999 Happy Nepali New Year Wishes For Friends And Family – Messages & Status With Images Collection

201. I want the New Year brings much optimism and willpower, much joy, peace, health prosperity and happiness to all of us. May this be the best year ever!

202. May we never lose the will and ability to dream and strive to fulfill our dreams. Happy New Year! A very strong hug for everyone.

203. Time passes, the years come and go, and now that one more is ending, I thank you for our friendship if you have stayed and be stronger every day.

204. To all my friends I wish a new year of infinite possibilities. More good days than bad. Many dreams come true, and many goals achieved.

Happy New Year Wishes For Friends And Family

205. Happy New Year, my friends, and say goodbye to the old man with joy and the sense of mission fulfilled!

206. When we share the workplace daily with people as wonderful as you, the years pass quickly, as life gains more meaning and joy.

207. You are not just my co-workers, but my friends as well. Now that another year is ending I want to wish the next one to bring even more happiness, prosperity, and health to all!


208. May we continue to be this family united and special at work. And that all that remains to be done, said and accomplished is done, said and fulfilled in the new year.

209. Happy New Year friends! I wish the next hundreds and thousands of hours to be well spent. May there be no lack of joy in the faces, may happiness be alive in the heart of each one of you; and that love may reveal itself at every moment.

210. And do not forget that doing good causes countless positive things, so be good to each other! Have a Wonderful Year, friends!

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Happy New Year Images

211. Today is the day of revealing the name of a friend who has encouraged my life for some time. It’s someone very special, someone, who makes me happy just because it exists. I believe that if destiny had not united us, my life would be much less fun.

212. A year to break barriers, fight for what is believed, materialize. Happy New Year!

213. Change of year, change of dreams, change of goals, change of appearance, but never change friends!

214. That in this new year our dreams be as great as the will and strength to realize them.


215. The formula to be happy next year: Love everything you do and do everything with love! Follow your passions! Listen to your heart! Create your reality! Know your skills! Trust yourself and your intuition! Make your days happy!

Happy New Year Wishes For Friends And Family

216. May the lights of the new year shimmer, sparkle and bring all new challenges, new projects, and much success. A prosperous New Year!

217. For you, I desire the dream come true. The expected love. Renewed hope. For you, I want all the rainbow colors of this life. All the joys that make you smile. All the songs that can thrill. For this new year, I want friends to be more accomplices. May your family be more united.

Happy New Year Family Families Friends hd Images Pictures greeting Cards Wallpapers Pics Photos Quotes Messages Wishes

218. May the accomplishments achieved this year, be merely planted seeds, which will be harvested with greater success in the coming year.

219. Let the New Year Begin with the Right Foot! That it is even more productive, growing and rewarding than the year that is ending and that brings with it only good feelings. Long live the arrival of the New Year.

220. May at the passage of the year, all our errors and pains be washed away. May merely, for the coming year, joys and glories, for a Happy New Year!

221. It’s time to start over! From looking for new challenges and dreaming new dreams … Happy New Year!

222. The wish for a happy new year we all have, but making the New Year really happy, depends on the attitude of each of us.

223. It was wonderful, delightful to have you around this whole year. And it will be even more wonderful and delightful to continue with you on my side in this coming New Year!


224. The New Year represents an opportunity to erase our mistakes and start all over again. A Happy New Year to you!

Happy New Year Family Families Friends hd Images Pictures greeting Cards Wallpapers Pics Photos Quotes Messages Wishes

Happy New Year Wishes For Friends And Family

225. May the new day of this New Year is not like the autumn of life, where the leaves fall leaving only memories. But let it be like the spring of life, which bears fruit and fruits, seeds, which can be planted every day and harvested every dawn. A happy and prosperous New Year!

226. Another step completed, another year that passed. May you have seized all the good that God has offered you. I wish in God’s peace that you can always find your way and that this path will be trodden with great faith.

227. You are my source of happiness, it is from you that I have the disposition, the joy and the optimism to face life and its difficulties.

228. Our path is made by our own steps … But the beauty of the walk depends on those who go with us! So, in this new year that begins, we can walk more and more together … In search of a better world, full of peace, health, understanding and much love.

229. The fires announce the arrival of a new year! It is time to remake your unfulfilled dreams and believe that you will fulfill them. Release a sympathetic and calming look at your friends and yawn at enemies. Learn from the mistakes of the year already gone and toast the year will come with a smile…

230. May this year we dream, and believe, from the heart, that we can realize each of our dreams. That these dreams can be shared for good, and that they have the strength to turn old enemies into true new friends.

Happy New Year Family Families Friends hd Images Pictures greeting Cards Wallpapers Pics Photos Quotes Messages Wishes

Happy New Year Wishes For Friends And Family

231. Another year goes by and together we can celebrate the turn of a new time, to fill our hearts with hope, to say goodbye old year, happy New Year. It’s great to have someone as special as you, someone I can count on whenever I need it, who gives me affection and attention.

232. Good is not to run after happiness, but to be beside it. Being happy is a matter of choice. For you, 2077 full of happiness!

233. Give love and affection and you will receive equal or more … Have peace in your heart and you will fly so high that you will never be reached by evil …

234. Toast without exaggeration and you will have the balance, the life … Believe that it is able and will reach its objectives. Believe … A good idea will become an accomplishment …

235. Suddenly, in a fleeting moment, the fireworks announce that the New Year is present and the old year is behind. Suddenly, in a fleeting moment, the champagne glasses intersect and the bubbly French wine announces that the old year is gone and the New Year has arrived.

236. I wish for your life, the purity of a child’s smile. I wish the beauty of a beautiful sunny morning. I wish the freshness of a bathing skin taken and the taste of a kiss given well …

Happy New Year Family Families Friends hd Images Pictures greeting Cards Wallpapers Pics Photos Quotes Messages Wishes

237. Dreams are the best parts of reality, they believe in them! May you fulfill all your dreams in the coming year!

238. May this new year you find love, peace, health, happiness, light, success and prosperity! With much affection and hope in the heart.

Happy New Year Wishes For Friends And Family

239. I hope you enjoy the beginning of a new year to nourish yourself with inspiration! That this page turn can provide strength to face new challenges and serenity to enjoy every moment.

240. Long live the New Year! May this be a year of great prosperity, wealth, money, property and success! That both his personal and professional life are of achievement.

241. Another year is drawing to a and in the beauty of the enlightened nights. The dreams of many hearts prepare for the journey in search of its accomplishments, which will occur throughout the coming year.

242. When you look ahead and write a new chapter in your book, that’s when the story really begins. Happy New Year!

243. I wish you a year out of the ordinary, out of the obvious, out of the ordinary course. Out of sadness, out of disaffection, out of sanity, out of apathy, out of hurt, out of fear, out of hopelessness, out of loneliness. After all, it was all this, I wish you a year out of series.

Happy New Year Family Families Friends hd Images Pictures greeting Cards Wallpapers Pics Photos Quotes Messages Wishes

244. May this new year of life be multiplied … Always on my side! That every day that passes you are always happier than the day before … And that in the end, your happiness is immeasurable! I will always be close to you!

245. It is time to receive the New Year with joy and hope in the heart. To leave behind what has happened in the past and embrace the future with optimism.

Happy New Year Wishes For Friends And Family

246. This New Year has everything to be wonderful, it’s up to you. Believe in your abilities, love yourself as you have never loved yourself. Be happy and do not give up chasing after your dreams.

247. Make promises – accomplish, idealize goals – reach. Enhance your world today and tomorrow the universe will be an even more special place! Turn each day of this new year into a memorable page of your life’s book.

248. Time of change and reflection so is the passage of the year. I wish you could eliminate all that you did wrong and move forward with optimism. Long live the New Year!

Happy New Year Family Families Friends Images Pictures greetings Cards Wallpapers Pics Photos Quote Wishes Messages

249. The New Year starts literally when we let go of the old vices we carry inside our hearts. Let’s make the first day of Baisakh a day of liberation and beginning a life of overcoming and searching for better days.

250. May the lights of the fireworks continue to bring brightness and beauty every day of the new year that begins. A toast to 2077.

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