500 Happy New Year 2078 Wishes, Messages & SMS For Brother (Both Younger and Elder)

Happy New Year Wishes for Brother: – New year is the beginning of the new beginning. It’s time to forget and forgive, it is the time to rejoice and celebrate, it is the time to be happy and start the day with the positive energy. The new year, therefore, is celebrated throughout the world with a family gathering and parties. People want to wish each other with heartfelt messages and convey the feeling of closeness and love and affection.

Especially the brothers and sisters want to renew and rejuvenate their relationship in this new year and make the bond stronger. Wishing with some heartfelt and loving messages would be the perfect way to show how much they love and adore each other. How much they mean to each other. Some of those caring messages are listed which you can send to your brothers to wish him a very happy new year 2078.

500 Happy New Year 2078 Wishes, Messages & SMS For Brother (Both Younger and Elder)

1. May this coming New Year be an open door to new dreams, new hopes, renewals of faith and much peace for our world. Happy New Year!

2. There will never be New Year if you persist in the mistakes of the years.

3. Everything renews itself every 365 days, so do not waste time and start planning the conquest of your dreams right now. Happy New Year!

4. Change of year, change of dreams, change of objectives, change of appearance, but never change friends! Happy New Year!

New Year Wishes For Big Brother

5. To be happy next year: Love and be honest in everything you do and do with love. Follow your passions. Listen to your heart. Create your reality. Get to know your skills. Trust yourself and your intuition. Make your days happy.


6. May at the passage of the year, all our errors and pains be washed away. May only, for the coming year, joys and glories, for a Happy New Year!

7. Let the New Year commence with your Right Foot. Let it be a year of optimism, love, faith, hope and great achievements. That it is even more productive and rewarding than the year that is ending and that brings with it only good feelings. Long live the arrival of the New Year.

8. It was wonderful to have you around this whole year. And it will be even more wonderful to continue with you on my side in this coming New Year.

New Year Wishes For Big Brother

9. That the new year is not like autumn of life, where leaves fall out leaving only memories. But that is like spring life of life, which produces fruits and seeds, which can be planted every day and harvested every morning. A happy and prosperous new year!

10. Dreams are the best parts of reality, then believe me. You can perform all your dreams in the year coming. What in this new year you can find: Love, peace, health, happiness, light, success and prosperity. With much affection and hope in the heart. May love, peace and happiness be part of life everybody in this new year that is starting. Happy Holidays!

11. Next year be happy for your dreams and have the happiness of getting the dreams. Be happy to your projects and have the happiness of doing them. Be happy to your desires and have the happiness of realizing them. Be happy to your successes and have the happiness to get them. Be happy always, at all times. Happy New Year!

New Year Wishes For Big Brother

12. I hope you enjoy the beginning of a new year to nourishing inspiration!. This page turn fail can provide for a great deal of challenges and serenity to enjoy all the moments.

13. Live the New Year. That this is a year of much prosperity and success. That both your personal and professional life from achievements and achievements. And that peace, love and happiness accompany you at all times. Happy New Year!

14. I wish you … 365 days of happiness. 52 weeks of health and prosperity. 12 months of love and affection. 8760 hours of peace and harmony. What in this new year you have many motives to smile.

New Year Wishes For Big Brother

15. I wish that the new year that begins for you really. Listen to the words and voice you always wanted to hear. Pronounce the sentences that one day you to repeat. Feel the emotion that you always waited to feel. Walk on the rails that one day you desired to follow. Divide the affection with one who has always wanted to bear. Hug all friends who always wanted to gather, and live the life that you dreamed of existed.

16. It’s time to receive and welcome the new year with joy and hope in the heart. From leaving what passed in the past and embrace the future with optimism.

17. Every 12 months we restart the calendar leaving behind everything that passed in the old year. And prepare them for everything that will come in the new year announcing.

18. This new year has everything to be wonderful, it only depends on you. Believe your capabilities, love yourself as you have never loved, take care of being happy and do not give up after your dreams. Make promises – compose, idealize goals – reach. Get your world today and tomorrow the universe will be an even more special. Transform each day from this new year on a memorable page of your book’s book.

New Year Wishes For Big Brother

19. New Year begins literally when we clown the old vices that we carry within our hearts. We do the first day of January a day of release and start of a life of overcoming and search for better days.

20. Time of change and reflection, so is the passage of the year. I wish you can eliminate everything that made bad and move on optimism. Live the New Year!


21. The upset of the year is the moment to move energies, to say goodbye than it passed and open the doors to the new. What you receive the year that is coming with lots of joy.

22. A beautiful chapter of your life will end, but it is not time for sadness. The joys will remain in your memory and will be of great incentive to start next year with a big smile on your face. Wish all will be light to you and that come.

New Year Wishes For Big Brother

23. May our new year start by being blessed by Almighty God and that our steps and decisions be guided and protected by Him.


24. Who makes the new year better is we ourselves. Therefore, sow the most beautiful flowers to pass so that you do not lack color.

25. Thank more, hug more, love more, praise more. Start your year with great optimism and positivity, the universe will reciprocate, believe me.

26. Detach from everything you have done wrong in the year that goes. Thank for the blessings and follow your heart in this new journey that begins. A prosperous New Year.

27. For this 2078, rethink everything you’ve experienced this year. Think more about yourself, take care of your physical and mental health. Have self-love, put yourself first and foremost always. You deserve to be happy.

New Year Wishes For Big Brother

28. May the lights of the new year shine and bring everyone: new challenges, new projects and much success. A prosperous New Year.

29. I wish you a fabulous year 2078. That you can write a new chapter with new enriching experiences, unforgettable memories and unfailing happiness.

30. May this new year be the best you’ve ever had experienced. Peace, love, health, dreams, goals, achievements and happiness, are the important things that I wish for you.

31. Here are my wishes for you. A good start for January. Of love for February. Your favorite flowers for March, delicious chocolates for April, many bridges in May, music and sunshine for June. An unprecedented fireworks show for July, a well-deserved holiday for August, courage for September, the price of the best Halloween costume for October, a nice warm coat for November and finally plenty of presents for December.

New Year Wishes For Big Brother

32. Hello 2078! Remember: life is short, you have to really love and admire, get rid of any supplement, laugh regularly and frequently and regret nothing forever.

33. Do you know why we wish the new year? Because in new year there is new. This is the moment of new hopes, new resolutions. A bit like a new era that is beginning. I wish you a wonderful new year!

34. A new year is coming and with it are born good resolutions, cooler ideas, a new energy that gives pep. Happy New Year to you and enjoy life!

35. For this new year, to be original I wish you the enchantment, the spirit, the excitement, the pride, the peace and the optimism.

New Year Wishes For Big Brother

36. Welcome aboard the ship “2078” in the direction of 2078. To make the most of your trip, I recommend you to keep close to you joy of life and good mood. Some surprises and love will be offered during our crossing. For your safety do not forget to close the clam of unwelcome. I wish you a pleasant trip with us.

37. Happy New Year to you. I wish you to keep for all this next year the special atmosphere and the joy of the end of year holidays in your heart.

38. Good year 2078 to you. In this honor, I just deposited in your safe at the bank 3153600 seconds of joy and happiness. Do not hesitate to spend them before the end of next year.

39. For this new year, I wish you all better than the year before and that what was hard is past. I wish you all the best that your wishes are fulfilled and always comes true.

New Year Wishes For Big Brother

40. All the family joins me in wishing you a wonderful year 2078. That health, love and professional success are at the rendezvous in all your projects.

41. At the dawn of this new year, I wish you 365 new days of joy, happiness, health and personal professional success. Happy New Year 2078.

42. That this new year 2078 is the one that will bring us even closer to share some sincere moments and full of joy, Happy new year 2078.

43. For this new year, I wish you nice surprises and great moments of joy with your family and all the people who matter to you.

44. From my heart, I wish you good things for this new year 2078 and especially the health of iron and peace in your heart.

45. For this new year, I wish you: 2 times more happiness, 0 problem, 1 health of hell, 9 tons of beautiful surprises.

46. That the year 2078 be strewed with bursts of joy, petals of happiness, that it is enlightened by the flame of love and the spark of friendship.

New Year Wishes For Big Brother

47. 2078 will be a year apart, made of 366 days. It’s another day to enjoy life, one more day to transmit good waves, one more day to enjoy your loved ones.

48. I wish for you -Smores, to chase the sadness. Boldness, so that things never stay in place. Trust, to remove doubts. Delicacies, to eat life. Comfort, to soften the hard days. Generosity, for the pleasure of sharing. Rainbows, to color black ideas. Courage, to keep moving forward.

49. Holy and Happy Year. I send you Stars of Peace, Solidarity, Truth and Love to illuminate your life throughout 2078.

50. Here is an SMS that thinks alone, it prefers automatically the sweetest and kindest person in my repertoire. It’s you he chose by merit, to wish you a happy new year 2078.

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