500 Happy New Year 2076 Wishes, Messages & SMS For Brother (Both Younger and Elder)

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401. I hope you will find the peace from the love that you have for me.

402. I just want to follow you on the other road so that you can guide me when I fall, happy to see you smile.

Happy New Year 2076 SMS For Brother

403. When you receive this message, please laugh. Because at least somewhere around here there is a person looking forward to see you happy.


404. Instead of giving a valuable gift, send good wishes, happiness to all. Wish you a happy lucky new year, a warm winter with your family and loved ones.

405. Give you deep wishes in the hope you have more fun and loved ones this year.

406. I am sending much joy and love to you this year.

407. On this happy day, and wish your life throughout the New Year filled with love.


408. Wish you a happy and peaceful New Year, and your path to fulfillment.

Happy New Year 2076 SMS For Brother

409. Let your heart be filled with the joy of giving, as showing love in your heart and kindness in your heart.

410. Have the light of love shine on you, and your life is filled with blessings this new year.

411. May this New year be a special year so you do not feel lonely and will always be happy next to your dear friends.

412. The first day of the year is the time to love those who bring so much happiness to our lives. Let your heart feel love throughout the New Year.

413. Faith makes everything become full of hope. Hope everything around you is good and Love will make everything beautiful.

414. You know how 9 billion people are sleeping, 3 billion people are in love, 2 billion people are welcoming new year. And only one person in the world is reading my message.

415. May the lord dwell in your heart, radiating it with your light and your love.

416. May the message of faith and hope renew our strength to continue fighting in the approaching New Year.

Happy New Year 2076 SMS For Brother

417. May this coming New Year be an open door to new dreams, renewals of faith and much peace for your family.

418. There will never be New Year if you persist in the mistakes of the years.

419. If you do not know what to give to your loved ones for new year, present your love to them.

420. I wish a special New Year for you who have hope in your heart.

421. The best chance life can give us is the beginning of a new year. Congratulations to the next 365 days.

422. May the new year shine even more and new challenges be achieved. Happy New Year, family!

423. May this new year make me sigh even more for you. Happy new year my brother.

424. Happy New Year! May all dreams come true and new loves arise to warm the new year.

Happy New Year 2076 SMS For Brother

425. At the moment of the turn I do not want to see sadness. May this year be invaded by many smiles and many positive thoughts.

426. The year begins when the lights of love, peace and forgiveness are kindled in the heart.

427. The new morning of the new year is peace and love, it is time for reflection and harmony.

428. May this new year arise the spirit that leads us to find the essence of life.

429. I wish you a happy new year for you are the one who warm my heart everyday.

430. It’s time to forget what failed and enjoy the next 365 days to try again.

431. The adventure of life renews every 365 days and I only wish the next ones are the best ever.

432. That rains joy, a storm of happiness or a meteorite of harmony, because the moment is coming.

Happy New Year 2076 SMS For Brother

433. It is with my heart full of joy that I wish everyone a New year filled with happiness and a lot of hope.

434. Smaller gifts and bigger feelings is what we need for an unforgettable New year.

435. The greatest wealth of this era is not material, but friendship, love and power to join the family in celebration and harmony.

436. May 365 days of peace, love and great health await us.

437. The love and peace of this age should prevail all year long.

438. Because you only live once enjoy the new year in style with the people you love the most.

439. At the turn of the year everyone promises change, but not you. Because you are already the product of perfection.

440. With the end of the year almost all of us concluded that besides aging, little else we did. Happy New Year!

441. Everything renews itself every 365 days, so do not waste time and start planning the conquest of your dreams right now.

Happy New Year 2076 SMS For Brother

442. It would not be the eve of New year if we did not exaggerate food and drink to the point where we were almost diabetic, obese, and alcoholic.

443. Love it! Shout for joy! And enjoy life intensely in these new 365 days approaching. Happy New Year!

444. Because New year is synonymous with renewal and harmony, let us make this time a date of peace and joy.

445. In these new 365 days I’m going to give a 180 degree turn in my life.
446. All achievements are possible when by my side I have the most inspiring brother.

447. May the turn of the year also be a change in love, and he would smile at you.

448. At this turn of the year, I thank you for all that I have lived and joyfully receive everything that is to come.

449. Happy New Year! May prosperity, success and happiness always become part of your life.

Happy New Year 2076 SMS For Brother

450. The only certainty I have for next year is that it will start in the best way next to incredible brother.

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2 comments, 4 shares, 3 points
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