999 Happy Mothers Day Wishes Quotes 2020 – Short Messages Collection in English With Images

All that is beautiful and light in me is all thanks to you, mother!  You always inspired me with your kindness, patience, optimism and faith in me. 

There will be too few words of gratitude to explain how I appreciate everything you have done for me.  Happy Mother’s Day, dear. 

Sweet and dear, my mommy!  You gave me a life decorated with your tender love, care and affection.  Next to you it is always easy for me, all problems immediately dissolve. 

I congratulate you on Mother’s Day and wish that all your days were like pearls: beautiful, bright, original and bring only happiness and pleasure.

 Dear Mom, I know for sure that at any time I can come to you for advice, you will listen, and it will immediately become easier.  You always understand me, you always support me – you are my best friend. 

You have always taught and teach me how to live and enjoy life.  I wish you to be always healthy, not to lose your sense of humor, vital energy, youth of the soul.  Happy holiday, my dear.

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On this day, wherever I am, I always rush to you, my dear and dear mother.  I want to personally congratulate you on Mother’s Day, gently hug and kiss. 


Mom, you love flowers very much, so let your life be like the most beautiful greenhouse in which flowers of joy, love, luck and endless happiness will grow.

There is nothing more native in the whole world than the voice of the mother!  So let me on the day of respect for all mothers wish you a lot of children’s warmth, love and mutual understanding. 

Let your soul shine brighter than any stars, and do not age with time!  Keep and give your warmth to your children, and let it respond to you with health and comfort!

My beloved mommy!  Today is your holiday – Mother’s Day.  How much warm, good I want to tell you.   Your wise advice helps me in life, your love protects me always.

 Your radiant, gentle eyes make sure that I don’t do anything stupid.  Mom, you gave me life!  And from the first minutes to today I live in safe hands! 

Your prayer for me helps me to be all successful.  Sorry if in the confusion of days, sometimes I forget to make you at least a little pleasantness.  Dear mommy!  I congratulate you on the holiday.

 I wish you good health, good luck, happiness.  Let the smile never leave your mouth, let the eyes never see tears.  Live, my dear, and for a long time please me with your presence on earth.

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There is no better holiday on earth than Mother’s Day.  We owe our lives to you, our relatives!  Thanks to motherly love, the Earth exists, and it rests not on three whales, but on the strong love of mothers. 


What are we without mom?  Nothing!  Mother’s tenderness, love help us in everything.  Mother’s eyes are always watching us, mother’s heart always feels something bad and warns us.

 Mother’s hands make a miracle in the kitchen.  Today, on your holiday, I want to dedicate many warm words to you, but most importantly, THANKS to you for everything, my dear and beloved! 

You are the most important person in my life to whom I can devote all my secrets, you are the most reliable person on earth who will never betray.  I wish you, my dear, health, happiness, peace, patience and comfort.  Happy holiday!

Mom – in this word our whole life.  Great gift of fate – Mom.  And we have to keep this in mind all our lives. 

Mom – the beginning of all beginnings.  This is you, my dear, teach me to live in justice.  That you always worry and pray for me.  And so I live so well. 

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Mommy!  You are the coast of my life.  And I want you to teach me with your wise advice for a long time. 

May God grant you good health, happiness and love in children.  Let the smile on your lips shine more often, let the sorrow pass you by.  Live for a long, long time and make us happy. 

Mom, mommy, my love, the most tender, kind, sweet, the best, beautiful, unique!  How many warm words can you say!  And you will not retell all.  You deserve only the best. 

After all, it was you, mother, raised me, taught me to live in justice, taught me to forgive and help.

 After all, these are your kind, simple, parting words, as I always repeat a prayer, and they help me in everything. 


After all, only you can open my secret.  I congratulate you, Mommy, with Mother’s Day.  Be always healthy, be always happy. Let only good news come to your house.  Let luck always go alongside you. 

My beloved mummy, thank you so much that you are always side by side, always prompt, support, and teach how to live correctly.  No nicer and kinder woman for me on earth than you, my good mom. 

Today is mother’s holiday, accept my best wishes from your daughter.  Be always beautiful, desirable and young.

  Let happiness meet you everywhere, and joy will be a good companion.  Smiles to you, sun, warmth, and apple blossom in the shower.  May God always protect you from failures.

Only with my mother I feel like the happiest woman on earth.  And no matter how old I am, I always need my mother’s hint, mother’s wise advice, and just my mother’s kind word.  I love you, Mommy, with my immense, strong filial love. 

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On mother’s day, I wish you, dear, tremendous happiness, a peaceful sky over your head, more smiles. 

May all your dreams come true without fail, may good luck walk behind your shadow. May the good that you give me return to you with thoris.

Dear, beloved mommy.  I congratulate you on a wonderful holiday – Mother’s Day.  Be happy, my dear, let the sorrow forever disappear from your life.  Good health to you, peace and all the best.

 Thank you, mommy, for everything and a low bow to the ground.  May all your dreams become reality, may hope, faith and love always be with you.

 All earthly blessings to you, peace and longevity.  Be always young, beautiful and fun.  Let the guiding star point you in the right way in life.

For centuries, history was made by men, but behind every even strong warrior, there was a woman – his mother.

 Maternal love and words, remain in the soul of a person for life and today I want to congratulate you. Mommy and wish that you are always cared for by close people, that every day begins with a smile, health over the years.

Mom is the most important word in the life of every person; mom will not quit and will not betray. She will always become a support for her child.  I wish you always remain the same loving, gentle, caring mom!

  You raised your children with real people. You are a mother with a capital letter, and I want to thank you so much.  I wish you good health, good spirits and great happiness.

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 You are a mother from God because you have raised a wonderful and beautiful daughter.  I want to wish you good health, happiness, well-being and success in all matters. 

 You are the most caring, gentle, your hands warm, and your eyes radiate happiness.  Stay the same always, I love you very much. 

Mommy, I congratulate you on Mother’s Day!  This holiday is full of spiritual warmth, because all the children of the world congratulate the dearest people in the world – their mothers! 

No wonder they say that mom is a guide between God and people, because it is thanks to her that all are born.

 I want to wish you, Mom, great happiness, good health, never get sick or grow old!  Know that I will always come to your aid and help you cope with any situation! 

The main thing is to smile more often, because mom’s smile is the best incentive for a child who gives everyone a good mood!  I wish you material well-being and great success in any business!

Sleepless nights and day-to-day experiences are the norm rather than the exception for you.  You are for all your heart and soul, support, advise, admonish.  I bow to you for this, Mom!

 We always listen to your words, because they are worth a lot, like your invaluable care.  Be happy, healthy and smiling!  And also, please – worry less for us. 

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Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love, and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love. Stevie Wonder

We have long fledgling chicks, who themselves have risen to the wing and are ready for accomplishments and flights.  And at the same time our gratitude for your warmth, diligence is simply endless! 

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Be light as the clear sky, warm as the sun and trembling like a deer!  We love you very, very dear!

Today we celebrate a wonderful holiday – Mother’s Day.  And to you, as one of the most beautiful moms, I want to wish all the best.  I want to wish you patience, I want to wish you joy, I want to wish you health and happiness. 

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