Happy Maha Shivratri SMS & Wishes Messages in Nepali For Whatsapp Friends


I trust that Lord Shankar gives you control with unique joy, extraordinary achievement, and good fortunes. May your best favors light up your today and your tomorrow. May you be honored with an ever increasing number of snapshots of delight with your friends and family. I wish you exceptionally glad Maha Shivratri.

I wish you could commend this superb minute with your family. Have the best time in the Maha Shivratri merriments. Sending my warm wishes to you. May we as a whole be honored.

While we commend the most lively celebration, I supplicate that the heavenly endowments of Lord Shankar improve you and give you control with energy and bliss. I wish you increasingly more bliss. We wish you and your family a cheerful Maha Shivratri.

I ask that the god Mahadev will dependably fortify you with the solidarity to battle against abhorrence and pursue the way of equity. I wish achievement and bliss get unparalleled satisfaction in your life. Send you and your family the best favors for Shivratri. Cheerful Maha Shivratri for you !!!

May the brightness of Shivratri complete all the haziness in your life. Be more grounded and more secure to confront the difficulties of life. Appreciate these superb evenings of Shivratri with your friends and family. My all the best to you and your family in Shivratri, dear.
On the propitious event of Shivratri, I petition God for new hues throughout your life… new open doors in your profession and a year brimming with satisfaction and wonder. May Lord Mahadev dependably give you solidarity to battle against insidiousness and succeed. I wish you an upbeat Shivratri dear!

I implore that Lord Mahadev light up your existence with euphoria and joy. May you generally be honored with the adoration for your friends and family. Wishing you Happy Shivratri.

At the point when the delightful celebration of Shivratri arrives, I close my endowments for you. May this Shivratri light up your existence with joy. I implore that you generally walk the way of achievement with the favors of Maheshwar. Sending warm wishes of Shivratri to your family.

Let the festivals of Shivratri be progressively significant by promising to be as solid and ground-breaking as Lord Shiva. We should commit ourselves to end up people of solidarity and energy. Warm wishes in Shivratri for you my companion.

May the propitious event of Shivratri fill our one year from now with more joy and more grins. All the best in Shivratri for the most mind-boggling family “.

I have the most adoring family and I feel genuinely honored by Lord Shiva. I send my all the best to Shivratri to my dear family.

Shivratri is the season to offer petitions to the god and look for his endowments. It is the event to observe Shakti and fan, Send them all the best in Shivratri to my dearest family.

I trust that every one of your distresses will end and that you will be honored with joy and wonder with the endowments of Maheshwar. Wishing you a glad year brimming with energy and magnificence, achievement and flourishing. Warm wishes in Shivratri for you dear!!

May God end every one of your issues and favor you with satisfaction, agreement, quality, and force each day. May this Shivratri be the most splendid and most honored event of your life. Glad Shivratri for you Dear.

Enable us to retain the positive energies of Shivratri by taking part in bhajan, doing kirtan, getting a charge out of the galas and promising to pursue the correct way. We will make an excellent recollection of this unimaginable celebration. I wish you a glad Shivratri.

This Shivratri, I supplicate that every one of you might be honored with favorable luck. May this celebration turns out to be an envoy of fortune, achievement, and euphoria for you. May this celebration end every one of the issues and convey extraordinary bliss to our family. A couple of warm wishes for Shivratri for every one of you

Give us a chance to commit this night who will light up our lives with his celestial nearness. He will come to effortlessness our lives, to favor us with bliss and achievement. Give us a chance to praise his landing by offering his petitions. Wishing you a Happy Maha Shivratri.

As we commend the propitious event of Maha Shivratri, let us join our hands and bow our heads to look for gifts from Lord Shiva. Give us a chance to request quality from his to help us generally stroll on the way of nobility and never surrender to wrong Warmest wishes to you on Maha Shivratri.

Maha Shivratri suggests festivities of minutes that we celebrate together, the minutes to appreciate an incredible dining experience, the minutes to look for endowments of Bholenath and the minutes to appeal to God for a more promising time to come and bliss. With my entire existence, I wish all of you to Happy Maha Shivratri !!!

May this celebration of Maha Shivratri be the most splendid ever. I wish that this promising event bring harmony, achievement, and euphoria in your life today and dependable. May the hues and lights of this celebration constantly favor you with positive vitality An extremely Happy Maha Shivratri to all of you.

Give us a chance to praise every day of Maha Shivratri with increasingly more enthusiasm and let us offer petitions to Maheshwar. Give us a chance to participate in devout exercises to God and look for his endowments for joy and greatness of our family. Wishing all of you a Happy Maha Shivratri 2019 !!!

On the devout event of Maha Shivratri, I supplicate that may Lord Mahadev shower his gifts on us all. May he generally has his hand on us to offer us endowments. May he bolster us in each dare to be fruitful. Warm wishes to everybody on Maha Shivratri. Give us a chance to have an extraordinary time !!

Maha Shivratri is the event to eat together and praise this charming celebration with your cherished one with high vitality levels and extraordinary delight. Give us a chance to eat together to offer our petitions to Lord Mahadev and look for his approval for a superior tomorrow. Best Maha Shivratri wishes to all of you.

I wish that you commend every single day of Maha Shivratri with high spirits and excited to invite endowments of the considerable number of Shaktis into your life. Wishing you an exceptionally Happy Maha Shivratri my dear companion.

May you are honored with adoration and warmth. May you are showered with progress and greatness. May you appreciate joy and concordance encompassing you generally. May this Maha Shivratri every one of your petitions are replied. Cheerful Maha Shivratri to you.

Warm wishes to you and to your family on the propitious event of Maha Shivratri which is a celebration of vitality and inspiration. May your life sparkles with the endowments of Maheshwar.

This Maha Shivratri, I ask that you are honored with favorable luck, incredible joy, awesome riches, and everlasting thriving. May every one of your petitions are replied and everything you could ever want to work out as expected with the endowments of Shankar. Wishing you and your friends and family a Happy Maha Shivratri, my dear.

On the awesome event of Maha Shivratri, I wish that you are honored with favorable luck. I implore that may this excellent celebration brings achievement, fortune, and joy for you, your family and your dear and close to ones by completion every one of your issues. Warm wishes on the event of Maha Shivratri to you, my dear companion.

Dear companion, let us eat together and praise this exceptional night by committing ourselves to Lord Shiva. Give us a chance to offer his petitions and watch quickly to look for his endowments. Give us a chance to enjoy blowout and festivities to invite him. Wishing you a Happy Maha Shivratri.

The celebration of Maha Shivratri brings along the satisfaction of meeting up and commending the celebration together with your friends and family. I wish that you, your companions and your family are honored with more splendid and more joyful days ahead. I wish all of you to Happy Maha Shivratri!!

I petition god that may this celebration of Maha Shivratri be the most joyful and the most brilliant festival ever in your life. I implore that you are honored with incomparable satisfaction, prosperity, and achievement which light up your future ahead. Sending you the best of the desires on Maha Shivratri.

May Lord Mahadev give you and your family achievement, delight, and power. Wishing you an upbeat Maha Shivratri.

The extraordinary night of Maha Shivratri conveys joy and satisfaction to you and your family. May you flourish with the perfect gift of Lord Shiva. Cheerful Maha Shivratri.

The time has come to greet Nilkanth into our lives and look for our gifts for a cheerful and prosperous life. Glad Maha Shivratri for you.

How about we bow our heads and offer petitions to Maheshwar who guarantee to secure and favor us. Cheerful Maha Shivratri and warm wishes.

May the celebration of Maha Shivratri bring bliss and accomplishment to light up your life. May there be no abhor and cynicism. Appreciate the Dhuni with your friends and family with the best of festivities and snapshots of satisfaction. Warm wishes in Maha Shivratri.