500 Happy New Year 2076 Wishes, Messages & SMS For Brother (Both Younger and Elder)

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51. That 2076 for you is like a smile along all 12 months and like a dream from which you will not want to wake up. Best wishes are for you.

52. A New Year does not matter what you do, but who you find around. I hope this beginning of the year is just one of the many days you will spend with your loved ones.

53. And 2018 is about to leave us … Everything flows and we never stop. We hope that in the meantime the 2076 will cross our lives with a tender caress.


54. Good new year from all over the world, happy new year from the people you know and from the ones you do not know. Happy new year from the people who love you, and from those who want you less. Happy new year to you who are the sweetest person there is.

New Year Message For Big Brother

55. The new year will bring you a drop of happiness, a drop of love, a drop of luck, and if possible altogether. Because I do not say much, but at least a drop.

56. In every sparkle of your toast, you will find my best wishes sparkling, lively and affectionate. I wish you the new year begins well, continue with the wishes and terms with great satisfaction.

57. What the new year brings happiness to your heart and you give yourself every day a new reason to smile. 2076 kisses, 2076 hugs, 2076 friends to celebrate, 2076 bad memories to forget, 2076 good reasons to start again.


58. I want to write a mountain of sweet words to make you forget all the evil that has demotivated last year. But, simply, with all my heart, I wish you a better new year.

New Year Message For Big Brother

59. Which this day is a portal that allows us to leave behind all the defeats, the pains and the bitterness. And to go with the light of the heart towards serenity, joy and love. Happy New Year to you and to all the people who love you.

60. Knock Knock. Knocking at the door. Go to open, up run. They are my warmest wishes, for an amazing 2076.

61. Another year of success and happiness has passed. With each new year, more challenges and new projects come to fruition. I wish you courage, strength, hope and faith to overcome all obstacles and hurdles. May you have a wonderful and rewarding 2076.

62. As the birds leave behind what they do not need to build their nests. You too forget the pain, the sadness, the fear, the rancor and the regrets. Life is beautiful and the new year has just come to start over.

New Year Message For Brother

63. On the road to success, the rule is always looking forward. May you reach the destination as soon as possible. May your journey be wonderful.

64. Before the sun sets in this year, before the memories dissolve … before the telephone network starts to jam.

65. Every end is just a new beginning. Keep your spirit and your determination unshakable and you will see that 2076 will be a year full of satisfaction. With courage, trust, comprehension and commitment, you’ll get everything you want. Happy New Year’s Eve 2076!

66. Just like a new bloom spreads around perfume, let the new year also fill you with joy.

New Year Message For Brother

67. This new year I wish you to have the courage to fight for your own dreams and also blessings of the Almighty. That allows you to emerge as victorious as you strive for.

68. May your mirror charm reflected you, be what others see in them enchant. May someone loves you enough to forget your faults, may be unaware of your flaws and show off your virtues.

69. May your New Year is filled with adoration, happiness, warmth, and cheerfulness. And that you can transmit these to those around you too.

New Year Message For Brother

70. We can live all the simple pleasures of life so that it can give the strength to keep the fort when you come across a bumpy path.

71. A new year is like a white blank paper: the pen to fill the paper is in your hands. It’s the right opportunity to write a new chapter full of satisfaction, progress, triumph and opportunities. I wish you to catch them in the blink of an eye.

72. Another year full of sweet memories and joyous times has passed. You made last year special. I would like 2076 to be an unforgettable, happy and carefree year. With you, every moment is a unique opportunity.

73. At the stroke of midnight a new year will come with dreams and hopes. With the wish that they can be realized one by one and that you can always remain what you have shown to be so far: a wonderful person.

New Year Message For Brother

74. May your New Year be filled with adoration, happiness, warmth and cheerfulness. And that you can transmit these to those around you too.

75. This new year you can find yourself and emerge as a safer and happy soul.

76. Our resolutions for the year 2076: Say “yes” to happiness. Say “no” to negative thoughts. Saying “maybe” to the opportunities that come up. Saying goodbye to stress. Saying “why not” to laziness. Say “bye-bye” to a bad mood. Saying “forever” to love.

77. If your heart is filled with desires and dreams that color life. Let this New Year fulfill your most beautiful wishes and be filled with the colors of happiness.

78. Here’s a new year! A new year for creating precious memories. Discover new things. Enjoy each other. Live with love and laugh. In the end, I wish you the most excellent of years.

79. Happy New Year and for this year especially I wish you much more than others. And yes I do not wish you happiness but ecstasy. Not health but the supreme vitality, not love but mad passion and not money but fortune by the millions.

New Year Message For Brother

80. That happiness, wealth and health are on the meeting in your home for the year 2076. I wish this new year brings you all the happiness and triumphant you deserve. Good and happy year 2076.

81. Here is a new year to create precious memories, to discover new things enjoy. Live love and laughter brief. I wish you the most excellent of the years.

82. A new year means new dreams, new hopes, the urge to try thousands of new things. I wish you the most beautiful of years.

83. Do you think this year was good? Well I assure you that the next will be much better, so go projecting from now. And do not be afraid to be very ambitious that the whole world can be yours if you dare to make your conquest.

84. Today I want you to dress with your best smile and show the world that no adversity can ever defeat you. I know that this new time will test you countless times, but I have no doubt that you will always be victorious.

New Year Message For Brother

85. One more year that goes away, but what excellent lessons he left us. Do not you think so? I hope you have taken much advantage of these last twelve months. Because in the following twelve you will need everything you have learned to get ahead.

86. I hope you have your wish list finished, because the countdown is in its final stretch. At any time, 2076 will begin and the new time, full of joys, will begin. May everything you wish today be fulfilled.

87. This time of year is the ideal to do a self-analysis and choose what experiences and teachings to stay with, so that they contribute to your growth during this 2076. Have a fruitful New Year.

88. I promise to spend more time with the people that I care about during this new year, so be prepared because you are the first one on that list.

89. I could not pass up this opportunity without telling you how important you were to me in these months. And the immense honor that gives me to start this new time being your sister.

New Year Message For Brother

90. That in this new year you have a hundred reasons to laugh, a dream to live for, a goal to achieve, a thousand joys to enjoy and no reason to suffer.

91. The illusions disappear when you stop dreaming, never allow it to happen and fight for what you really want.

92. I spoke with HAPPINESS and he told me that he was going to your house. I asked him not to stop taking HEALTH and LOVE. Treat her well, it’s on my part.

93. I wanted to send you something special to congratulate you for the New Year, but I had a problem … How do I wrap all the love I have for you?

94. We are going away a 365 days in which we cry, we laugh, we share, we enjoy, we learn, we fell, but we rose again. They are moments that we will never forget. Have a happy new year.

New Year Message For Brother

95. This year we arrive full of motivations to succeed, of new challenges to face, new friends we will meet and dreams that we will make a reality.

96. There are only two days in the year where we can not do anything: YESTERDAY AND TOMORROW. But TODAY you can forgive, smile, dream, love and be happy.

97. Close your eyes and remember everything that made you smile and make you happy in the year that ends. The rest erase it from your mind. May these smiles multiply this year that begins.

98. For the good times, GRATITUDE, for the bad times, a lot of HOPE. For each day, that you have an ILLUSION, for each dream. And always, always HAPPINESS. That’s what I want for you this year.

99. That you never lack a dream to fight for, a project to make, a helping hand, a place to rest and someone who really loves you. My congratulations to you.

New Year Message For Brother

100. Hopefully, PEACE hijacks your life, LOVE floods your soul and HAPPINESS ties you with thick chains, from which you can not escape. Well, you deserve it. Happy New year.

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2 comments, 4 shares, 3 points
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