Where To Go For New Year 2078 Celebration If You Are In USA? 20 Best Places Is Revealed

Where to go for New Year in USA?: – Wild festivals, fireworks, local traditions and extravagant shows welcome the New Year in the United States. New Year’s Eve is really an exciting time, an opportunity to look back on your achievements and celebrate the future.

A Happy New Year’s Eve is a very important event because it means that we all start focusing on what we need to do and work on it the next day. It’s also the day where most people celebrate their new beginning as a person.

A Happy New Year’s Eve is the only night of the year when we can relax, have a good meal with our loved ones, and celebrate in the spirit of the season, which is usually expressed through drinking and eating.

New Year’s Eve is typically a very festive event because the majority of people celebrate this day with their families. A Happy New Year’s Eve is the only night of the year when we can let loose and have fun. This is usually the time when we decide to get together with our old and new friends.

A Happy New Year’s Eve can also be a celebration of the New Year’s resolutions that were made the previous year. New resolutions can be anything from getting better grades in school to losing weight. The resolutions may be related to the person’s goal to make the best out of his or her life, or it could be about starting over and taking responsibility for mistakes made in the past.

Most people celebrate New Year’s Eve by going out for dinner. However, if you prefer to go out for a party then this will be the right time to get together with your friends.

There are so many things that you can do together in the evening. You can also choose to have your favorite drinks and food to celebrate, but it is best if you bring along your friends to make the whole party a lot easier and enjoyable.


Having a party atmosphere is one of the best ways to celebrate New Year’s Day. This is especially true for people who don’t like to go out. You can use some of your friends’ ideas and try to make the party more fun than usual. If you don’t have friends, you can also invite other family members or friends.

A Happy New Year’s is actually a very easy night. You just have to be prepared and have a good plan so that you will be able to have fun and enjoy the whole night. If you are having a party and want to have a good time, then you should consider using some of these New Year’s resolutions for the new year.

Everyone are in pleasant mood and want to do something different, like travelling, reading books from your favorite writer. If you have been looking for the past two years when we wanted to travel before New Year’s Eve. Here is our countdown to the most popular locations for the start of 2078:

New Year’s Eve is one of the most popular times of the year to go out and celebrate, say goodbye to last year and greet the New Year. All major US cities spend the night big, but all celebrations are a bit different.

From the center of Times Square in New York to the madness of Las Vegas, we have ideas on how to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the US. It all starts on the east coast and the magical midnight hour rolls across the US to the west, Culminating in festivities in Los Angeles on the West Coast and in Hawaii.

New Year’s Eve is getting closer and it’s time for you to decide where to call 2078. Whether you’re looking for a big street party full of live entertainment and party goers, or you’re looking for something, family-friendly events across the country are competing for what others can celebrate.

Head to Las Vegas for the massive block party, or watch the ball fall in New York City, or take the kids on vacation to Hawaii to enjoy the new Luau style. Whatever you want, here are seven places you should consider to start the New Year in the United States.

You can meet friends in a dazzling or cozy bar or club. New Year’s Eve in bars and clubs in New York will take you to the romantic Le Boudoir with a decoration inspired by Marie Antoinette, reminiscent of the private chambers of the French Revolutionary Queen.

Some people like to spend New Year’s Eve at home, but for most of them the expectations are high, which can only be fulfilled if you are planning a trip from home. There are countless wonderful ways to receive the New Year without leaving the United States.

Depending on your budget, you can spend the last hours of the year skiing in a tourist town, partying on a beautiful beach or relaxing in a secluded cabin with loved ones.

Whatever your perfect New Year’s Eve, you will surely find it at one of these fantastic locations. Where to go for New Year in USA? Any idea? Not yet! ok. Then we are here with best 20 places to visit for new years in USA.

Where to go for New Year in USA? 20 Best Places to Visit in USA For Happy New Years Celebration

  1. Dallas

Where to go for New Year in USA? First answer is Dallas. On New Year’s Eve, around Dallas-Fort Worth, there are always fantastic events where night owls can dance, count until midnight and enjoy spectacular fireworks. You have fun in the Big D and New Year’s Eve is no exception.

The countdown celebrations for the Midnight Center in Victory Park with music and fireworks start at 19.00. at 12:30 pm. Fly to Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport and stay overnight in accommodations near the city center.


Pick a restaurant or bar nearby and greet the New Year with a chicken and waffle feast, before ordering a round of craft beer to toast in Texas in 2016. Whether you plan to celebrate with your family, friends, or partner, Dallas offers a Texas-style New Year’s Eve experience that you will not find anywhere else.

The choice of parties varies from busy to elegant and intimate. For families with children, a day event is held at the Dallas Arboretum. The roof of Saint Rocco is the city’s official fireworks display, but you can also see the show from Trinity Overlook Park, the Trinity River’s west bank, or one of the observing parties in the area.

Dallas, USA Where to go for New Year in USA
Dallas, USA

One of the newest locations in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Live in Arlington, is celebrating its first New Year’s Eve party. Guests will experience VIP seating, live music and celebrity DJs, special beverage packages, NYE-themed party specials, money-gun explosions, a midnight countdown champagne toast and many more surprises.

Dallas, America
Dallas, America

Whatever you do, your celebration will worth many more in Dallas, because of its enchanting environment.

  1. San Francisco

Second answer of your question “Where to go for New Year in USA?” is San Fransisco. If you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve in San Francisco, California, you will find many things to do. Some of them are obvious: celebrations take place in all the big hotels and large function rooms.


They are funny, but expensive. But there are even more ways to receive the New Year. The big event to celebrate New Year in San Francisco is the Embarcadero Fireworks Show.

San Francisco, USA
San Francisco, USA

Sounds at midnight over the Ferry Building. To see it from the street, stand at the end of Market Street in Embarcadero. Avoid standing in front of the ferry terminal where the building blocks your view.

You can also see the fireworks from the inside with a good view, especially the Hotel Vitale, Harbor Court and the Hyatt Regency, but you need to make a reservation in advance.

Visitors travel from around the world to spend New Year’s Eve in San Francisco, witnessing the spectacular fireworks that illuminate the night sky between the Ferry Building and the Bay Bridge.

The eclectic community of the city ensures that you will find entertainment in every corner during the day and many parties to explore at night. San Francisco’s bay location features a series of New Year’s Eve events exclusive to the city, including spectacular fireworks overlooking the bay.

San Francisco, USA
San Francisco, USA

The boat holiday with Hornblower includes brunch, dinner and fireworks cruises. Elsewhere, there are a number of New Year’s Eve dances, such as the San Francisco Symphony’s sleek black and white ball and World New Year’s Ball pass, with several DJs, live music, open bar and artists.

If you like it more casual, visit a rooftop like Twin Peaks (one of the highest points in San Francisco) or the Embarcadero to see a firework display at midnight.

  1. Chicago

Many of the best hotels in Chicago organize special New Year’s Eve packages to make sure that a trip to the shores of Lake Michigan is a popular choice for travelers.

Chicago, USA
Chicago, USA

Chicago House dance music venues attract superstar DJs, while jazz and blues are played live in local theaters and theaters. Dinner cruises on Lake Michigan offer the best view of the fireworks that are fired on the rides and attractions at Navy Pier.

Families can hang out during the day for lunch at the Chicago Children’s Museum for their annual celebrations. Chicago is a perfect place for New Year celebration, and they still organize some hot parties and also offer family fun. If you are not afraid of the cold, Chicago is a must in NYE.

Travelling in Chicago, USA
A Family is Travelling in Chicago, USA

Visit Navy Pier to enjoy entertainment, attractions and attractions for the whole family. Watch a fireworks kaleidoscope at midnight, perfect for inspiring music on Lake Michigan. Navy Pier is one of the best places to go, especially if you have children in tow.

Here you will find all the entertainment options, attractions and attractions you can cope with, as well as a kaleidoscope of colorful fireworks perfectly synchronized with the music that explodes over Lake Michigan.  As one of the largest cities in the country, Chicago offers many opportunities for visitors and locals on New Year’s Eve. Who wants to be pampered, will not be disappointed.

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There are many extravagant events to choose from and many parties in the city include open bars, several dance floors and even midnight buffets. Another highlight on a typical New Year’s Eve in Chicago is the midnight fireworks that take place on the banks of the Navy Pier.

The pier also offers many walks and entertainment for families, making it a wonderful place for families to spend the night. And for something different, celebrate at the Lincoln Park Zoo. The zoo will be decorated with millions of bright lights.

Chicago, USA
Chicago, USA

You can also enjoy ice carving, cash registers serving beer, wine and champagne, a live DJ, gifts, games, free carousel rides and much more. Children are welcome at the party. Tickets start at $ 10.

There are many things to do on New Year’s Eve in Chicago, including ideas for dinners, parties, fireworks cruises, and family events. The Chicago Resolution Gala is another meeting place if you want to mix and dance all night.

Here you will find more than 30 bars, buffet stations and access to the Grand Ballroom and Lakeview Terrace. Or go to one of the many hotels that organize great parties with excellent entertainment. Yes, it will be busy and crowded, yes, it will be loud and yes, it will be an epic moment.

  1. Orlando

Blessed with sunlight all year round and one of the entertainment cities in the world, it’s no surprise that New Year’s Eve vacationers choose Orlando. The Disney World at Walt Disney World hosts one of the largest New Year celebrations in the world and attracts families who want to see parades, light shows and stars at a dazzling festival.

Better known as home to more than a dozen giant theme parks, including Universal Studios and Disney World, Orlando is one of the country’s best New Year’s destinations for the young and the young at heart.

Visit one of the theme parks to celebrate with your family’s favorite characters and see spectacular fireworks at midnight, or party all night in an elegant bar or an exclusive nightclub. If you really want to enjoy, you can also book a stay in one of the city’s tourist centers and spend the holidays pampered with champagne and gourmet food.

We would like to give you a tip if you be in Orlando, and do not want to miss the special moment here then make sure the nearby Universal Orlando Resort should not be eclipsed.

The theme park has the largest outdoor dance floor in the area, which will be full of night owls by midnight. The local focal point for New Year’s Eve celebrations is the Church Street Entertainment District in downtown Orlando.

  1. Denver

Travelers heading in another direction choose winter with a flight to Mile High City and start the new year with the Rocky Mountains as the backdrop to Denver. Stay active and combine your stay in the city with a trip to the nearby Winter Park ski resort with spectacular views and over 3,000 acres to explore in this new year.

The Southwest Rink in Skyline Park is another great local winter attraction. Finish your year by circling the ice before you find a party for the local celebrations. This year, there are two spectacular fireworks in the 16th Street Mall, at 9pm and midnight, with magicians, pets, balloon artists, mosquitoes, and comedians entertaining the crowd.


There are many fantastic ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Denver. Whether you dance the night away at a big party or cheer on one of Denver’s professional sports teams, there’s something for everyone! After celebrating the New Year, discover all the exciting places and activities in Mile High City. Buy your tickets, get ready for the red carpet, and attend the Denver New Year Party.

Denver, USA
Denver, USA

It takes place at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel and is one of the city’s most exclusive parties. Enjoy electrifying music at this year’s great show, a bar open all night, and a wonderful time for everyone.

Entertainment remains the focus of one of Denver’s best New Year’s Eve events, including dancing, casino games, and a photo booth so you can remember that wonderful night. If you want to participate, buy your tickets in advance because there are no tickets available at the door.

  1. New Orleans

Like most occasions, New Orleans has its own fun traditions for the New Year. The city represents a special fusion of cultures, food, music and good times and is an ideal place for many travelers looking for a special celebration.

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The party starts early on the legendary strip of Bourbon Street before the crowd arrives at Jackson Square to hear live music before a huge lily falls on the Jax Brewery to signal the arrival of the New Year and a fantastic firework show over give the Mississippi. River.

New Orleans
New Orleans

Celebrate all night before spending a relaxing day with the Creole cuisine of Louisiana in the French Quarter. New Orleans is one of the best party destinations throughout the year.

Friendly locals, warm weather, late night bars and people holding their favorite adult drink create a cozy climate for party seekers. Visit Jackson Square for the true New Year’s Eve celebration in the historic French Quarter.

New Orleans, USA
New Orleans, USA

Bands and artists play all night until the famous fall of the lily and fireworks over the Mississippi take place at midnight. Afterwards, the party continues in bars and night clubs on Bourbon Street in the heart of the city. If you’re looking for something unique, you can take a fireworks cruise on the Creole Queen or Steamboat Natchez.

  1. Los Angeles

A flight to LA offers you the endless expanse of Los Angeles to explore New Year’s Eve with endless possibilities. From noisy discos to laid-back lounges, cocktails on the beach, headline concerts to all the world’s famous kitchens, the City of Angels has it all.

Los Angeles is too big a metropolis to have an obvious New Year’s Eve approach. The party is near you. If you pack tickets for one of the coolest parties, you’ll settle for the night with chic city dwellers or dance at a camp party or nighttime concert.

Los Angeles, USA
Los Angeles, USA

There is plenty of space for peace and tranquility amidst the bright lights with quiet squares by the sea to await the arrival of the new year. The advantage of Los Angeles is that due to the size of the city, there are big events for all the interests that occur throughout the city.

The biggest event is at Grand Park, in downtown Los Angeles, with food trucks and live music on various stages until 1am. This is a great family event as it does not contain alcohol, although several nearby bars organize New Year’s Eve parties.

Los Angeles, USA
Los Angeles, USA

Another popular event in the center is Prohibition at historic Union Station, a themed 1920s event featuring burlesque dancers, DJs, live jazz music and an open bar.

One of the most unique events takes place aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, approximately 40 kilometers south of the city center, with an international theme party with several unique bars, live music, artists and fires instead of artificially to top it off.

Los Angeles offers a cool breeze from California to usher in the New Year. It is also the ideal place to visit the traditional New Year tradition of the Parade of the Rose Tournament in nearby Pasadena. Escape to Los Angeles and experience a warmer New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve celebrations take place in Los Angeles, ranging from Cleopatra Dance at the famed Egyptian Theater to EVE at Universal Studios in Hollywood. Or visit Marina del Rey for a glow party and fireworks.

This free family event features fun activities such as DJs, a circuit breaker robot, face painting, bubble fun, a photo booth, gifts, food trucks and fireworks.

You can see the spectacular fireworks display from Burton W. Chace Park, where the event takes place, from Fisherman’s Village or the many beachside restaurants in Marina del Rey. From gigantic street parties to tie shops and nightclubs, this city offers a New Year’s Eve party for all tastes and budgets.

LA loves to keep an eye on things and often publishes their party information at the last minute. Club tours have become a popular way to spend New Year’s Eve. With a purchased ticket you can pass the velvet rope in several clubs.

The annual Cleopatra New Year’s Eve Dance at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood is always a hit where a DJ plays the most popular tracks, a LED light show takes place and a balloon falls and a blast of confetti the New Year. One of the free events taking place in the city spans the Grand Park and beyond, where numerous stages with live entertainment and numerous food vendors are organized throughout the venue.

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Los Angeles is home to Hollywood and countless movie stars and one of the country’s most important and exciting creative centers. New Year’s Eve celebrations take place here, rivaling those in New York City, from exclusive parties in floating hotels to relaxed meetings in craft breweries.

A free party with DJSH and food trucks takes place every year at Grand Park. The festivities begin at 20.00 and all ages are welcome. No matter where you celebrate, it’s worth going out at midnight to see the city’s impressive fireworks display.

  1. Miami

No matter where you live in your country, it’s worth the trip to Southeast Florida to spend New Year’s Eve in Miami. Not only can you spend the night outside without being wrapped in winter clothes, the city also has some of the best fireworks and parties in the United States.

Spend the night in an elegant nightclub, party with your family in South Beach, or board a huge yacht to drink, dance, and catch a glimpse of the midnight fireworks. Popular New Year’s Eve options have a similar theme at the top of the countdown.


Travelers will be attracted by the energy and nightlife of world-class pulsating cities for this important date on the calendar. Miami is one of the most popular destination and an unforgettable city.


For New Year’s Eve, Miami offers the countless attractions of South Beach and Miami Beach. Celebrate at your hotel or buy tickets to nightclubs like Mansion, Club 50 and Mango. Be sure to book a New Year’s brunch for the next morning.

  1. Las Vegas

If ever there was a night in Las Vegas, New Year’s Eve is the night of blasting fun. The list of Star Entertainment offers is second to none, while casinos and hotels do not cut costs to offer their guests a fantastic show.

The entire strip is closed to traffic and units of around 300,000 people for a large illuminated neon party. At midnight, the casinos start fireworks, which is an overwhelming spectacle of color and noise. Meanwhile, throughout Las Vegas, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars perform on stage, and large nightclub parties are held until dawn.

Las Vegas, USA
Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas New Year’s Eve is the entertainment world at its best. The list of activities that are great on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas is extensive, with very successful shows and many parties. Use this guide to get the best nightclub events, performances and bars to visit New Year’s Eve.

Vegas on New Year’s is sure to be a great party with more than 300,000 party attendants going to town to attend the celebrations. The entire strip is closed to all traffic and becomes a big block party. At midnight, the casinos start a fireworks choreography that embarrasses the Times Square ball. Party-goers are attracted to the rock of the most popular nightclub and everyone, from ordinary people to celebrities, dances all night.

There is no shortage of party places here. Just book in advance and buy the tickets you may need as there is a lot going on. Enjoy the sky lofts at MGM Grand, which offer stunning two-story panoramic views of the Strip. Eat, drink and plan to party when you arrive in New York City in this city.

For an adventurous way to celebrate, Sundance Helicopters will have a limousine that will pick you up and take you to your helicopter, where you can toast the New Year with champagne as you fly across the Las Vegas Strip while fireworks are being fired.

Las Vegas, USA
Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas is a party regardless of the season, but the city is particularly exciting on New Year’s Eve when the Strip is closed to traffic and is only delivered to people who are determined to celebrate. There are shows and parties in all the city’s casinos, bars and showrooms, but there are also many people in the streets wearing party hats and their best clothes.

As if that were not enough, the midnight fireworks show is choreographed by the city’s casinos and is big enough to keep up with the show in Times Square.

  1. New York City

You could say that it is the international capital of the new year, all eyes are on Times Square at midnight on the east coast, as the ceremonial ball is reduced, when the anticipation of confetti, balloons and balloons rises fireworks confirmed that 2078 has begun.

Joining the thousands in Times Square at one of the nearby parties feels like part of a global event and travelers choose New York as the most memorable New Year’s Eve location.

New York City
New York City

Brooklyn parties take in the fireworks over the East River, or you can get a black-tie dance ticket in an exclusive location where you can have fun in style. Every place on the list has its own attractions, but nowhere is the occasion as big as on a trip to New York City.

Of course, New York City is the most famous place to spend New Year’s Eve in the United States, thanks to the legendary December 31st Times Square party. Millions come together on television to watch the countdown in Times Square, which peaked in the fall of New Year’s Eve.

But there are many great ways to spend New Year’s Eve in New York, even if you’re not in the middle of Times Square. New York City is one of the country’s most emblematic places to spend New Year’s Eve. Almost everyone in the country has seen or heard the ball in Times Square.

Many people visit the city with the intention of spending all night in Times Square, but there are many other things to do. There are parties in the city’s most famous bars. If you are more familiar, you can enjoy the annual live music and fireworks at Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

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New York City is one of New Year’s favorite destinations. Times Square, the city’s iconic public square, is the place where most people watch the ball fall. There are more than 100,000 places in New York City where you can have a drink and receive the New Year.

Many wrap themselves in and challenge the elements of Times Square, where they can buy an official party pass and slip past the velvet ropes into first-rate open bars.

Other popular places in the city for fun are STK Rooftop, where a live DJ plays the most popular songs and the bar overlooks the Hudson River, or the Monarch Rooftop Lounge, which offers stunning views of the Empire State Building. Wherever you choose to receive the New Year here, we promise it will be epic.

11. Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Yes, Walt Disney World in Orlando knows how to organize a New Year’s Eve party for kids and adults alike! Start a bright new year with decadent dinners, festive libations, dazzling dance parties and mesmerizing fireworks. Each year on December 31, Walt Disney World offers unique packages at several Disney hotels.

One of the most popular options is to dine at Disney World Fireworks at the California Grill at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Other events include celebrating the New Year with music, goodies, good humor and a dash of Disney magic in the Atlantic Dance Hall at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort.

Walt Disney World
Walt Disney World

Disney World is the most popular park and will be the most visited on New Year’s Eve at Disney World. If Disney World is your favorite park, we recommend that you arrive early and stay all day, as capacity is likely to be reached during part of the day. Be sure to read our article about park closure procedures!

Keep your observatory for parades and scenic shows at least one hour in advance. In 2078 BS, Disney Worlds Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks will literally start an explosion. All our Frog Squad loves how wild and colorful this firework is. Seeing the sky shine on Cinderella’s Castle with this booming presentation is a magical way to celebrate a New Year.

As a big fan of the magic of fairy tales and the feeling of the Disney World, this is my personal favorite. Disney World will also present Fantasy at Sky Fireworks on December 30. On both nights, the show starts at 23:50. On December 30 and 31, holiday wishes are usually presented, otherwise only during Mickey’s Very Happy Christmas party.

This is one of the most popular fireworks in Walt Disney World. Fantasy in the Sky is also shown at 18.30. On December 30 and 31, DJs for tadpole-friendly dance parties will play in Frontierland and Tomorrowland from 7pm. until midnight We believe that some of our friends from Briar Patch and Country Bear Jamboree will show up with you in the south or start the year 2019 with you in Tomorrowland.

This is a memorable and fun way to have fun with your family and celebrate a fantastic year of fun.

  1. Atlanta, Georgia

The fall of the peach is for Atlanta like the fall of the Times Square ball for New York City, only on a smaller scale. The 362-pound peach departs at midnight on the Atlanta subway, a downtown business and entertainment district. The hours before midnight include local food and drinks, artists, DJs and live shows by renowned musician.

Atlanta, USA
Atlanta, USA

Entry is free. On a smaller scale, there are other major events in Atlanta, from the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl football game at midday to parties like the Buckhead NYE Block Party and Bungalow Ball. If you want to spend New Year’s Eve in the Southern style, Atlanta is an excellent choice for all interests and budgets.

The parties take place in venues all over the city, and visitors can choose between elegant mask dances, intimate cocktail evenings and big celebrations with open bars and DJs. Other popular activities include participation in a football game, a live concert or a family event organized by the city’s museums.

Atlanta, USA
Atlanta, USA

Many visitors flock to Woodruff Park to see the famous Peach Drop. The holidays usually start at 17.00. These include live music, food vendors and party confetti.

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu is the best of both worlds as it offers the urban side of Waikiki and the tropical side of Oahu as in North Shore. One of the most unique things you can not do in most other places is attending a traditional luau, such as the Waikiki Starlight Luau at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

A few miles above the Ala Moana Boulevard on the Aloha Tower Marketplace, you will find the annual New Year’s Eve party of the year. It offers attractions, food trucks, DJs and live music that leads to fireworks at midnight.

Honolulu, USA

If you want to take another look at the New Year’s Eve fireworks show, board the Star of Honolulu or Dolphin Star for a fireworks cruise. Start the New Year with summer wear in Honolulu, where fireworks exploded on Waikiki Beach and the Aloha Tower Market.

This is one of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations for the whole family in the United States, and we recommend taking the kids for an unforgettable vacation. The Kaka’ako Waterfront Park offers something for everyone, including carnival attractions, a beer garden, food truck and various entertainment options.

If you do not have children by your side, you should go to one of the city’s theme parties, costume parties and best DJs. It’s also wonderful to sound Hawaiian style in the New Year and to go to the beach in the morning to heal this hangover.

14.   San Antonio, Texas

The advantage of many of these New Year’s Eve destinations is the weather, and San Antonio is no exception, where it feels like spring on the San Antonio River Walk, the central location for the celebration. Several restaurants and bars along the River Walk offer packages and special offers, including fixed price menus and private seating to celebrate the New Year.

San Antonio
San Antonio

The New Year’s Eve celebration in downtown San Antonio is the largest in Texas. From 5.00 pm, various stages with music, attractions and food will be offered, leading to the grand finale of fireworks.

15.  Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville hosts the annual New Year’s Eve party, Bash on Broadway, which is free and features great musicians. After all, that’s Music City. Several key bands are entering the stage in front of Nashville’s “Music Note Drop,” which celebrates confetti cannons and fireworks.

Elsewhere, many of Nashville’s best bars and eateries, including the famous Ryman Auditorium, organize parties and events. Mstreet, which owns several popular restaurants and bars in Nashville, sells a New Year’s Eve ticket to four parties.

Nashville, USA
Nashville, USA

With more than 180 recording studios scattered throughout the city, Nashville is best known for its incredible music scene. the city every day of the year, but the events that take place on New Year’s Eve are really something special.

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If you have a limited budget, the good news is that one of the best parties here is free. It takes place at Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, the city-organized New Year’s event, which usually features live music from some of the most important names in country music.

16.  Lake Tahoe, Nevada and California

For a little New Year’s Eve, to make these winter Christmas dreams come true, Lake Tahoe is for you. The action on South Lake Tahoe takes place at the Heavenly Mountain Resort, featuring live music, artists and ice sculptures, which together with the falling Times Square balls in New York City is the only “Gondola Ball Drop” in the world.

Lake Tahoe, USA
Lake Tahoe, USA

On the north side of the lake, the big party takes place in the Squaw Valley, with live music, fireworks (better viewed from the KT Base Bar) and a later party at the Olympic House. If you want to spend an urban New Year’s Eve with a mountain town in Reno, Nevada, it’s 30 miles.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada and California
Lake Tahoe

Thousands of people descend on the Reno Arch for a great firework display. Reno’s many casino resorts that organize their own parties include the LEX nightclub Grand Sierra Resort, Peppermill and Silver Legacy, which all offer live performances and party benefits.

17.  Washington DC

There are many parties, dances and bars for residents and visitors in the nation’s capital on New Year’s Eve. Beyond the DC line, family celebrations are held in the nearby suburbs of Washington for the first night, including in Old Town Alexandria. New Year’s Eve in Washington, D.C.

It’s a show with parties and specials in the big hotels and several fireworks shows. You can go out for dinner on New Year’s Eve in restaurants in Washington, DC, many of which offer tasting menus and champagne.

Washington D.C. Tidal basin
Tidal basin

At First Night Alexandria and First Nights, ideal for families, in Maryland and Virginia, you’ll find live performances, excellent food, and midnight fireworks, all reminiscent of kids. The country’s capital may not be the first destination you can think of when planning a fun New Year’s Eve, but Washington DC offers some of the best festivals in the United States.

Many of the city’s night clubs organize parties with open bars. But if you want to spend a quieter night, you can take a romantic boat cruise on the Potomac, or take your family to the Capitol River promenade to enjoy music, makeup, and other activities.

Washington D.C.
Washington D.C., USA

Naturally, midnight fireworks are spectacular and can vary greatly To be seen from places in the city.

18.  Portland, Oregon:-

In Portland, there are more nightlife options than visitors, which promises that this city is the perfect location for the New Year’s Eve party. In addition to relaxing in one of the craft bars with friends and listening to live music, celebrations are taking place throughout the city, including some epic dances.

The Portland Champagne Ball is one of the city’s most famous parties, offering 17 bars, four theme rooms and 4 dance floors. Expect a hot and cold buffet with desserts, night pizza, party memories, photo booths, wine and more. In addition, you can dress and act elegantly at this party.

Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon

Or head to the Pearl District for places like Big LeGrow ski, Low Brow Lounge or Teardrop Cocktail Lounge. Whatever kind of celebration you’re looking for, you’ll find it here in Portland.

Portland has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that most visitors find irresistible, and offers a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities year-round. Temperatures can be quite cold in winter. So, warm up and practice hoses or skates, or visit the Pioneer Courthouse Square to admire the lights.

When the night comes, board a ferry to attend a dance party in one of the two rivers in the area, or go more traditional and attend one of the celebrations held in the city’s numerous bars, discos and restaurants.

19.  New Orleans, Louisiana

The New Year is one of the best parties celebrated in New Orleans besides Carnival. Here they do it a bit differently, there are certainly funny hats and noisemakers, but there are also some unique experiences.

Jackson Square offers the city’s biggest party with live music all night long and a great firework display. Instead of a typical ball throw at midnight, they do something different in this city.

Anyone can see the clock marking midnight and a giant lily descending from a 25-foot pole on top of a building and fireworks illuminating the sky in tune with the music. The party continues on Bourbon Street as parties and clubs go crazy and people leave the party until the early hours of the morning.

Or visit one of the fantastic live music venues or venues to celebrate a smaller and quiet New Year celebration. Visit Jackson Square for the city’s biggest party and spend New Year’s Eve party on Bourbon Street listening to jazz music and / or anticipating the Sugar Bowl. New Orleans is always ready for a party, so New Year’s Eve is an easy option.

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And because New Orleans does things a little differently, “Baby New Year” falls from its place at the top of the Jax Brewery (shops and restaurants, no beer) at midnight, followed by fireworks over the Mississippi and will continue to celebrate in the French Quarter , Most people associate Carnival with New Orleans, but the city can also offer a first-class experience at the end of the year.

The last night of the year transforms the whole city into a party where people drift between elegant cocktail bars and dirty discos. Admission is free in many places, so it’s relatively easy to spend the New Year here, even if you make your last-minute plans. At midnight, make your way to Jackson Square to see the fireworks and signature lily that take place at midnight on the Mississippi River.

  1. Aspen

Nestled in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains, Aspen is a great place to spend the New Year, whether you’re spending a day skiing with your loved ones, attending an exclusive concert, or enjoying an elegant champagne toast. Midnight Located on Aspen Mountain two New Year’s Eve fireworks games take place: a show takes place at 8 pm So everyone can enjoy it and another party at midnight.

Most accommodation and event tickets are usually sold out well in advance. Therefore, plan your trip as soon as possible. End the year with your best foot, skiing or snowshoeing, and enjoy one (or more) of Aspen Snowmass’s classic winter activities on December 31st.


Ski or ride your favorite mountain, go snowshoeing in the Northstar Nature Preserve, run the Owl Creek Trail Cross Country Skiing, join the smuggler with friends, or unwind in a local spa. Choose: You have so many options for an exceptional day in Aspen Snowmass, and it is likely that you will be accompanied by the locals who train before the nocturnal festivities.

Snowmass on New Year’s Eve is a fun option for families, whether you’re attending the show for snow mass skiing and torch-lit riding, or just looking from the bottom.

The fee for the parade starts at 17.30. and you can register in advance (or on the day) in the Snowmass Ticket Pavilions. Skiers and snowboarders from the age of 8 years are cordially invited to participate in the parade. Fireworks at 22 o’clock

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If you want to enjoy more, the Manhattan Party Band will perform at the Belvedere Lounge, DJ Cyn will perform at the Dom Pérignon Lounge and the Flatirons Jazz Band will take over the Hennessy Lounge.

Captivating surprises include Brazilian funk and freestyle dancers, who lure the audience onto the dance floor. 22.00 – 1.30 am with fireworks over Aspen Mountain at midnight. Tickets are required. Join the Limelight Hotel, Aspen 82 and NIGHTOUT on a journey to your New Year with Odyssey, a New Year’s Eve experience.

Guests enjoy a Premium Open Bar and delicious snacks throughout the night for a magical transition between the years. The sounds will be provided by DJ Soul Atomic and a special guest DJ will perform in the lounge.

By Poonam Neupane