100 Romantic New Year Wishes & Messages For Boyfriend From Girlfriend


51. In love are hormones and physiological reactions. And love is a conscious feeling.

52. The strongest love is the one that is not afraid to show weakness.

53. If you can have freedom and love at the same time, you need nothing more. You have everything with you for the sake of which life is given.

54. Love and death are two secrets in which all the terrible meaning of our existence is hidden. Yet the rest is only unsuccessful, cowardly attempts to deceive themselves with trifles.

Romantic New Year Wishes For Boyfriend in the English Language

55. As long as we love, nothing will happen to our beloved. Because truly loving – he is in the Center of the World. He is no longer attracted to Paradise, and he is not at all afraid of Hell. He just lives. He lives simply. Simply and happily.

56. If you cannot imagine how you love someone else. This does not mean that you are not destined to meet your love.

57. No need to measure who loves more. If you really love, then just love.

Happy New Year Wishes For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

58. Love is the only addiction that finds you. I can not fall asleep. I am in love, and when in love, this is the least that can happen to you. Even the blackest night becomes bright and colorful. So many thoughts are cramped in my head, and you want to think about everything at once, and your heart cannot calm down. And another thing that is strange: suddenly everything around seems beautiful. You live yourself, as usual, as always, surrounded by all the same things and the same boredom. And when you fall in love, this same life becomes huge and as if transformed.

59. Love, in fact, like nothing else, is capable from time to time to turn a person’s whole life. But in pursuit of love, there is something else that also forces a person to embark on a path he has never thought of before. This is something called despair. And if love changes a person quickly, then despair modify even faster.

60. I think about you constantly. But I can’t understand why. Is there something still left. What I don’t know about. But in one I am accurately sure. Without you, my life empty.

Happy New Year Wishes For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

61. I love you like the sun that warms me all year round. And although you are far. Looking at the any and seeing the sun. I know that you think about me.

62. Love should be understood not only as the satisfaction of a healthy sexual instinct. It is vital that this feeling, which gives a lot of joy, be associated with ideological closeness. With the pursuit of one goal. With the struggle for a common cause.

63. True beauty is what you see through the eyes of love, and nothing can obscure it. True lovers, intelligent lovers will allow each other to realize this phenomenon: “When I want to be alone, it does not mean that I reject you. In fact, it was thanks to your love that loneliness became possible for me. ” And if your woman wants to stay alone for the night, for a few days, you will not feel resentment. You will not say that you were rejected, that your love was not accepted and was not welcomed. You will respect her decision for a few days to be alone.

Happy New Year Messages For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

64. Women are created to be loved, not understood. “Don’t you know that you are my whole life; but I don’t know and I can’t give you peace. All myself, love … yes. I can not think about you and about myself separately and variable. You and I are one to me. And I do not see ahead of the possibility of peace of mind either for myself or for you. I see the possibility of despair, unhappiness … or I see the possibility of happiness, what happiness! … Isn’t it possible? – he added with his lips, but she heard.

65. In love, as in hate, a wide variety of feelings can be combined. Suffering, pleasure, joy, sadness, fear, courage, and even anger and hatred.

66. If you love me, it means that you are with me. For me, always, everywhere and under any circumstances.

67. All of us are descendants of those who knew how to love with great love. That’s why they survived. And the capacity for this feeling sits in our genes.

Happy New Year Messages For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

68. Love is a great adornment of life. She makes nature blossom, play with colors, sing wonderful songs, dance magnificent dances.

69. There are seven wonders in the world. But there’s one more. The most amazing and handsome. It’s you.

70. Affectionate, Sweetheart. You are very handsome, tender, principal, very glamorous, passionate, playful. Very patient. You are my favorite.

71. I want you to kiss me firmly with a joy to embrace. Together like down again in bed. And words of love say.

72. I will not love you. I will not be able to forget you. I will not stop writing you. Until I receive an answer.

73. I will give you the dawn, the dusk, the moon and the stars, the moonlight. And the breeze of wind, such a gentle touch of lips. I will give you myself because I love you.

Happy New Year Messages For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

74. All roses in the world only for you. I would like to collect in a bouquet one. To prove that there is not in the lighting power. More huge than my love.

75. I ask you, Lord, give to the person who is now reading these lines. All he asks of you. And may he be happy. May he feel that he is not alone.

76. When we become indifferent to how the one whom we love sees us. This means that we no longer love him.

77. Without love, a person will never know what kind of rhythm he carries in his heart. It is only through love that this music becomes alive, awakened, from the possible begins to become real.

78. We have a word that is very difficult to pronounce in one’s own language. On someone else’s, you can throw it as many times as you like, left and right. And in the native. It is very difficult. And sometimes you say it, and immediately you will be so embarrassed, and you cough up. This word is love.

Happy New Year Messages For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

79. Many believe that love is to choose a woman and marry her. And they choose, I swear to you, I saw it myself. Is it possible to choose in love? Unless love is not lightning, which strikes you suddenly.Nails to the ground in the middle of the courtyard. You will say that this is why they choose what they like, and I think the opposite. Beatrice is not chosen, Juliet is not chosen. Do not choose the same rain that falls on the heads leaving the concert hall and instantly soaks them to the skin.

80. Love is not the absence of logic. It is logic, examined and recounted, red-hot and curved so as to fit inside the contours of the heart.

81. This is dangerous art. Because of it, people begin to demand the same unrealistic scenarios from life. Lovers perceive the banal series of coincidences as a sign of fate.

Happy New Year Messages For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

82. The one who falls in love with a plain girl falls in love with all the force of passion. Because such love shows either a strange whim of his taste or a secret spell of his beloved, stronger than the spell of beauty. Because such love testifies either to a strange whim of his taste or to the secret charms of his beloved, stronger than the spell of beauty.

83. There are people who do not know how to fall in love. As some people do not know how to swim, for example. When they are in the water, the first thing they do is panic. And then learn.

84. When we fall in love, the spring of love comes for us. It seems to us that we will be happy forever. We absolutely do not allow the possibility to stop loving. It is a time of innocence and simplicity. A wonderful, magical time, when everything seems perfect and everything turns out naturally, without effort. We consider that we have met for ourselves the perfect pair. And, inspired by, we whirl in a dance to the enchanting melody of love, rejoicing in our common happiness.

Happy New Year Messages For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

85. How could you not understand then? Love is not for sale, not bought. And you will not take it by force. She is given away for nothing.

86. People associate too much with sex, while real intimacy is deeper. She is in a tender touch, in a calm gaze and even breathing nearby.

87. There are people who do not embrace endlessly and do not play different games with you but still love you. They just do not know how to say this.

88. Nothing can destroy love. If love is there, then it will grow. But I think that love is most often absent. You did not understand yourself, it was not loved, but something else.

89. Some believe that you can truly love only when you know what a person can become. But both in love and love are transitory states.

Happy New Year Messages For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

90. Love is when you want to experience with all six seasons. When you want to walk with someone from a spring thunderstorm under a lilac strewn with flowers. And in the summer to pick mango and swim in the river. In the autumn together to make pickle and seal the windows from the cold. In the winter to help survive a runny nose and long nights.

91. Love is good. Not without reason, in fact, at all times. Almost all cultural peoples love in a broad sense and the love of a husband for his wife is called love. If love is often cruel, hard and destructive, then the reason is not in itself. But in the inequality though of people.

92. People who are lonely cannot love, they can only exploit. People who are lonely pretend to love; deep down they want to love. They do not want to give, they have nothing to give. Only a person who knows how to be alone and stay joyful is so full of love that he can share it. He can share it with strangers.

Happy New Year Messages For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

93. One goddess made two angels. They were so beautiful that she envied their beauty and dumped to earth. I am not hurt. And you?

94. You are not pretty, you are beautiful. I wouldn’t like to be with you forever. I need it. And I would not cry. If you were gone. I would die.

95. My love for you every minute is becoming sharper. My heart is torn into pieces from separation with you. Return to me. I love you.

96. Love s like a fairy tale for two. Dazzles, intrigues, inspires and doesn’t release. This tale is full of magic, only for you and for me.

97. My love cannot be described in words. As the phrase of the beautifully tender doesn’t write. I will tell you about love with my eyes and with each ray of shining soul.

98. My baby, I am experiencing you. You are for me everything and even more. You are the one for which I started to live and breathe.

Happy New Year Messages For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

99. I want to make you the happiest and joyous man on this Earth. I want to enjoy you every minute and I want to give all my tenderness, warmth, care, caress.

100. Lie down, relax. Do not feel anything. Just feel that gentle kiss on your lips. Do not be scared. It is I gently kissing your lips to wish you a happy new year.