100+ Happy Ram Navami Wishes in English That You Can Share With Your Family And Friends


Happy Ram Navami 2021! The Ram Navami is a popular festival in which street processions and festive events take place, culminating nine days of strict routines in terms of diet and activities. Here are the some 100+ wishes, status, quotes and messages with which you can wish and share with your family and friends for this auspicious festival.

Happy Ram Navami Wishes in English That You Can Send With Your Beloved One

May your bright hope illuminate your soul, may God send you love and grace.

Let Lord Ram always walks near you, protecting from troubles and misfortunes. The kindness of soul, do not be jealous and rejoice at what the Lord’s Day offers.

I wish that, according to God Ram command, your heart always strives for a good deed and true happiness. May Lord Ram preserves your soul and does not allow evil intentions into it.

May your path stretches along a smooth and bright path, illuminated by the rays of God Ram’s kindness and mercy.

I wish that God Ram will protect you from ailments and unclean thoughts, that your path will be successful and bright.

I wish that God Ram will protect you from ailments and unclean thoughts, that your path will be successful and bright.

May Lord Ram bless you and send you bright hope this day. May good happiness be forever settled in your soul on this joyful holiday.


May heaven give strength to your body and hope to your soul, may your faith remain strong.

May your life path be bright and righteous, may God bless you with true love and happiness for your good deeds and generosity.

Rejoice, for Lord Ram cares for you, your plans, and always gives you the strength to continue.

Lord Ram is our rock, who is with us at all times watching over us so that nothing can bring us down.

To believe in Lord Ram is to believe in the impossible, in what is intangible, invisible. But which has tremendous strength and the incredible ability to turn bad energies into good ones. When you believe in Him, everything becomes possible!

May God Ram be with you always, but above all, may you always be with God Ram.

When the last thing you have is God Ram, you will find that He was the only thing you needed to have.

Put Lord Ram at the beginning and he will take care of the end. Happy Ram Navami.

Happy Ram Navami Wishes in English

Happiness is when you thank lord Ram more often than ask!

When God wants to send you a gift, he wraps it in a problem. And the more he wraps it in a big problem, the greater the gift hides under this wrapper.

On this bright holiday, I wish you peace and well, love and happiness, prosperity, success, and good health.

Let lord Ram protect you and your loved ones from all troubles, and faith, peace, and grace will reign in your soul.

Let this festive holiday fill your life with light, warmth, joy, and prosperity.

On this holy day, I want to wish to see only the good in the world around us and to find everything good in people.

May Lord Ram give hope to our loved ones and realize our dreams. May we sincerely believe and never forget about simple human happiness.

May Lord Ram always be behind your back, giving good hope and happiness in your heart, prosperity and good luck on your way.

May Lord Ram always be behind your back, giving good hope and happiness in your heart, prosperity and good luck on your way.

Happy Ram Navami Wishes in English

May on the day of Lord Ram, there be peace and tranquility in every home. Mutual understanding, prosperity, love, happiness, peace of mind reign in all humanity.


Let all your expectations and the most cherished dreams come true on this festive day.

On the bright holiday of Ram Navami, we wish you good and happiness, prosperity. And comfort to your home, warmth, understanding, and support in the family. May your life be peaceful, calm, happy.

I want to wish you good health, welfare, bright hope, sincere love, true happiness, undeniable success, a beautiful dream, unquenchable faith and brave strength in this day.

May your lord Ram always lead you along a large and level road.

On this day I want to wish the most important thing for life – happiness that you can’t buy for the money. Good luck that is hard to catch. And most importantly, health, without which it is impossible.

Let the heart be warmed by love, and the soul by dreams. May life please you with pleasant meetings with friends, and fate be a great success.

Happy Ram Navami Quotes in English

May every day become a special event, and each holiday a real miracle!

Happy Ram Navami! Peace and prosperity, comfort at home and peace in the heart, as well as a peaceful sky above your head and God’s grace!

Let comfort, harmony and a favorable atmosphere reign in your home. Strong health and more. Well-being, good luck, mutual understanding in your home!

Let the most joyful feelings overwhelm the soul on this wonderful day! I would like to wish only good miracles, unearthly happiness and the fulfillment of all good wishes!

May Ram give your home warmth, comfort, prosperity, and health. May He protect you from troubles, instill in your hearts strong faith and hope for the best. Let him hear your prayers and be always there.

Let peace, love, and understanding reign in the house, and let any troubles pass by! I wish you well and prosperity!

It is love that I desire for you on this day, as well as much peace and wisdom to meet all the challenges ahead.

May this auspicious day begin easily and joyfully, cheerfully and successfully.

Happy Ram Navami Wishes in English

I wish you to go on a journey with enthusiasm today, with the confidence to achieve the goal and enjoy life to the fullest.

May the hands of Lord Ram always anoint your head and bless your steps.

May your life be blessed, enlightened and give you the unshakable peace. And the happiness of always being in communion with Lord Vishnu, giving your life and all your dreams and projects to Him.

Celebrate this date with gratitude to Lord Ram for what He has already accomplished and for the doors He will open. That from now on you can live happier and with even more hope that even better things are coming.

Happy Ram Navami Messages in English

May all ways always lead you to success and may you be wise to deal with the bad days and learn from them.

May happiness always be part of your routine and reflect only smiles on your face, thoughts, and words of good and peace.

May God renew your path today and fill your heart with hope, faith, and even more desire to win and be happy.  Lots of blesses!


happy ram navami wishes in english

May Lord Vishnu be the greatest honoree for being the author of your life, for loving you infinitely, protecting you and blessing you.

May faith take even deeper roots in you, may its strength be magnified, and may victory behold you in all areas of life.

At no time be afraid or lose hope, because who cares for you is greater than any problem.

May your life from now on be even better and firmer in God’s purposes! Congratulations and all the happiness in the world to you!

May this holy day make you feel the presence of God inspiring you, enveloping you with all the love and protection ever.

Happy Ram Navami Wishes in English

May new chances on your path are multiplied and you never miss an opportunity.

May every desire of your heart coincide with God’s plans and may He honor each one of them.

May all your plans be fulfilled, that your life be light and full of achievements. That evil will find no breach to act and that happiness be lived daily through the details and small gestures.

May the divine light be present in your life and penetrate you. Take it with you wherever you go and make sure it is also lighting. The way for everyone who wants to pursue their dreams with you and see you happy.

May your health be renewed, may peace dwell in you. And may love overflow today and every day through your eyes, your smiles, your words, and your actions.

May God mix the best essences and make your life the most fragrant fragrance in this world!

May your path always be illuminated and May God Ram gives you the most beautiful blessings.

Happy Ram Navami Status in English

May God enlighten you, pour out a blessing on your home, enlighten your family. May peace be always swirling in your life and never lack faith!

 May Lord Ram continue like this, always blessing you, protecting you and pouring rain of blessings on your life!

Put faith in God Ram first and find the strength to always win.

May God Ram continue to light your way so that you can reach all your goals.

May your path always be covered with blessings of Lord Ram. May your life always be filled with peace and those who love you!

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May God Ram always watch over you and illuminate your life by pouring out many blessings and giving you the strength to overcome all obstacles.

May your walk always be rewarded with the presence of Ram, guiding your steps and instructing your decisions. So that your achievements and victories are constant.

Following in Lord Ram’s footsteps is knowing that life is paying off and that nothing is in vain.

May God Ram envelop you in a permanent embrace of tenderness and may you feel the protection of Him every day of your life.

I keep praying that you and your house will always serve Lord Ram. Have faith at all times, for the impossible does not exist for God.

May Lord Ram illuminate every choice you make and follow the path with faith and perseverance.

May God Rama continue to bless you greatly and may your mission to win souls be strengthened every day.

May God Rama continue to bless you greatly and may your mission to win souls be strengthened every day.

Happy Ram Navami Greetings in English

May the goodness of the mighty God Vishnu more and more touch your heart and you continue to be such a wonderful person.

You deserve all the blessings of the Lord Vishnu for the wonderful person you are, always concerned with fulfilling your mission to help the people on earth. Continue to be this righteous person, always taking the word of the Lord wherever you go.

I want you to continue to be this magnificent person, blessed and enlightened by God Vishnu throughout your life.

I pray to God that you can achieve your dreams and goals. I am always here with open arms to support you with whatever you need. Happy Ram Navami.

May this day be filled with the wonders of God Vishnu. I am sure that right now He is pouring infinite blessings upon you.

Happy Ram Navami Wishes in English

May God bless you in all that you do and fill your life with joy!

May God Ram, in His infinite goodness, give you all the good you deserve. May you have much joy, peace, health, success, and happiness.

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May God Vishnu fulfill the desires of your heart in every prayer and request of yours! Lord Ram is by your side and will always have a blessing to offer you.

You deserve untold victories and a life full of the real happiness that only God Vishnu can offer you!

May God always be on your way, blessing your life every day and reminding you that there are people here who care a lot about your happiness.

May God pour infinite blessings upon you and grant all the desires of your heart.

May all your dreams come true and may Lord Ram protect you from all evil. May they be enlightened and full of love all their days!

May God protect you, grant you health and long years of abundant life. Today is the day to thank and rejoice.

May the peace of our Lord Ram be with you always and may of blessing prophesy your life, indicating the way forward.

Your faith is an example for everyone and I know God Ram will reward you, for He never fails.

Despite Lord Ram is an Almighty God, He cares about each of us, and always wants our good. Your love is stronger than any problem.

You can be sure that Lord Ram’s blessings are present every day of your life! It will be your strength when you are tired, and the relief of your pain.

You’ve always been here by my side, helped me up when I fell, and always accepted me the way I am. But also in faith, we are friends, and that is priceless. Together we walk God’s way, and in our faith, we strengthen our friendship.

May this festive day God cover you with blessings and at every moment you are surrounded by love and affection.

May obstacles on your way are easily overcome, and in the hour of difficulty, you can show your faith and trust in God fully.

Happy Ram Navami SMS in English

May God illuminate this day with abundant joy and hope, and may today and always bless your life with health, peace, and love.

I never forget to include you in my prayers, for you are an example of strength and faith. Happy Ram Navami.

I hope for your daily well-being, for all your dreams to come true, for serenity to make a home in your heart.

My dear, I would like you to know that no matter how difficult your journey may be, Lord Ram is with you. Always have faith and He will protect you from everything, but remember: have faith and hope.

Let the kindest holiday of Ram Navami be the most pleasant for you. And may the Lord Himself give you humility and fortitude. And may divine grace enter every home.

Congratulations to all devotees of Lord Ram and wish you love and kindness, joy and happiness, success and good luck.

May God give you a good fate without troubles and tribulations, without upheavals and betrayals. Let everything work out for you, dreams come true, plans come true.

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Believe in yourself, believe in your loved ones, believe in God and you will be happy. Love yourself, love your loved ones, love life, love the business you are doing, love God, and you will always love in return.

Give each other the warmth of your hearts, the sincerity of your smiles, the light of your souls, be generous to people, patient, fair and kind.

I wish you, my dear, the best of health, may all illnesses recede and never return to you.


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