75 Happy Ram Navami Status & Wishes in English For Your Beloved One


Ram Navami is one of the most celebrated festivals in the Hindu community in India and Nepal. Here’s some 75 Happy Ram Navami status in English language. You can copy and share with your friends, family and beloved one on this Happy moments of the year. Happy Ram Navami 2021! Happy Ram Navami 2078 Vikram Samvat!

75 Happy Ram Navami Status in English

I want your dreams to come true, that your eyes always shine with this special, radiant, so bright light of happiness. You are worthy of all this because you are the kindest and best person I have ever known.

 I wish you the fulfillment of all your desires, even if they are completely sky-high and, at first glance, seem unrealizable. In this auspicious day – everything is possible, the main thing is to sincerely believe in it.

Happy Ram Navami Wishes in English

Never be upset, do not be sad because of trifles, do not be afraid of problems. Do not get annoyed and do not get nervous. Know that there are people on this earth who treasure you. Best wishes on Ram Navami.

I wish that God Ram will protect you from ailments and unclean thoughts, that your path will be successful and bright. Happy Ram Navami Status in English

I wish you your life to be interesting, deep, full of various pleasant events, meetings, and news. So that all conceived plans will certainly come true, and all dreams come true, as if by magic.

May all paths-roads that lead to happiness and to your goals open before you. Let the doors open that lead to prosperity, may the hearts of people open that lead to great love, joy, and light.


 I wish you that the peace and love that the born Little Ram brought to us always live in your souls and illuminate them.

I congratulate you, my family, and loved ones on this holiday, and ask Lord Ram for the blessings of the whole year for my family and for your families. I ask for kindness and health, prosperity and happiness.

Happy Ram Navami Wishes in English

 I pray Lord Ram to give us the joy of every day and the ability to be thankful for everything that he gives us. The ability to be content with what is in our lives.

Happy Ram Navami Status in English

I congratulate you on the fact that once upon a time little Ram appeared on earth and brought us peace and love. He has graced to our harsh world, to change people’s hearts, to lighten them.

Every time with Ram Navami all our sorrows, doubts and bad weather disappear. Resentment and anger recede and great love, goodness, peace and eternal happiness of enlightenment come into our souls.

May the bright stars of luck, inspiration, and harmony always shine on you. May prosperity, faith, and hope always live in your homes.

I wish you all God’s blessings, the fulfillment of all your hopes and dreams, and the triumph of kindness and love.

May forgiveness come to you on this day, and you forgive all your enemies. May the repentance of the soul come to you, may God’s light descend into your hearts.

I wish you financial prosperity so that in life there will be a lot of joy and reasons for sparkling laughter. Let the bounty of fate knock on your house.

Happy Ram Navami Wishes in English

 May your health be strong and the healing of all your diseases will come. I wish you great success, new goals, and new achievements.

 I wish you, regardless of age, to constantly make discoveries in life, to be able to see the charm of the world around us, to be able to enjoy every little thing. Be noble and generous.

May peace reign in the homes and families of our entire planet, and, of course, in your good house and friendly family.

May troubles, sorrows, hardships, quarrels, anger and envy, betrayals and disappointments never find a way to your doorstep.

 Let only love, happiness, financial well-being, understanding, care, warmth, and tenderness enter your doors. Let aggravating thoughts, sadness, longing, and doubt not coexist within the walls of your home.

May God Rama continue to bless you greatly and may your mission to win souls be strengthened every day.

Let all the bad, negative and difficult things remain in the past, and you walk your true path with a light and bright heart. With the right thoughts and with pleasant feelings.

May your fate be favorable to you, may it fill you with joy and great meaning every morning. Make today your most secret, most important desires. And we all wish for them to be fulfilled, on this holy day.


 Let your house be filled with happiness, spiritual warmth and aromas of tenderness and understanding. May harmony always live in the soul of each of you.

Happy Ram Navami Status in English

I want to wish your friends, beautiful, so special and big family, great happiness, good health, the goodness of fate, God’s grace and prosperity.

May Lord Ram protect your souls from temptations, from anger, envy, greed, despondency and dirty thoughts. Let he shut you from troubles, grief, and misfortunes. Let him push you on the right, the only right path.

May Lord Vishnu show you what true love is, mutual and pure, tender and tremulous. What is self-giving and mutual understanding in the family, what is self-sacrifice and generosity. May he give you great joy and light.

I wish you to always hear joyful laughter, loud and interesting conversations and words of love in your home.

May there never be anything bitter or sad in your thoughts. Let the pain of resentment, anxiety, betrayal, and indifference not touch you.


Let the Ram Navami light in the heart of each of you a small twinkle of happiness and real faith in yourself, in the future and in the power of heaven.

May great luck fly to you with a fabulous bird, with bright feathers. May it bring happiness for you, strong and true love, prosperity on its wings.

May fate fulfill all your innermost desires and dreams from now on. May you and your loved ones have health, inspiration and endless source of vital energy.

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Let there be many welcome and dear guests in your home. I wish you joy, laughter, and fireworks of positive emotions.

I wish you to always see and feel in life a lot of beauty, beauty in the world around us and in the souls of people. So that this beauty becomes an inexhaustible source of your inspiration.

Let your journey of life be easy, interesting, with a string of good events and welcome surprises, filled with bright colors of emotions and feelings.

happy ram navami wishes in english

Happy Ram Navami Status in English

 Let all the problems on your shoulder be solved with optimism and a smile on your face.

May happiness become your reliable companion, and good luck will follow you on the heels. I wish you great prosperity, spiritual development, and continuous growth.

May God’s mercy descends on you on this day, and all your bright aspirations will come true soon!

May this day be a day of prayer for the good of the near and dear ones! And may our Lord Ram hear these prayers and all come true!

 May this day pass with a smile on your face and true joy in your heart! Drive yourself discouraged on this day and all the others!

May this holy day give you and your loved ones good health and herald the beginning of a new period in your life!

Let all your dreams come true from now on! Let all the good that you do come back to you a hundredfold!

 May good people and good news always come to your house! May laughter and joy become your companions for life!

May Lord Vishnu give you a blessing for good deeds, love, and new achievements!

May your life in the future be filled with joyful news, pleasant surprises and miracles from above! May the Lord protect you in any life situation!

On Ram Navami, I want to wish you that the triumph of good over evil forces becomes decisive in your life!

May your heart be always full of good intentions, and may your deeds be pure, like that of Lord Ram!

It’s not easy for us to give up worldly joys and temptations. May Lord Ram give us strength.

May our spirit grows stronger and its shell becomes thin, in order to let the primordial faith of Lord Ram into our hearts.

We wish you good and positive emotions, purity in thoughts, warmth, and sincerity of family and friends. Let the soul and body fill with harmony, gaining the desired own happiness.

 On this day, a bright star in heaven once lit up and gave the world a new light and true joy. The righteousness of the soul and the mercy of the heart. So let life to this day be filled with sincere goodness and grace, strong faith. And unquenchable hope, pure love, and bright thoughts.

Happy Ram Navami Status in English

May faith in Lord Ram never fade away, and good hope will lead to true happiness.

 I wish you good intentions of the heart and pure thoughts and peace in your home. I wish good happiness and unquenchable faith, bright hopes and indispensable health of soul and body.

 May the thoughts and impulses of the soul become pure, may Lord Ram help you in all your endeavors. Health and happiness!

Let the bright star of happiness in heaven indicate a good and bright path to the heart. Give love, open true joy for your soul, fill your body with great powers for generous and good deeds.

I wish you to follow your own path, do no evil and do without sins. Protect your loved ones and help the destitute, remain faithful to yourself and your faith.

May life become graceful, may there be no limit to mercy. May the soul be always ready to open the gates to happiness and extend a helping hand to those in need.

 I wish you lord Ram blessing, pure love and the unquenchable hope of the heart.

 I want to wish that with the appearance of the first dawn in the evening sky, a light of love, faith and hope will be lit in every heart.

 Let the worst that could happen to you remain in the past, and the future will be bright and clean.

Just as the good news about the Birth of Lord Ram once illuminated the world. So let the light of this great holiday illuminate souls today and fill them with sincere faith, grace, peace, and harmony.

On this day, Lord Ram came to this world, bringing people the blessing of the Lord. On this wonderful holiday, I wish you health, happiness, prosperity.

Let peace and quiet reign in the family, may everything go smoothly at work, may love always live in your heart!

On this bright holiday, I would like to wish peace and tranquility in every home, good, mutual understanding, prosperity, love.

May your smile always shine on your pretty face, may your beauty blossom day by day. May your loved one carry in your arms, may your work bring pleasure. I wish you peace of mind and cloudless happiness!

May your life please you with the fulfillment of desires and true love of the closest people!

Happy Ram Navami Status in English

I congratulate you on this with all my heart, and I want to wish you to be able to discern happiness at such an hour.

I wish you your life to be interesting, deep, full of various pleasant events, meetings, and news. May all paths-roads that lead to happiness and to your goals open before you.

 Let the doors open that lead to prosperity, may the hearts of people open, which lead to great love, joy, and light.

I want to wish you an abundance of warmth and light, For your good soul to be warmed. May the Blessing Hand of God Vishnu always abide over you.

I wish you worries, but pleasant ones, I wish you prosperity, but not be conceited. I want you to find love, but not forget about friends, I want you to conquer all the heights, but not lose faith in God.

We wish you to achieve holiness with humility, we wish you to climb to the top of true love. Always go forward at the call of your heart and never look back!

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May Lord Ram protect you from spiritual storms, may goddess Sita protect you from troubles and ailments!

May the candle of your faith never go out, may hope never leave your consciousness! Pray and be forgiven, ask and receive!

 I sincerely wish that you always have enough: smiles, sunny days, successful situations, admiration, love. Congratulations, support, true friends, brilliant ideas, interesting undertakings, only important people, money, feelings and emotions, strength, courage …

Happy Ram Navami Wishes in English

 I wish you to always be overwhelmed with inexhaustible energy to fulfill all your desires. May all life be cloudless and bright, and comfort, peace, love and happiness reign in the house. In short, I sincerely wish you to live a life like in a fairy tale.

May God Vishnu grant you good health for many years, family warmth, blissful and mutual love. Direct roads of life without sin and temptations, a strong friendship of your near and dear people!


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