100 Romantic New Year Wishes & Messages For Boyfriend From Girlfriend


101. You are the half of my heart. And I am not a far from you. You have bewitched me forever. I am your love and I am waiting with impatient for new ideas to show you, my love.

102. The fate of you has given me the gift. And you with your beauty captivated me. My angel in the flesh, my God, my favorite Man. For me you are irreplaceable.

103. What to do, we are forced to fall in love. With such unjustified occasions as a Romanian accent, or almond-shaped eyes, or some kind of mystery, half-fictional.

Happy New Year Messages For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

104. If you catch a bird, do not cage it and suffocate. Do not make it want to fly away far from you. And make it so that she could fly away any time at her will, but did not want to.

105. If you love a person, do not demand or ask anything from him. Otherwise, you will build a wall between you at the very beginning. Do not expect anything. If something comes to you, be grateful.

106. If a man is clever, a woman loves him for his mind. If stupid, out of compassion for his stupidity. If he is noble, she appreciates his nobleness. If low, crafty, deceitful, she thinks to correct him with her love.

Happy New Year Messages For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

107. Who does not know that love makes the strangest transformations? Sad becomes cheerful, sociable becomes melancholic. Optimist becomes pessimistic. Howard becomes brave. Timid becomes a determined man.

108. It is best to find someone who will love you for who you are and not something for who you are not. Bad-good, scary-beautiful, good, what is, because he will still consider you the best. That’s who it is worth being close to.

109. All love comes from want and longing. If a person did not need and did not yearn, he would never love another person.

110. A man in love needs, above all, to be accepted as he is, to appreciate him, to trust him – and so that he himself can trust his partner. A woman is a most important concern, understanding, respect.

Happy New Year Messages For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

111. Look at the sky. Constellation has joined hands. After all, it is a true sign that today’s night favors the lovers. Let’s meet in this new year darling for I want to start the new day with you only.

112. Urgent message from the federal space center. In the galaxy appeared rapidly growing star. The cause of occurrence is the flaming up of superstrong love between you and the subscriber. From whose number the SMS was received. With the purpose of preventing an explosion. It is required to align the power of the senses. For this how you can quickly exchange kisses.

113. WhenI is far from you. I miss you. When I am next to you. I don’t know what to say when I touch your lips.

114. A person is always to some extent to blame if someone falls in love with him. Yes, yes, not so innocent of you. This is an eternal story. Without promotion here you will not manage. You smiled at her, showed sympathy and, look, – carried away.

Happy New Year SMS For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

115. A woman who is in love with you can increase your creative abilities. She can inspire you to such heights that you have not even dreamed of. And she does not ask, command or demand for anything in return. She just needs your love, honesty, and loyalty, and this is her natural right.

116. Love has two barriers – circumstances and fears. We often lack the courage and morality to step over the stones of the past and the doubts and confusions of the present.

117. And although my aim and objective are to understand what love is. And although I suffer and in pain because of those to whom I gave my heart. I see clearly those who penetrate me for the soul cannot inflame my flesh. And those who touch my body are powerless to comprehend my soul.

118. You are my first and last love. I have not loved anyone before and will never love you after. Every moment of life belongs to you, every heartbeat of my heart is given to you.

Happy New Year 2077 SMS For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

119. Love does not mean what is usually understood as her. Ordinary love is only a masquerade. Something else is hiding behind it. True love is a completely different phenomenon. Ordinary love is a requirement, true love is maturity. She knows nothing about the requirements. She only knows the joy of generosity.

120. Love makes us come from our own soul. And if you generously share it, everyone around will love you. Generous people are never alone. And the greedy and selfish is always alone, and he has no one to blame for this, except for himself. Generosity, not egoism, is what opens all the doors.

Happy New Year 2077 SMS For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

121. There is no need to express all love – you can hold something in yourself, keep it safe, express it not in words. Better – deeds, touches, caresses, kisses. One passionate kiss can say more than any words. One gentle touch sometimes proves unprovable. One hot caress sometimes explains the inexplicable. Love is many-sided. It is each their own. Someone else may seem strange, but for her owner, she remains the most charming. In love there are no theorems, equations, problems, love does not need to be taught. Just feel inside. Somewhere in the heart.

122. When love appeared in my life, I suddenly noticed how many songs there are that somehow about me. And a lot of movies about me. Pieces, poems, paintings, even sculptures. I somehow find myself just in the center of world art.

123. Half People think that this is the perfect couple, and everyone wants to find her. But the real half is like a mirror, it shows everything that you lack. It draws your attention to you yourself so that you change your life.

124. What do I mean when I say I really, madly and deeply love you? This means that you suddenly feel happy in the presence of another person. With him you experience ecstasy. The very presence of this person fills your heart with something. Your heart starts to sing, you become harmonious. The very presence of this person helps you to be complete. You become more spiritual, more unique, more peaceful. Then it is love.

Happy New Year 2077 SMS For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

125. You have traditionally been inspired that men should take the initiative in love; women are not befitting. These ideas have become obsolete – why from the very beginning to take second place to yourself? If you love a man, why wait? I know many women who have been waiting for years because they wanted the initiative to come from a man. But they fell in love with men who were not going to take the lead.

126. I am not a poet. Shakespeare had long before I expressed in words what I think about marriage today. This should be the union of two sincere souls who overcomes all obstacles in their path. A union filled with love that does not fear distance and hard days overcomes all the storms of life, which serves as a guiding star for every ship sailing by. The height of this star may be different, but the value is always immeasurably great. True love does not extinguish over the years, even when she faces death with a scythe. Love is not measured by short earthly hours and weeks but lasts until the end of time.