100 Romantic New Year Wishes & Messages For Boyfriend From Girlfriend


Romantic New Year Wishes For Your Boyfriend in English language: – the New year 2021 is soon coming. Everyone is eager to send the best messages to their family, friends and loved ones to wish for the beginning of the new year. Especially for girls who are in love.

They want to wish their boyfriend with the best and unique messages. They want to tell them how they feel for failure to express them in words while seeing each other. So a collection of messages are listed below for them to send not only the romantic messages but which helps them to express what they really feel.

100 Romantic New Year Wishes & Messages For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

1. You Know, in our past life, we were in the soul. I think it will not be difficult for us to be the same in this life as well.

2. Are you not against if a young woman will try to make you the happiest?

3. I need neither the sun nor the clouds. Only you be in this world. If you want I’ll give you the key.

4. From love to hate. One step. I love when we are together. I hate when apart.

5. Download: 10% — 30% — 60% ———— 100%. Congratulations, you are successfully loaded into my heart.


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6. Looking Left – I See You. Looking Right – I See You. I look at the sky – I see your face. I look at the Earth – I See You. Get away, huh?

7. Under the moon, I invite you to walk. About love to communicate with you I wish.

8. God created the most beautiful creatures in the world. One island and other is you. You’re charming.

9. When I first saw you, I was afraid to touch you. When I first touched you, I was scared to kiss you. When I first kissed you, I was afraid to fall in love with you. Now that I love you, I’m frightened to lose you.

10. I want to love you immensely, give care and warm. To be affectionate, attentive and tender, store the focus of home our own with you.

Romantic New Year Wishes For Boyfriend in English Language

11. It’s not that I can not live without you. The matter is that I do not even want to try it.

12. With the desire for greatness. All soul of love, with all my heart I adore you.

13. My love is not a glued romance. It’s about you on every page. My love is like a stormy hurricane, and only you can get it.

14. If I could just sit in the park and chat with God. I would thank him for what he lent me to you.

15. If you are with me nearby, then the world is beautiful. You’re not just my favorite, you are my closest friend.

16. I love you so much that I’m ready for you to get the moon from the sky. Fill you with hundreds of scarlet roses, steal everything you want.

17. When I start to think that it can not be better. You convince me in return.

18. When you are near, everything is fine. In the soul of the spring, flowers blossom, a rainy evening will be clear when you are near you.

19. There are two endless things in the world. It’s a universe and my love for you. Although I’m not sure about the universe.

20. Wrote your name in the sand – the wave washed it. Wrote your name in the heart – it forever remained in it.

Romantic New Year Wishes For Boyfriend in English Language

21. You think it’s easy to see you only once a month? Then try to hold the breath at least a couple of minutes.


22. Your balance is 1 million of my kisses, 1 million my tender touch, 1 million words about my love. But if you do not answer me for 5 minutes, your balance will be 0.

23. There is one world in which my soul feels like home. This is the world of your pensive eyes.


24. Thank you that you are in my life. Thank you for being with me.Great joy to be only yours. You are the meaning of my life. You are my dear.

25. Do you know why I love you so much? Because it does not work differently.

26. Hi … I’m a Thief … I’m Here To Steal Your Heart.

27. Snowflakes are falling from the sky. Such beautiful as you are, beloved. They lie down on my palm. This is I hugging you, into my lips. This is I kissing you. Melting from my breath. This is I love you.

28. Not important. Dawn or scarlet sunset. I am drunk in the morning and in the evening. I am drunk from love. I see your look everywhere.

29. Since you are with me and beside me. You have become the light of my soul. And nothing more is needed. Only always be mine.

Romantic New Year Wishes For Boyfriend in English Language

30. You are like a summer coolness. You are like a sunshine in winter. It is well when you are near me.

31. You are for me like moonlight for the night. You are for me as a match for the fire. Everything will be just as you like. Just love me.

32. I go crazy when you’re near. I look you in the eyes, I’m silent. God only knows how I want to cuddle up to your shoulder and meet your look.

33. Because I love you. Sometimes I get angry. Because I love you. Sometimes I am madly jealous of all. And I am afraid to lose you.

34. You are guilty of your beauty and rich with an open soul. I burn with love for you. Be with me always my angel.

35. The Bird needs wings. The iceberg needs cold water. And I need only you.

36. I want, that all watches on the world are stopped. And the world is for us two only.

37. I love White Rose. And the quiet voice of the Nightingale. And a lot of stars in heaven, but more than everyone, I love you.

38. I love you and wonder how you can love so much. All the time about you I dream. You are the main reason to live.

39. Falling in love with you is the second best thing in this world. And the first is to meet you.

Romantic New Year Wishes For Boyfriend in English Language

40. How many drops in the blue sea, how much dust on the ground. So many gentle kisses, I send you.

41. You are more precious than Nature. You are my perfection. I will give you my freedom. And Heart, It has long been Yours.

42. I want to love you immensely. To give care and warmth. To be affectionate, attentive and gentle. To keep our hearth home with you.

43. In connection with the Violation of the 12 Articles of the Love Code. I punish you to life imprisonment in my heart. The verdict is final and appeals not granted.

44. I love your lips, love your hands. I like you kiss me and hug me. I love your songs, love your sounds. I like you are so pressed.

45. I am next to you. I forget everything. And if we do not see each other. I miss you very much. Every meeting becomes priceless. After all, you are more beautiful all in the universe.

46. I do not need to caress others. Except for your gentle lips. I do not need heat, because you will warm me. I do not have enough in Sms lines, to describe you, my dear angel.

47. Today I suddenly heard that someone whispered your name. But when I looked back. There was no one. And at the moment I realized that this my heart says.

Romantic New Year Wishes For Boyfriend in English Language

48. Love is the totality of our decisions. The roads we choose. It is the determination to remain faithful to someone or something, no matter what. The choice to be made, again and again, every day, year after year. Speaks about the essence of love much more than the most beautiful words.

49. Do you know what it is to love another person? This desire to give him everything. Give a hand, if necessary. Give leg if needed. This desire to pull out and give your heart. This is love.

50. Having fallen in love, the most rational person does not see more than a single object as it really is. A woman, mostly ordinary, becomes unrecognizable and turns into an exceptional being.


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