999 Happy Mothers Day Wishes Quotes 2020 – Short Messages Collection in English With Images

Motherhood also carries a kind of natural sorrow: your children fly into the world. But the more you raise them, the more they can get. And despite the distance, the children raised in love are getting closer and closer to their mother. Your place is in their heart, so it will always be like you are there.

Don’t ask me what my mother was like: can sunlight be written? It radiated warmth, power, and joy. I remember better how it affected me than its features.

Being a mother is not a craft. Not even a duty. Simply one of many. It will be an exhaustive warfare. And you’ll almost always lose. But never despair! To fight is much nicer than to win, travel is much more fun than to arrive: when you arrive somewhere or win, there is a huge space in you. And to defeat the void in yourself, you will travel again, set new goals for yourself.

I looked at Mom as she did everything, and I realized I would never be able to completely tear myself out of her. No matter how strong or weak I am, my mom is just as important as my heart. I will never be so strong that I can be without it.

Happy mothers day wishes

Mom can only be a woman. This is her privilege. Her vocation. The most beautiful and the most difficult. The hardest thing is that a profession that never gives you freedom will never allow you to rest, constant attention, love, devotion, wait, demand. Yet it is beautiful. Because only she knows the secret. The secret of the mother’s heart. How a new life becomes an independent person.

Mothers call them mothers, their neck and shoulders are warm, where we drill our heads and have a good smell.

Mothers always (always, anytime, etc.) take care of us, keep their eyes on us constantly, and they seem to be happy. Happy.


The color of their eyes is as if the heavens were falling, but the Sun would shine. In the deep eyes of their eyes – later – we see the sadness, the constant, inexorable and indestructible pain that we don’t know what it is, unless it is laughter.

They keep their light palms on our chest, our heartbeat, and we wake up like this. Either way, when we open our eyes, their faces fill the entire visible space. The world.

Mom really is a spider. Throughout her life, she weaved everything out of nothing: food, wonderful clothes, love, teaching, and a roof to our head. I’m the spider’s daughter.

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 I see my mother as beautiful. I’ve been trying to make you happy all my life. Because, when happy, the whole house is cheering, the walls smile broadly, the curtains are cracking with joy. The light blue pillowcases laugh in the sunlight flowing through the open windows, and the flaming tongues cheer the dance on the stove.

Motherhood is uncritical, selfless, and self-sacrificing; maternal love forgives everything: hysterics, tears, indifference, ungratefulness, or cruelty.

 Motherhood is a black hole that absorbs criticism, went up from all charges, forgives blasphemy, theft and lies. And even turns the worst act into something that is not her fault.

You gave me life, and more importantly, lessons on how to live. You are the source of all the good I have achieved in my life. Mommy, thank you for everything you are and what I am.

If all the stars were diamonds, every spring bud would be the purest pearl: there is little interest, very little. If every river flows through my soul and a thousand gratitude grumbles would only mumble, my thanks would still be limited. If I hand over all the colors of the earth, I can’t thank her sweetness.


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The sweetest words given to mortals: mother, home, heaven.

Thank you for enduring the unbearable. That you’ve created something from scratch. You were able to give me empty pockets. How you loved us when there was nothing lovable in us. Thank you for solving the impossible with one smile.

You are stronger than any strength: maternal love! You are dressed in sunlight! You have a holy flame descending from God’s heart, not afraid of death, strong with no weakness!

If you are a mother, you will never be really alone in your thoughts. A mother all the time thinks twice: once for herself, second for her child.

A love stronger than everything, more obstinate than everything, more lasting than everything, is only the love of a mother.  You are everything to me, Mother!

Mother’s love can be translated into one universal language: giving.  To speak of this feeling is to comprehend that it is the most complete form of love.  Happy Mothers Day!

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Mother you are the star of my life that makes my darkest days shine that makes my heart warm in the cold.  You are the purity of love!

Mom, I try to do all the things to give you back what you have done for me, but I know I can never get close, so I wanted to register all the love I feel for you.

Mother, you do not bow before difficulties, but overcome them.  Her love enchants me, her strength makes me proud and I am really privileged to have her in my life.

Mother, you are the only person in the world who is always present unconditionally.  If I reject you, you forgive me.  If I am wrong, you welcome me.  If my friends do not welcome me, you open a door for me.  If I’m happy, you celebrate with me.  If I’m sad, don’t smile until you make me laugh.  Thank you for being my unconditional friend!


Mama, you may not know how much I love you, it must be because I do not express it.  But my heart is beaming when I get home and find you by my side.  My world is nothing if you are not in it.  Congratulations on your day!

 Mother of belly or mother of life, mother always or chosen … The types change, but love does not.  Happy Mothers Day!

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Mother, Mother’s Day is only once a year, but I love you every day.

Mother, all day is your day!  If I could, I would give you a flower truck of all colors, the whole sky and the sea … For I love to love you.  Happy Mothers Day!

 Each dawn is for you an invitation to dream, a call to live and an opportunity to love.  Happy Mothers Day!

Mother, every day I thank you for the life you gave me.  But on this Mother’s Day, I want to thank you for the example you are.  With all the gratitude and love that I have learned from you, I want to wish you a happy and beautiful Mother’s Day.  I love you!

Mother, you have planted in me love, harmony and peace.  She knew how to teach me to be someone before I did.  You have always shown how to love and forgive.  Thank God that you are my mother.  Happy Mothers Day!

Mother, life presents us with wonderful people like you, who teach by learning, by example and by unconditional love.  Congratulations on your day.

 You open your arms always when I need a hug.  Your heart knows how to understand when I need a friend.  Your sensitive eyes harden whenever I need to be taught a lesson.  Your strength and your love guided me through life and gave me the wings I needed to fly.

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Mother, you are the first person in my life.  It is unique and eternal.  Thanks for everything.  Happy Mothers Day!

 Today is the day of the person who made me who I am.  Of the person who created me with such affection.  Today is a day to return all the affection and attention you gave me.  Happy Mothers Day.  You are my pride, too!

 Mother, life gave me the gift of placing you as the person who takes care of me.  You teach by knowing, by example and by unconditional love.  Congratulations on your day!

 My world exists only because of you.  I will be eternally grateful for all the love you have given me and I always want to give back.  You deserve everything good and a little more.  Happy Mothers Day! 

You educated me, taught me to live and always showed me the right way.  Every day is your day, but today is even more special.  A more than deserved Happy Mother’s Day!

 I’m proud to call you Mom.  You are my guiding star, who has always comforted me and deserves the best.  Today, the day is all yours.  Happy Mothers Day!

My life  be the same without you.  All the advice, love that have been given to me will never be forgotten.  You are my source of inspiration and every day I thank you for being my mother.  May your day be very special!

 If I were to write everything that you represent in my life, I would not have enough space for all the words here.  I see all the light, strength and affection of the world in you.  And I would not know how to live without you, Mother. 

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 You are essential in my life and always will be.  Whatever the distance, we’ll never be apart.  Our link is eternal.  You’re the number one person in my life.  Thank you for everything, Mother, I will always be with you.

Mother, term used to designate a heart capable of loving infinitely.  It is to feel for two, to smile for two, to suffer for two.  It’s giving the best of you, twice.  It’s the one that heals with a hug.  The one who heals with a kiss.  The one who gave birth, love.

Life does not come with manual.  But it comes with mother, which is the same thing.

Mother is an angel of light and love.  Happy Mothers Day.  I love you!

The Cradle in which, falling asleep, rests a newborn. Under the curtain of the veil, It seems to represent, To the mother who cherishes it, A small piece of the sky.

Moms are just like fairies.  They are angels full of love.  So warriors in day to day!  And delicate as a flower.

Mother, today I can understand that the scolding you gave me when I was a child helped me to become a better person.  Today I come to thank you for everything, for the affection and the pulling of the ear.  Without you I wouldn’t have been able to.  I love you!

If I am a better human being today, I owe it to you, dear mother.

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