999 Happy Mothers Day Wishes Quotes 2020 – Short Messages Collection in English With Images

Let only warm words sound in your life, let the grayness not affect your everyday life, and every day will be beautiful in its own way.

 Let the children make you happy with frequent visits, call more often, and take care of you as much as you took care of them. 

To be a mother is to be strong, to be courageous and to be beloved.  And, apparently, for this reason, mother is the most valuable person for each of us.  Congratulations!

Dear mommy!  Congratulations on your holiday, which may not be in every calendar. With the holiday, which, perhaps, not everyone knows.  This is regrettable, for it deserves to become the most significant date in the series of all red days. 

After all, this is Mother’s Day, the day when each of us is obliged to honor the dearest, closest, most dear person in the world – his mother! 

All the words of all the languages ​​in the world are not enough to express to you, my dear mom, all my appreciation, tenderness and love, and therefore I just tell you: Mom, thank you for being there!

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Mom, you know, I’m a very happy woman!  I was very lucky, because I always had you – gentle, affectionate, loving, the best mother in the world! 


You cooed over my cradle, didn’t sleep at night, rejoiced at every new gesture and word, forgave my pranks … You took my hand to the first class, was proud, empathized, grieved, laughed, reliving my school years with me.  And so day after day, year after year.  You tirelessly took care of me, giving warmth to your hot mother’s heart!

 Mommy, I congratulate you on Mother’s Day!  You deserve all the best!  I wish to always think positively and remain optimistic!  And I will never try to upset you!  Know, I love you very much!

It is said that love rules the world. Sometimes mutually, sometimes unresponsive.  But there is love in the world that is not subject to anything: neither time, nor condemnation, nor oblivion.  This is mother’s love.  She accompanies us from the very first moment on this earth.

 We feel maternal love before we are born.  We grow up, we leave home.  But even at the edge of the earth, we remember that somewhere far mother’s hands and kind eyes are waiting for us.

 My dear!  Thank you for your unselfish love.  For your participation and experiences, for anxiety and care.  Let a bright star light up over your house every evening!  And every morning warm rays of the sun penetrate your window!  Live long, long time, be healthy and happy!

 I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your care, love and wisdom, for patience and kindness. For the ability to always listen, help, understand, give good advice and come to the rescue. 

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 Your wisdom and love for life fills our home and our souls with warmth and joy.  How many holidays you gave us, how many tasty treats your skillful hands prepared.  Thank you, mommy, for everything!

  For a happy childhood, for a beautiful youth.  Thank you for being and always there.  Be healthy and happy, my dear!


 A woman’s highest calling is to be a mother.  And may it always be, let motherhood be the most important thing and the most important happiness for each of the women!

Maternity – the main part of the puzzle, which develops into a picture of happiness, but there are other important pieces: love, health, success.  So let all these parts be present in your life so that you easily put together your happy puzzle.  Happy Mother’s Day!

On the holiday of all moms, I wish, my dear mummy, that old age, fatigue and illness never find a way for you. So that happy moments, joyful emotions, pleasant impressions and a great many wonderful events fill your life.

Dear Mom!  You are my earthly compass, my angel, my consolation.  You gave me life, taught me to be happy.  I wish you many years of sweet life.  Let fate be generous to you and give pleasant moments.

Favorite mommy, may your holiday be Mother’s Day every day. Let your eyes laugh every moment, your heart rejoices, your body is full of health and vigor, your beauty will not fade, let every moment be happy.

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May each day that you dedicate to your children return to you a year of happiness.

May each alarming minute turn into a day of joy, may all prayers for children be heard by the Lord.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day, the most caring, gentle and beautiful mother in the world.  Being a mother is both a reward and hard work, and you are an example of dedication and sensitivity.  Health, fulfillment of desires and female happiness!

Let your eyes be filled with love so that there is no room for tears in them.  And let the children return to you, with huge percentages, all the warmth that you gave them.  Let your feminine happiness always be with you.

 Dear Mom!  Let your days consist of exceptionally beautiful moments, carrying sparkling joy, light enthusiasm and real warmth.  Let nothing upset, and everything goes wonderfully!


 What happiness, mommy, when you’re around.  Your hands smell of dying, tender eyes glow, your smile warms and gives strength, let it be forever!  On mother’s day, I wish you, dear, happy, joyful longevity, surrounded by loving people.

I congratulate you on the holiday, which applies to all people on our planet, – Happy Mother’s Day.  I wish that the one who gave life to you, and those to whom you gave life, were healthy and happy!

Moms devoted a lot of warm and wonderfully beautiful lines.  Perhaps my message is not as poetic and voluminous as the others.  But you, Mommy, are dearer to me, more valuable, beloved of all! 

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 Let your children grow with dignity and become pride for you, let them praise their kin and native land!  May you be faithful and good support, and your grandchildren will be your joy, the source of new inspiration and vitality.

 Congratulations!  I wish your children to be in touch with you all the time and not to stop the telephone from their calls!  Let the holidays gather you at the same table and let your own hearts play a cheerful and joyful melody of happiness in the same rhythm.

Your mother’s heart keeps great love and kindness, hands exude warmth and tenderness. And your soul is full of energy and willingness to help and protect your children, always and everywhere.  Congratulations and wish you 100% return, the same happiness and health!

My caring mom!  With endless gratitude for warmth and affection, understanding and support I congratulate you on the spring holiday of mothers! 

Let your eyes reflect the happiness that lives in the soul without change, the mood always remains vigorous, all the events of fate bear only bright, kind and joyful!

 Mom, thank you for the warm gentle hands, kind smile, devoted heart and admiring, encouraging look! 

On Mother’s Day, I thank you again and again for giving me a wonderful life and getting to know the amazing world.  I love you and wish you great joy and happiness.

Mom’s position – for life.  I wish you to enjoy every working day, to receive a salary with kisses, bonuses – with delicate hugs.  Let your favorite boss make entries in your work record with your successes and achievements.  A reward for your hard work will be pride in your child.  Happy Mother’s Day!

 Let the happiness warm the heart as rapidly as the sun’s rays, success will be shed in a cheerful, noisy rain. Luck will invigorate and inspire, like a playful fresh wind, and astounding prospects will spread wide and colorful, like a sudden rainbow!  Happy Mother’s Day! Copy

 Mommy, you are my light, my warmth, my air and a clean sip of water.  Without you there would not be me, there would not be all that I have now.  I wish you long, healthy, prosperous and happy years of life!  Let all the angels keep you on the earth with me.

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 Let life remain bright, like the colors of leaf fall, and warmth always lives in the soul.  Remain a wonderful mom who gives care and tenderness to the whole family and receives adoration and love in return!

 Mom, you are like a bank where I have a life loan of love and understanding.  I wish you a stable state of the nervous system, ever-growing strength and patience, regular investments in health.

 I promise to make regular payments of attention and tenderness, in return for payments received of kindness, support and care.  Happy mother’s day my dear!

For your love, care and affection, for my happy childhood, low bow to you, Mommy. And on Mother’s Day I again and again pray Heaven for health for you, for your long, calm and flourishing life.

 May my prayers be heard, may your heart tirelessly beat in joyful excitement, may harmony reign in the soul, and in life – great happiness!

 Happy Mother’s Day!  Let your beauty shine like a fresh morning of early winter. Your heart will be cozy and joyful, like a crimson fall, a tireless inspiration beating in your heart, airy, like a timid spring wind. And happiness will be unforgettable, like a luxurious generous summer!

May your mission on the planet be honorable and rewarded with the happiness of your children.

Motherhood is a life long journey.  You get into the car on the platform The first cry and begins the voyage to the stations. Sleepless nights, Nurseries, Kindergarten, School, First Love, Institute, Wedding, Grandchildren and many others.  I wish at every stop to enjoy discoveries, to enjoy communication and to keep good memories in my memory. 

 On this festive day, filled with flowers, surprises and smiles of children. I wish your mother’s happiness to sparkle with all facets of joy and all the colors of the rainbow. So that children’s love and care will never end, so that life continuously and pleasantly surprised you,  successful and beautiful.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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You are a mother, which means you know how to sincerely care and love endlessly. Hope with all your heart and believe with all your heart, to be unusually strict and incredibly cheerful.  Keep these valuable qualities, and let them help in achieving any amazing dream. 

 Being a mom is a fascinating and enjoyable job, constant and painstaking, selfless and responsible.  I wish that your parental experience includes years of dreams and hopes, tenderness and delight, happiness, joy and pride in your beloved and best child in the world.

 Let the light-winged hopes and dreams hover over your head like quivering butterflies, hurrying to be fulfilled and envelop your heart with joy. And let your subtle soul excite you with incomparable happiness, incredible and exciting, like a feeling of flight! 

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