Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Nepali Actor Hari Bansha Acharya

21. His works in cinematography were

1)Lovipapi, 2)


2)Film ,


4)Basudev ,

5)Ke Ghar Ke Deraa,

6)Shilu (Newari) ,

7)Mala ,

8)Truck Driver,

9) Balidaan ,

10)Je Bho Ramrai Bho.

22. His TV series were Lal Purja, Pandra Gatey, Bhakunde Bhoot, Hari Bahadur and Madan Bahadur, 50/50.

23. Acharya initiated his career by performing with Hari Prasad Rimal and Jitendra Mahat on Radio Nepal.

24. Acharya joined Rastriya naach ghar in 2032 BS.

25. He was noted from his work in Gaijatra Mahotsav in 2034 BS.

26. Before Maha Jodi, he struggled alone for 6 years.

27. He is also known for social works.

Nepali Actor Hari Bansha Acharya and Madan Krishna shrestha
Nepali Actor Hari Bansha Acharya and Madan Krishna shrestha

28. He has conducted radio programs for awareness in Vitamin A, girl’s education, leprosy, mechi mahakali express etc.

29. He is also known for his singing.

30. His songs are Sarangi retaula, hamri ama, khokro sarangi and so on.

31. His music albums are Barabar, Chanchale, Jyaun Jyaun, Hamri Aama, Hey Rama Rama and so on.

32. Even, NHK of Japan arranged biopic film on MaHa

33. He has been awarded by NAFTA, OFA awards.

34. He was honoured in Hasya byangya HIjo Aaja Bholi 2070.

35. He was ambassador for the UN world food program Nepal.

36. He was chairman in Kathmandu Animal Treatment Center.

37. He is one of the founder of Jana Andolan Health Relief Fund which was established during 2nd People’s Movement in 2062-2063 BS)

38. He is the executive director in Maha Sanchar.

39. He held position of vice president in Kathmandu Model Hospital.


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