That is why, Teej falls on the third day after the moonless night (The moonless night is called Amavasya in Nepali and hindi language). Third day of after the full moon night of every month is also called Tritiya. But why the third day of Shrawan month is most important. Why the third day of Shrawan month is celebrated with full happiness?

Le’ts wish to your mother, sister, girlfriend, mate, relatives

Happy Teej festival 2019
Happy Teej festival 2076 BS
Happy Teej Parva 2019
Happy Teej Parva 2076 BS
Happy Hariyali Teej 2019
Happy Hariyali Teej 2076 BS
Happy Haritalika Teej 2019
Happy Haritalika Teej 2076 BS


Best reason to say Hariyali Teej

There are many reasons to celebrate. We have posted a post about 7 reasons to celebrate teej festival in Hindus community. You can read this post on the

The best reason to call Teej as hariyali teej is just because of month and season. We can also say because of environment. As Shrawan (or Saawan) month falls during monsoon or rainy season. At this monsoon or rainy season, all the surroundings of the country is become green. So, the reason to CALL TEEJ as Hariyali Teej is the green environment.

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Why Teej is called Hariyali Teej


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