Haritalika Teej Puja Vidhi For Unmarried Women In English – 14 Things Must Do

[Haritalika Teej Puja Vidhi For unmarried women in English] Haritalika is a famous festival in Nepal and India. It is a unique festival that celebrates the power of the goddesses who gave birth to human beings. It is also believed to bring prosperity to the entire society.

There are various festivals held in the Hindu community regions, and here you will get to know about the festival, which is celebrated during August.

The festival is also called as Haryalika and Teej. The festival is celebrated mostly by women and is celebrated during August. The festival involves many rituals and music, and there are different parts occupied during the festival.

This festival is celebrated in August, and there is no central location. There are different places where this festival is celebrated. Each of the places has its unique feature and is very special for the people of that place.

The major part of the festival is celebrated in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and other places in Nepal, and it is believed that Teej was created due to the evil deeds of Lord Shiva.

The GoddessGoddess responsible for this action of the god of the gods came forward and took the form of a snake and started moving towards the sky, which created the gale and stopped the sun from rising.

The main feature of Haritalika is that the women perform several rituals to get their husbands to come back and marry them. They pray to the goddesses for their husbands’ return, and they even make offerings of cow dung and the rice grains. The festival is mainly celebrated in the temples of Haritali.


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To celebrate the festival, different types of festivities are organized in different places. There are many small ceremonies in one place, and at other places, there are large celebrations that involve a vast crowd and lots of dance and music.

When the sun comes out in the morning, the whole festival starts, and everyone goes around and perform various rituals to show that the GoddessGoddess is pleased with their husbands.

Another major part of the festival is that women start gathering at the god of the gods’ house and perform many rituals to get his blessings. They chant mantras and perform some prayers. They also offer prayers to the GoddessGoddess of the goddesses and perform dance and music in front of the people.

Let’s Celebrate Hindu Festivals

Teej, the famous Hindi word for women, is the common name for several Hindu festivals, celebrated by women throughout the country and in some areas of Nepal.

Most of the major festivals in India are celebrated in Nepal, such as Diwali, Holi, Dashain, and Christmas. The most famous Hindu festivals, which are commonly celebrated in Nepal, include Haritalika or Haryana Teej, Kumbh Mela, and Mahabalesha Festival.

Fasting in Teej

Teej, a festival, which is held in August, this festival is considered to be a sacred one. Nepal’s people to take part in this celebration together with friends and families and are free from all kinds of tensions.

This festival is also a time for gathering to pray for the happiness of the GoddessGoddess. People gather under the mango tree and pray for the prosperity of their marriages and families. It marks the end of the rainy season and is followed by a feast and special prayers.

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The pouring of water and incense marks this festival into a temple. Many families and friends attend the festival to offer Goddess Lakshmi prayers and wish her the best of luck and blessings.

Haritalika Teej festival is considered the best festival celebrated during the monsoons as it marks the arrival of the rains. In Haritalika, the GoddessGoddess of the Dawn makes a journey from heaven to earth and welcomes the new day of dawn.

A large group of dancers, accompanied by drum-beats, dance along the path of the GoddessGoddess to bring in good fortune. This festival is also when Lord Ganesha is believed to come down from the heavens and greet his dear GoddessGoddess.

Haritalika Teej is a significant religious festival that is celebrated in Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal. This festival marks the end of the rainy season and is believed to bring lots of wealth and good fortune. This is a particular time for giving gifts to Lord Ganesha and his Goddess.

A wide variety of offerings and prayers are made by the people in the temples and homes, and a large number of rituals are performed by the priests, who perform a variety of rituals in the temples.


Happy Haritalika Teej Festival

Haritalika Teej is one of the most important Hindu festivals celebrated by thousands of women from different parts of India, Nepal, and some other countries.

It is also celebrated as a day by men and boys and is celebrated by people of all age groups, races, and religions. The festival is dedicated to Goddess Hari (Goddess of Power), and it also celebrates her divine beauty.

Haryali is an Indian state, and its name was derived from “Hari,” meaning “the divine beauty.” Haryali is considered to be the place of refuge and is a sacred place in the Hindu religion. The GoddessGoddess and her divine beauty are worshiped at this point by the Hindus.

The festival is believed to celebrate the god’s divine beauty by decorating her temples and statues in different colors. Girls and women also celebrate the festival by using music, dance, and prayers. It is believed that Goddess of Power, who can give people their powers, favors her devotees at this festival.


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It is believed that during the festival, there is a significant change in the surroundings become festive, cheerful, radiant, and rich in colors. The festival also marks the arrival of spring. Many women wear colorful clothes and jewelry and play traditional games with other women during the occasion.

People pray in front of the statue and then give it gifts such as sweets, flowers, sweets, rice cakes, and fruits. They also make unique offerings to the GoddessGoddess and make offerings of flowers from their homes.

Haritalika and Haryali also mark the start of the three-day-long festival of Puja. Puja is a religious ritual in which all the god’s evil forces are washed away from the devotees’ bodies.

In addition to this, Puja is also celebrated with the traditional ceremonies and is done in the temples or churches in the Indian states such as Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Pune, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, and others.

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Some temples hold a massive celebration to honor the GoddessGoddess and Puja, and it is also celebrated in many small temples. The festival is a part of the Hindu calendar, and so much importance is given to it. The festival’s primary purpose is to bless the followers with abundance and prosperity and offer prayers for their happiness.

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Haritalika Teej Puja Vidhi For Unmarried Women In English

Unmarried women can maintain two kinds of Vrat. As soon as they decide what type of Vrat to perform, they could proceed with the preparation.

1) Have a bath before performing the Teej Vrat Puja.

2) Click here to find the listing of puja samagri. Please be aware that unmarried women shouldn’t provide Suhag damage since those are just intended for married women.

3) Lighting a lamp.

4) Provide water into the deities.

5) Then employ Chandan to the deities.

6) Provide Datura, Vilva to Lord Shiva, blossoms to Mata Parvati and Lord Ganesha.

7) Then Provide the Panchamrit.

8) Create the rest of these Offerings (such as clothing, fruits, paan supari) and the Bhog.

9). Pray to Lord Shiva, Mata Parvati and Lord Ganesha and make a wish whatever you want to wish.

10). Then read the Holy book Hartalika Teej Vrat Katha.

11) Play the Aarti of Hindu God and Goddess Lord Ganesha, Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva one after the other with Kapur (camphor).

12) Please do Kshama Yachana

13) Then break the quick fasting by swallowing the Bhog.

14) After you start the convention of vrat, do it year in, year out.