500 Happy New Year 2076 Wishes, Messages & SMS For Brother (Both Younger and Elder)

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151. Although some years seem to be very bad they can leave many experiences that will help us grow and be better. Take the good thing about the year that goes and the bad to leave it behind.

152. Pretty people have certain customs when the end of the year comes. In your case put something too yellow so that everything that happens to you is wonderful in the next year. I want for you a happy new year.

153. With immense dear, I wish you have a happy new year full of success. I remembered you today and I felt happy because you never made me sigh … You were part of my story.


Happy New Year SMS For Brother

154. We again have 365 days to develop, to get out of us, to enjoy a latent and capable flow. Waking up to this first day delighted, grateful, rejoice in the light, the earth, the universe, the wonderful divinity.

155. Since you will separate from everyone who only brought pain and conflicts to your life . Allow yourself to enter new friends and friendship that you have the need will bring you joy. With all my affection Happy New Year.

156. From the deepest of my heart I want you to never leave the courage, peace, health, well-being, prosperity and many dreams. Because they are the mirror of everything we think, desire and love. Happy New Year.

157. I wish that these greetings for the end of the year have been of your pleasure. Do not stop dedicating them to your family and friends, you will be that they are happy to know. That you have them present and you wish them the best.


158. I wish that in this 2076 you have many successes and you know that you can count on me for what is today and always. Many congratulations in this year coming.

Happy New Year SMS For Brother

159. I wish that in the incoming year you can get everything you propose. My best wishes for you and your relatives in this year starting, fellow of mine.

160. I wish you have many successes in the coming year and that together with the people who love you most of you to enjoy wonderful moments. You never give up and always strive to get everything you want.

161. God gives us a new opportunity to be happy and feel happy. Let us strive to fulfill and achieve our goals, I hope you have a prosperous new year.

162. Enjoy each year as it was the last you live and you will have happiness, a life with health, money and love that we must enjoy it.

163. Where there is a tree to plant, plant it yourself. Where there is an error to amend, amend it yourself. Where there is an effort that everyone dodges, do it yourself. Be the one who pulls the stone out of the way.

Happy New Year SMS For Brother

164. The New Year is like an empty book of 365 pages, make each day a masterpiece. Use all the colors of life, listen to the sound of silence, and smile as you write your future.

165. The Old Year is about to come to an end. The bells are already ringing. There is very little to be had, but first of all I would like to thank you who have made it fantastically beautiful for me.

166. The year that goes away you started it with a happy heart and it went very well. This new year started with a smile on your face and luck will be with you from the first day, happy new year.

167. The year that goes away I teach you that we can do many things well but we also have to fail to learn. Because we are not perfect beings but if we can take advantage of our mistakes, this year will definitely be better for all.

168. The beginning of a new year is the arrival of an opportunity to change our lives and be the best people we can. I wish you a lot of encouragement and that you can make your goals come true.

Happy New Year SMS For Brother

169. The past is for those who like to live on memories and the future is for those who want to achieve their dreams. This may be the best year of your life and for it to become a reality you must think about it and wish it with all your heart.

170. Time goes by and an Old Year goes by, but despite the arrival of a New Year, we must not forget the moments in which we were very happy. And above all the mistakes that we have made so that in this New Year we have the opportunity to improve and change.

171. Realistically, we know that the new year will bring everything: black days and colorful days. We can not influence so that every day is a merrymaking, but we can multiply them.

172. Starting a new year with the best will to change and be a better person is the right way to start a new year. Therefore, dear bro, today we are meeting at this dinner to celebrate this new year. Let me tell you that there is no day in my life when I do not want the best for you. I love you as my family and I hope to share more years of life together.

Happy New Year SMS For Brother

173. In each bubble of your midnight toast, you will find my best and warmest wishes. So that all your dreams come true in this new year.

174. At the threshold of the new year, we ask God to continue giving us kindness to love our neighbor. The ability to inspire confidence and humility to recognize our own mistakes.

175. On this day we have to allow the old year to take on all the bad things that we have experienced. The bad memories and everything that causes us pain. It was time to think and be aware that life goes by very quickly and we do not have time to complain, we have to learn to enjoy it.

176. On this day a great year ends in general, today we have to celebrate in great style. That happiness invades us because the year that comes will be a thousand times better. I already made a count of the wounds and let them fly with the wind. Hopefully we can all do that every year.

177. At this end of the year we must close our eyes, make an account of the good hours, of the songs of joy that the heart keeps. Let go of the bad dream, the bad eye, the cloudy word, let go of the ego and loneliness. This beginning of era we have to lull the hopes, the joys already past and the promised ones, to begin to live and to begin to dream.

Happy New Year SMS For Brother

178. In summary, the New Year’s party is a global celebration and of great significance for all people. On this date we should all take advantage of greeting and expressing our best wishes to the people we love the most, whether they are far away or on the other side of the world. Do not forget, thanks to advances in technology. No one has an excuse to send their greetings, as you can do it via emails or text messages.

179. On a day like this the pain goes away, conflicts are left behind, resentment is not known, only joy, union and peace between all people have to be. Have a new year with a beautiful smile so that the coming year comes full of joy. Receive a beautiful and happy new year.

180. Face the year that comes with all the value you lived. The year that passed and nothing that appears on your way will be impossible to achieve.

Happy New Year SMS For Brother

181. It is time to put aside the bad, to learn the lessons that our mistakes have left us. To celebrate our triumphs and to fill ourselves with optimism to receive the best year of our lives.

182. It’s time to have optimistic thoughts and put aside all the inconvenience of the year that is going. Let’s start a new stage of our lives and let’s fill ourselves with good vibes.

183. It is incredible how fast the 365 days of the Year have passed. But the important thing is to remember all the good that we have done and forget all the things in which we have made a mistake in order to grow as people in this New Year that is about to begin.

184. It is necessary to wait, although hope may always be frustrating and difficult. Because hope itself is a joy, but it’s failures, however frequent, are less horrible and painful than its extinction.

185. We hope that these special phrases for the New Year have been of your liking. You can use them so that you can communicate and express the purest feelings you feel towards friends, brothers, parents, relatives and others that you have. Because there is no better way to start the year than with words that express good positive vibes. Since life is not made for us to receive everything. It is more satisfying to give, donate than to receive and gain.

Happy New Year SMS For Brother

186. I hope that all the wishes that you are going to ask this midnight will be fulfilled. That the twelve grapes that you eat under the table will be surrounded by magic dust. And that all your wishes will be fulfilled, because the one who believes everything can do it. Good vibes for you dear bro and that each year that goes by in our lives is better than the previous ones.

187. This year many of us did things that we are proud of and others that we would like to erase from our memory forever. Bury the bad times and have faith that better things will happen in this new year.

188. This year many of us did things that we are proud of and others that we would like to erase from our memory forever. Bury the bad times and have faith that better things will happen in this new year.

189. This year can be a year of changes. You can change your days of regret for days of joy. Days of failures for days of victory. Days of solitude for happy days with a special person, have a positive mind and so it will be, happy new year.

Happy New Year SMS For Brother

190. I am very happy because a new year starts today and so also a new stage in the pages of our life. Happy new year to you also dear brother, because you deserve the best of the world, a big hug and Health.

191. Congratulations for a resounding year, full of great successes, full of great goals. Congratulations for all the great emotions that you will live, cultivate your dreams, listen to the whisper of your heart. And achieve everything that only you deserve.

192. There are men that fight for only one day and are good. There are others that fight for all the days of a year and are better. Some fight for many numerous years and are very good at. But there are those who fight all their lives, those are the essentials and excellent ones.

193. Today we will leave behind a good year but I am sure that the New Year we are about to start will be much better for everyone. So we need to celebrate in style with all our friends and the people we love.

194. Today we begin a new chapter in our lives because we are already starting a New Year where everything we achieve will depend only on ourselves. It is in our hands that the chapters of this New Year reflect the success and happiness of our lives.

Happy New Year SMS For Brother

195. Today is the first day of the year I send this message with all my love to tell you that you are a super special person in my life. And that I wish you the best of the world in this New Year and always.

196. The arrival of the new year fills us with joy and renews our hopes for a full and happy life. So let’s enjoy this special night, congratulations to you.

197. The struggle to make our dreams come true is not over. The New Year gives you the opportunity to renew your strength and propose to reach your goals.

198. The best thing that I have received in this old year that is leaving is your friendship dear brother. But for this new year that begins I want to continue counting on your friendship.

Happy New Year SMS For Brother

199. What went away, left. What died, died. What was done or not done has already happened. There is a lot that belongs to us and a lot that never will. And today we can not inhabit the anguish of the past. Because today life is waiting for us, that life of the constant present, and of that future of every second that falls to us as a splendid waterfall.

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