Happy Teej Wishes For Husband:- It is the Teej Festival, celebrated in Indian and Nepal, a time of fasting for the woman who, depending on the Hindu calendar, must coincide with the third day of the Shukla Paksha of the month Shraavana or Saawan, between July and September.

Although this celebration covers different parts of the Indian subcontinent. In fact, the places most linked to the party and where it comes to collect great dimensions are in Nepal and India.

To commemorate the divine conjugal alliance between Parvati and Shiva and the desire that all couples obtain marital happiness.

100 Happy Teej Wishes & Wishes For Husband From Wife In the English Language

I wish you happiness and love. They are more expensive than all the gifts. And let all your dreams come true. On a beautiful day of Teej.

We wish joy to be a lot. So that joy was a faithful companion, so always on the road of life. You have enough affection and warmth.

 Let the heart in time beats drops, let the snowstorm sink into the past. And let the spring dances. Forget the heart of adversity.

Let me wish you with a smile and a joke: always stay attentive, sensitive. May the work be a pleasant burden to you. We wish you good health and life!

Happy Teej Greeting Card

Let this day spring rays, you smile people and flowers. And may they always go through life with you. Happy Teej to my dearest husband.

Love, health, happiness, and dreams. Let the sunshine brightly for you. Let the birds chirp outside the window. So that not only the day of Teej but every day was considered your day.

Let the streams sing in your honor, let the sun be smiling at you and men give you flowers.

Let your life be full all that spring gives us. Modest and simple smile health, happiness, beauty!

Let joy into the house like the sun pours in, any dream of yours is fulfilled. The heart does not fall sadness shadow and women’s holiday will be every day!

Happy Teej Wishes For Husband In English

What a pity that the sun I do not give, flower on the phone does not send. It remains only to sign a card and a ray of heat in your soul to leave. We want to congratulate you heartily happy Teej. 

And the sun’s and your glance is clear we are equally needed. May luck come to you in work, in life, and in love.

Live, lovely, not hiding smiles proud of their own! Light woman, bride, and wife. On it is good and eternity seal, she can love and forgive. And because nature keeps it.

 As the secret of secrets, the eternal life of the ovary. And you yourself suddenly become brighter, her earthly magic hands touching. Let the first snowdrop will give you tenderness! The spring sun gives warmth!

Oh, women! Drunk with delight, we are glad to congratulate you on the holiday of Teej.

Hearts without a fight and give bargaining, floating on the glitter captivating lures. Without feeling the legs, we fly to meet you. To protect from everyday worries, and we take the burden of your work on our shoulders …

The strength of a woman is in her fragility and weakness. She is able to give happiness, love, and care.  A real woman will always smile when she wants to cry.  You are that very real woman, fragile and strong at the same time.

 Your smile illuminates my life, and the day becomes brighter and brighter.  You are a ray of sunshine and a drop of life-giving dew.

You are the woman I want to pamper, hug and kiss every day, every hour, every second.

 You are my support, my strength, my inspiration.  I love you so much that sometimes these feelings are difficult to describe in words.  They overwhelm me, and I want to shout about them to the whole world.

 You are my best friend and my love, you are my universe, my world revolves only around a single woman – you. I wish you great and endless happiness.

Happy Teej Wishes For Husband In English

After kilometers and distance, my congratulations on the auspicious day of Teej fly to you.

 You are the cutest, most beautiful and unique woman on Earth. You can do almost anything you want. You can dive into the deepest ocean and conquer the highest mountains.  To be a doctor, a teacher, or to fly a plane.


 You may encounter difficulties, but you go on with your head held high. You are strong, beautiful, kind, smart and strong!  You are a real woman, and today is your day! 

I want to congratulate on this Teej the cutest, charming and beautiful woman on this planet! Let the holiday of Teej give you a great mood, female happiness, emotional and emotional growth.

On this day, I wish you pure, true love, true friends and girlfriends, well-being, good health, simple female happiness, and many sincere smiles.

Perhaps we cannot see and hear each other as often as we would like.  But thoughts of you fill my heart with trembling and tenderness.

I think of you always!  Memories of the days when you were with me, forever in my heart. 

You are a passion, you are a secret, you are magic!  Happy Teej to the most special woman in my life.

Some women are the sun, it is a beautiful sunrise and sunset, it is an unblown flower bud. You are one of them.  You are a woman in the full sense of the word.

On this day, birds happily chirp, flowers bloom, and the air smells in monsoon.  This is a celebration of monsoon, sun and spring mood.

This day is dedicated to real women. Let your life be full of smiles, flowers, and happiness. You are a wonderful hostess, beloved wife, and a wonderful mother.

 You are special, sweet, loving.  You are a real woman!  I was lucky that next to me such as you.

I wish you life without tension and do not gain a single gram of weight. Let the men adore, Dust blown away every day. Let the wallet not be empty, it “fatten” only stronger. 

 Let life please you with care. Do not bother at work! Whatever lady is a flower, Tea Rose Petal? And a man is a gardener: Be a chauffeur or a colonel!

Happy Teej Wishes For Husband In English

 Let the flowers smell sweet, Let them all be protected. They create coziness for them And gifts are borne by them.

Our ladies are dear. Be happy, loved. You are always irresistible! We want to wish you Happiness, joy, gifts, Beauty, health, strength! Let the wishes come true.

Believe you in your dreams! In this life, everything is beautiful, In this, we are convinced!

You need women to love everyone. They always give gifts, But especially appreciate. We need the day of Teej! Congratulations dear ladies, Tight we hug you!

We are from you from time immemorial century. Just losing our heads! Be young slim And always, always loved! After all, men of the whole country. You are all so necessary!

Let the sun shine brightly for you. Let the birds chirp outside the window. So that not only the day of Teej,  Every day is considered your day.

Congratulations on your Teej day. I wish that every finger of beloved by a diamond and emerald chain!

I’ll clean everything in the house. Congratulations on your excitement Beloved wife. And the dishes I’m delicious different Swagger in an instant I can … How nice that holiday It happens once a year!

 Wonderful, lovely and darling you are the love of my life. You are strength, character, and truth. My admiration for women only increased after I met you, my wife and the love of my life.

 Dear and beloved women, we congratulate you on the upcoming Teej!  We wish you sincerity, reciprocity, warmth, love, understanding.

 Support, gentle hugs, good health, achievements and joy, smiles and good mood!  Be happy! Therefore, on the eve of the charming holiday of all women, I want to wish you infinite love, happiness, joy, and good mood!

On this wonderful day to all the ladies – wishes of love, family happiness, successful career, health, strength, and energy. And, of course, success and good luck!  Let every week, every day be full of pleasant discoveries and surprises.  Happy holiday!

You, sis, congratulations on the Teej.  Let today, as if in May, Breathe in the sun and warmth!  And the flowers will grow under the snow, And I will gather them in a bouquet. And I will give you today!

  I wish you happiness for many years! May this special day be almost as beautiful as you. I do not have to know all your whys and their mysteries, I just need you to let me stay by your side.

Happy Teej! For all the queens who embellish our world and sweeten our eyes. Women of all the world, be happy and never give up the dreams and principles in which they believe.

Life is powerful, but neither is it stronger than the nature of a woman. No matter how much we seek, we never find the love and comfort we feel in the arms of a woman, be it a mother, friend, girlfriend or wife.

 To be a woman is to be greater and to conquer the world with the force of love. No being in the world is more important than the woman, for she alone practices her acts with the force of love.

To the woman who is a friend, wife, companion, mother, sister … because they are all special, a life of homage is little!

How beautiful is the woman who is strong, independent and lady of herself! Whoever has a woman on your side ends up discovering the best of himself!

Happy Teej Messages For Husband In English From Wife

 To be a woman is to have the senses more accurate, is to act by intuition without fear of making mistakes and to get right! The best in the world are the women and the hearts they carry in their chests a lifetime!

Happy day to all women! In them lives an infinite charm and a force without equal. You look beautiful anyway, you’re special anytime you’re a woman!

Happy day to all of you, who, like me, know the delight and challenge of being a woman! If the beauty of the world were the same as the woman’s, people would live in a privileged place!

Any woman can be whatever she wants, but they are all born with the gift of being wonderful for life! Every woman has qualities that overcome her worst defect. All women can be whatever they want, but all will always be special.

You are a beautiful woman because in the look you see the beauty of your heart.

Being a woman is knowing how to play with situations, knowing how to deal with problems. Defending oneself, being a judge of one’s life, and knowing that there are no impediments to being happy.

 God granted the woman the gift of being a giver and guardian of life. Because she was the only creature capable of being strong, tireless, but without losing tenderness and love.

Woman … No matter your color, age, country or religion .. it only matters your acts, truths, dreams, and heart!

No matter your schooling, vanity, or profession, your gestures of caring and gratitude only matter! Congratulations on your day!

I do not know exactly when the transition took place! One day I woke up a woman. But I did not let go of the girl I carry in me all her intensity. Sometimes I see myself from the inside out and the sweetness appears as if time had not passed.

Life allows you this subtlety, even among the wrinkles, you will find purity without losing the maturity reached. Because time is nothing, in those who choose how to live. Congratulations to all the women!

Happy Teej Messages For Husband In English From Wife

Happy Teej to you that makes so much for us all in the day – to – day and is not always recognized or valued as it should !!! Kisses.

I know that today is the day of the woman !!! Day to honor not only the beauty they spread in the world. But also a way to thank the dedication to be a mother, to be the foundation of the family. A way of recognizing that for years has been discriminated against and now has their space.

There is what would be of my life if you did not have women. The world would lose its color, life would have no more charms.

The ancient inspirational muses of the minstrels of the past still today are objects of love and admiration. They are beautiful, seductive and constitute the most beautiful half of the world.

Her femininity surfaces from her beautiful hair to her delicate feet. They are wonderful from head to toe. You are, the incarnation of all that is most beautiful.

 I believe that the beautiful woman is not the one whose legs or arms are praised. But the one whose whole appearance is so beautiful that leaves no room to admire the isolated parts. I have no doubt of that, so I say, God, in a moment of greatness. Created you to complete my life, and make me happy. Thank you, girls, for perfuming, brightening, radiating.

This month dedicated to all of you women are deserving. If there were no woman there would not be good men who day after day feels touched by their beauty, simplicity, dedication. And so many other attributes that only you Women of God carry with you.

A virtuous woman, a warrior woman … It is you who do not give up, she continues to struggle day by day in order to be able to take her family forward… Helping, Caring and Keeping her home harmonious, edified and blessed.

Today is my tribute to the most beautiful woman in the world. The strongest, most beautiful, courageous patient, generous; was she that made me be what I am.

Happy Teej Messages For Husband In English From Wife

When I still had no idea how to speak she spoke for me and when I had no coordination to walk she took me in her arms involved me with her caresses of love. Happy Teej dear mother.

When I was weak and helpless, she was my warrior guardian who fought my wars. It was she who put her life at risk many times betting on me. It was she who taught me to overcome failures and make weaknesses the force this world win. Congratulations on your day mom.

Logical that there is no paper and no ink to describe you, mommy, I love you! !! million times I will love you !!! Happy Teej to my dear Mom who keeps fast all day for this beautiful family of hers.

I had and I have some women in my life. Women who are very dear, I had a mother, I have a sister, I have a wife and nieces. All very simple, strong and fighting for a good life. I hope that before I leave, I may in this world exist, at least a few more of those women I have known.

 Day of the Woman who seeks her dreams and her space. Who runs behind, has goals, wants and sometimes seems to carry the world in the back, faces difficulties, but does not give up.

She is a warrior and deserves respect, recognition, and admiration every day. May every feminine soul be free! Free to dream, free to conquer, free to love, free to be a woman!

They have a special magic, a unique charm, a warm embrace, a formula that enchants, a deep love, a sensitivity that enchants the world. Women: They are pure inspiration.

Woman, in the nature of life you are seed, light, it is poetry. It has the firmness of a root and the delicacy of petals. You know when to be a flower or an entire spring.

Making people grow in love, charm, and emotion. By blossoming a sweet smile that captivates the souls of others.

 This is more than a special day. It is dedicated to the ones that unfold in several to fulfill the daily tasks. To those who love for love, who laugh by laughing, who dance for dance and who live for life.

Happy with the man who has a woman waiting for him, a woman to call his own, his wife’s. The woman is unique and special. Congratulations on the special day of the great and spectacular ladies who decorate homes and give themselves for the transformation of a fairer and happier world.

She does not want the hand that stings or the mouth that kisses. She does not want the force that or the love that invades. She does not want to be always guilty, wants to be hopelessly loved. She does not want to have her body explored, or her body respected. She does not want to be an object or affection. She does not want to be raped, she wants to be respected. She does not always want to be beautiful, wants to be free and unimpeded. She does not want labels. Only one thing she wants: to be fully woman. Happy Teej ladies.

Life gave me you as a gift, and I felt obliged to reciprocate … Then I went to get a flower to offer you … Arriving in the garden, you were already there. I went search for a star for your way to light … Coming into the constellation, you were already there. I went to buy candy for you to taste. Coming to the sugar factory, you were already there … Coming to the end of the rainbow, You were already there … I went to the ocean floor looking for an emerald to make you a necklace … I opened a huge shell, and you were already there … I went to buy a jewel for you to use … Arriving at the jewelry store, you were already there … I was in search of a pot of gold for your life to improve …It was then that I realized that the greatest gift anyone could win, was to be in my place …Happy Teej darling.

Happy Teej Messages For Husband In English From Wife

Being a woman is not being a mother, much less knowing how to change the diaper, feed and breastfeed… Being a woman is not being a wife, let alone knowing how to cook, wash and pass… Being a woman is not being a warrior, let alone knowing to wait, thank and accept … TO BE A WOMAN is to be YOU! Only after being YOU are you can be and know what you want .. JUST BE!  And like everyone else … make your day happy!

Being a woman is seeing the world with other eyes. Being a woman is being a warrior. Being a woman is feeling pain smiling. Being a woman is being indescribable. Being a woman is something incomprehensible.

Woman wants sincerity in the look and warmth in the embrace. Woman wants words that feed and gestures that enchant. Woman wants happiness when far and sincerity when near.

Woman wants suavity in the touch and firmness in the decisions. Woman wants complicity in the soul and love in the heart. Woman wants to be loved and respected. Woman wants to be a woman.

A woman is like a fruit tree that gives good fruit. A woman is like a bird that cares and teaches to fly.

 A woman is like an eagle that does not teach fear, but courage. A woman is to be a woman. Woman enchants but also attracts. Woman teaches but also learns.

A woman struggles but also conquers. The woman cries but also smiles. Woman suffers but is happy. The woman is a woman where she is. A very happy Teej. 

My congratulations today go to you. That you care for your character and common sense. That you do not let yourself be corrupted by any bad situation or circumstance.

You disagree with things that destroy, homes, people, friends, families, and feelings. That values ​​and does not lend itself to the Decadent role of being the other. But the only one that does not accept to live from remains, time, days, people, and love.

Happy Teej Messages For Husband In English From Wife

 That fights to the end for everything and everyone who loves who cares not to harm anyone who is or whatever. It is strength and courage in hard times which is an example of faith in gray days, who is mother, friend, wife, grandmother, and diva. For you, a real woman is dedicated this day.

My Woman, my Wonder Woman, the heroine of my days. Love of my life, my heart’s sake. Today a day to remember reverence, to declare to be.

Thanked for your love, gratitude for being who I am. Music of my life, craftsman of my will. The passion of my fervor mother, wife, lover, friend, partner, diamond. The treasure that I found.

 I dedicate myself to who wants me. I declare myself to who I will always be. Woman, Diva, Goddess, Queen, Princess! I love you!

Baby, never in my life I thought I’d get a woman like you. You’re strong, you’re gentle, you’re a warrior, and that’s all, exactly everything, and more than I could expect from anyone.


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