500 Happy New Year 2076 Wishes, Messages & SMS For Brother (Both Younger and Elder)

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101. When you receive this message close your eyes and remember the happiest moments of your life. That is what I wish you for this year that begins, a year full of happiness.

102. Do not ever stop dreaming, realizing and do not stop fighting to build a better life for yourself and yours. And even if life hits you hard, do not let it take away your smile and joy, or turn off the light of hope.

103. I send you this message of congratulation, my heart goes there and my sincere wishes that you are very happy, as you never have been.


Happy New Year Message For Big Brother

104. If they did an auction of Love, you would surely take the jackpot … Much Happiness in the New Year.

105. When they are 12th of the night of day 31, remember that a person who far wishes you all the happiness of the world. Happy New Year!

106. I ask God to give you hope and that you do not stop dreaming. And I wish you that the forces and attitude to resolve all the problems are about, which inevitably will come.

107. Everyone in the world has the right to happiness, but good people like you deserve more than anyone and God sooner or early will they get you.


Happy New Year Message For Big Brother

108. The family is not always blood. The family are the people in your life that you want on you. They are those who accept you for who you are and what you are. Those who would do anything to see you smile and that love you no matter anything. I’m lucky to be your family and I wish you all the happiness of the world in this new year that starts.

109. A new year starts in your life and I know it will bring you a lot of health, peace, prosperity and money to meet your economic needs. You only need the faith that I know you do not miss and the help of the Lord, I know that you’ll have it.

110. May God make you so strong that nobody can hurt you. So big that everyone wants to reach you and so humble that everyone wants to imitate you. Happy New Year!

111. Life goes around a lot, but sooner or later it brings us the happiness we fight for. I know that yours has been secured in this year that begins. Many Congratulations for you and your loved ones.

Happy New Year Message For Big Brother

112. What do you want to achieve and gain in this new year? Dream, pick up paper and pencil, write it and do it. All the men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers.

113. In what comes what you expect so much, live with what you have. Because life can surprise you at any time with something much better.

114. Always seek that ray of sunshine and hope never to surrender … even in the saddest days.

115. Do not let yourself be robbed of the smile, nor the hope and that you never lack the will to believe. That someone in the world wants you simply for what you are.

116. Every dawn is always a promise. No matter what happened yesterday, today the sun comes out again, today you can start over again.

117. Happiness comes when you stop complaining about the problems you have and start to thank for the problems you do not have.

Happy New Year Message For Big Brother

118. If the night is dark and you can not see a star in the sky, be a little light for whoever is near you.

119. Nobody is safe from defeats and loss but it is better to lose some fighting in the fight for our dreams. Then to be defeated and lost without even knowing why you are fighting.

120. Learn to do what you do well without fear that it lasts little, without fear that it does not turn out as expected.

121. Prefer people who fill your soul, instead of those who only occupy spaces.

122. Life does not give many opportunities when someone who is worthwhile in your life appears. Ground it hard and do not let it go.

Happy New Year Message For Big Brother

123. Dream for this new year all the good and nice you want and no matter how big your dreams are, fight for them.

124. Many hope and faith to trust that life and the Lord will bring us everything we need.

125. That the love of God guides your life so that you do not miss health, faith, peace and love in this new year.

126. I am a happy to be able to celebrate once again the fiestas of the end of the year with my friend of all of life.

127. You know you can always tell me and I’ll always support you in this year we started. I hope you remember you’ll always have my friendship, I hope you start with a good foot this year and that all your plans become a specific year.

128. That the great dreams that you keep in your heart become becoming little by little, based on effort and decision you can achieve. I wish you a cute year, bro and I sincerely hope that all the plans you have in mind the carrying them out or later. Happy and prosperous New Year.

Happy New Year Message For Brother

129. May God be filled with blessings and that you screw this new year with the certainty that he takes care of you. I hope you receive this year with joy, hope and the security that I spend what happens, the problems will not stop you.

130. That your year is full of triumphs, joys, and successes, and that every failure will promote you to return it again. I wish you an excellent new year, that faith in yourself never tumble and that everything plans can be achieved.

131. Tips for this year. The important thing is health, money goes and comes. Two words will open all the doors for you: “Trouble and push”. Any question has two points of view: the wrong and yours.

Happy New Year Message For Brother

132. There is a saying that says “every time a man laughs adds a couple of days to his life.” So that we do this year, one year with much more than 365 days.

133. That never misses a dream to fight, a project to make, something to learn, a place to go, and someone to want … my new year greeting for you.

134. In the New Year, you value what you have, exceeds what hurts you and fight for what you want.

135. Happy New Year! That all your desires are fulfilled by our beloved God in the shortest possible time. It’s still like that wonderful as you are, cute brother, never change.

Happy New Year Message For Brother

136. Do you consider that this year was good? Well I assure you that the one that comes will be much better. So I see projecting from now and not themes to be very ambitious that the whole world can be yours if you dare to perform your conquest.

137. Today I want you to see with your best smile and show the world that no adversity may make you ever desert it. I know this new time will test you countless times, but you do not know the doubt that you will always go victorious.

138. I hope this new year brings you to your life and your family the most beautiful moments you can imagine. I will soon get you to want to give you a hind of hugs.

139. One more year that goes, but what excellent lessons left us. Do not you think so? I hope you have taken a lot of most of the last twelve months, because in the twelve you will require everything learned to get out greatly, you can.

Happy New Year Message For Brother

140. This moment of the year is the ideal to make an auto analysis and choose with what experiences and teachings staying. So that they provide your growth during this 2076, have a fruitful new year.

141. I could not let this opportunity pass without telling you the very important thing. You were with me in these months and the immense honor that gives me to start this new time being your friend and brother.

142. Back left hundreds of moments, dispute stories, hugs, laughter, joy and crying, which is worth forgetting.

143. To you who have been close to me throughout this year. In those moments with greater importance and also in the most complicated in my life. I wish you a wonderful new year and that you get each of your dreams.

144. To walk in the route recognize the routes to be cast, the lamps for hanging, the purposes to fulfill. To leave the spirit ready for these new year phrases like midnight sparks us guide us through the trails of love, of goodness, of happiness.

Happy New Year Message For Brother

145. We taste peace, love, hope, health, to work … and everyone and each of the ingredients that each person needs. So that his day to day leave a little better, or perhaps equal to the good that the year that has happened.

146. I just received the new year and the first thing I long for is to give you a strong hug, worth you the best of the universe. I love you a lot of dear brother. Thanks for being always by my side in the good and in the bad chances of my life.

147. Before I’m going to sleep I want to wish you all a happy new year full of much prosperity. Tomorrow I will wake up completely renewed, willing to start this year in the best way.

148. Before receiving the new year thank for everything this year that has left you. Cheerful and sad moments, successes and difficulties, new friendships and disappointments. For all this has been for you and you have become a better person.

149. Before receiving the New Year, remember all the good that leaves us this year that goes and we thank you for all the blessings received. We will see that this new year will bring us a lot of happiness and prosperity.

Happy New Year Message For Brother

150. Before the end of the year, we must repent and apologize for those mistakes we have committed. We hope that this new year is the best for us. If we started the new year doing things well, we will be doubly blessed, happy new year.

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