999 Happy Nepali New Year Wishes For Friends And Family – Messages & Status With Images Collection

Happy Holidays! I hope you keep some of that Christmas spirit hidden somewhere to stay with you for the next year.

There is only one thing we can do to keep the years from happening too fast, and that is to make every day count. I hope that all your days to come are full of fun, adventure and all the other things that make life worthwhile.

At the beginning of another year, you can present us with new opportunities to rewrite our mistakes; and make better and more productive decisions. Happy New Year!

This is just to say that I will always be here for you, even when times are difficult. Happy New Year My friend!

Never use too much energy to prove your worth. Those who worry will not need you to try anything and those are the ones worth loving. Happy New Year!

May this year be without bad luck, without sad times, without tears, without despair; But full of love, acceptance, joy, peace, and prosperity. The happiest new year for my family given by God!

For my best friend, you can achieve greater success this year so you can make your dreams come true. Happy New Year.


Yippee! Thank God we have reached another year. May all glory and honor be for God the highest! Happy New Year.

New year wishes for friends

My wish for this year is that the food has a better flavor, that your family and friends appreciate it more and that its success is doubled to greater heights. Happy New Year!

Make life more affordable this year, so that you and your family can enjoy every opportunity that comes your way. The happiest new year!

Have a happy new year! Full of delicious surprises. Brand new happy new year!

That you find happiness in every effort that you participate this year. Happy New Year!

Congratulations to my dear friend for having reached a New Year; Your love and your kindness have made you find grace in the eyes of God. Happy New Year.

Dear friend, I am remarkably happy and excited about the arrival of this New Year. We will enjoy this and we will spend a lot of time together.

Welcome this New Year and forget all the bad things you did last year. This is because the New Year has arrived with a new world of yours.


This new year has come with new opportunities in your life. Work hard and hard to be a successful person in your life.

New year wishes for friends

Let’s celebrate this exciting, colorful, great, magical New Year with a big smile. I wish you a year full of happiness and prosperity.

May this year give you the opportunity to follow your dreams, love as if there were no tomorrow and smile unconditionally. Happy New Year!

As we celebrate the New Year, I wish you all success, long and healthy life, and a new beginning. Happy New Year!

We are lucky to have a second chance, so thank you and live life to the fullest. Have a happy New Year!

Let’s be better human beings, better people and better citizens. The new year is a time to improve ourselves for a better world. Have a great new year!

Wishing all my Facebook friends and family a happy New Year full of peace, laughter, prosperity, and health. May you always be surrounded by hope and guided by the guidance of elder ones. Have a prosperous new year!

It is not the destination, it is the journey. Enjoy every day of your adventure. Happy New Year!

We may be very far apart but you are always in my heart. Have a healthy and abundant new year! Greetings to a better life and a bright future. Have a prosperous new year!

Free yourself from sadness and frown because the New Year has finally arrived in the city. Have a happy and healthy new year!


New year wishes for friends

Happy New Year friend! I hope that this year we spend our time with love and true feelings. May our friendship be stronger this year!

God has given you a new opportunity to change your life. Do not mistreat him and never waste a single moment of your life. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year friend! I hope that this year is much better than the previous one, both for its achievements and for its success.

Happy New Year My friend! You have achieved a new year. Now make your plans and prepare for a new challenge.

I pray for your health and I want you to become a successful person in life. God bless you! Happy New Year.

You are spending the trip of all years to a great extent. You own everything that is precious in your life and you also do things well in the New Year.

I want to be the first to wish you this new year. Feel good in all aspects of your life and be patient.

For many people, there may not be any difference in the new and old years. But, I know it’s something extraordinary for you.

Happy New Year my beautiful friend You are a great personality and you continue to build a good reputation and an attractive character in this New Year.

Have happy evenings with your lovers every day of the new year. Relationships are the diamond, time is money and this new year is both.

May this new year give you the courage to trip over your problems and give you the solution to all your problems.

New year wishes for friends

One day this new year will also be a past year. Then, make all the arrangements to create memorable moments.

Our relationship will be stronger than all the past years. The new year will provide us with happy moments and moments of closeness.

May all the long days of this year be golden for you! Let all the short nights be platinum for you. May every night be a diamond for you in the New Year!

The incredible days of January are back with us. It seems that any old and pleasant memory is alive in front of us. Happy New Year

Sending you a special wish that today is only the beginning of a year full of great joy! Happy New Year My friend.

In this New Year, I send you my most sincere wishes and I hope that your heart is filled with happiness and joy every day and I hope that this year comes to bring the best and happy memories on your way. Have a wonderful celebration, my friend.

For my best friend who gives me the audacity to endure every one of life’s difficulties, I want a New Year that gives more solidarity to hold my hands with strength.

My dear friend, I pray that the new year will turn our relationship into a deeper and more fruitful one with the new dawn of a new year. I send all my love and wishes for the new year for a prosperous new year.

Each of the fortunes and extravagances of the planet would not make any difference without you being there. You are an incredible gem. I love you I wish you a happy new year, my friend!

Every time I look at you, I just smile and think: “Surely I could not have improved the situation”. You are perfect as you are. I love you and happy new year, my friend!

This new year might want you to realize that if I could return the hands of the time clock, I would choose you as my best friend over and over again.

Keep me close to your heart always as you are the one I will always need in every moment when I face depression, discouragement and be covered with uncertainty and insecurity. Be there to give me a boost through the thick and thin in this new year!

New year wishes for friends

My New Year wishes convey my affection and welcome the New Year for a happy and prosperous new year ahead. I wish you always have all the love of the planet.

To my best friend, I send you a New Year’s greeting and all my adoration through my best wishes. I pray that this New Year will be the best of all the years of your life with always exquisite memories. Have a happy | new year ahead.

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