999 Happy Mothers Day Wishes Quotes 2020 – Short Messages Collection in English With Images

By presenting you with a bouquet of your favorite flowers, I regret that I cannot wrap in rustling paper and tie a whole flower field with a colorful ribbon!

Today, your cake, which you bake, is certainly the best, especially delicious and sweet! Mom, today you are like a kind queen and a fairytale fairy, give us your smiles and kind words.

The warmth of the home, the comfort of the mother’s embrace nothing can replace. I would like to wish you to always remain so cheerful and happy, surrounded by a family full of just pride in their children. Confident that a close-knit family is together and that there are still many wonderful days ahead!

There are billions of people on the planet and one on Earth is my mother. I always find out my mother even if the eyes tie.

Happy mothers day wishes

You, Mom, take care of health. Keep warmth and joy in your soul. Believe that everything will be fine. And never disease and old age let not knock on your window. Let the smile never fade from your bright face. Let all that the soul desires, Of course you will.

Dear mommy! I know – being a mother is the most difficult job without holidays and days off. I am eternally grateful to you for doing this job so well.

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Mothers Day Quotes

You do everything to grow a decent and educated person. How much labor and patience is needed for this! Mom, you are my best. I want to wish you good health, vigor, good mood, more joyful and bright days.


Sweet, caring, gentle and affectionate mother! I congratulate you on the holiday and with all my heart I wish you good mood, good health, joy and fulfillment of all desires! I love you and will always be there if you need my help!

Mom, there is no woman in the world whom we would appreciate more than you. For the warmth and comfort with which you filled our house, for the caress of the touches of your warm hands, for the understanding in your eyes. I wish you to always feel our admiration, gratitude and love.

There is no greater call on earth Sacred name than Mother! She is from the beginning of the universe. She lives only in order to give everything away!

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Mothers Day Quotes

Initially, the flesh and blood gave, Then – breast milk …Sleepless nights, we rocked. And defended, so as not to offend anyone …Children are growing up. Only for mom Her baby is all a child!

Take care of your mother: appreciate every minute spent with her, because then all this will not be, cherish her and be smarter.

MOM is the best polyglot. She unmistakably understands with her heart such sounds, adverbs and phrases of her child, which in principle cannot be comprehended by any other person …

The mother’s heart is the deepest abyss at the depth of which you will inevitably find forgiveness.

Happy mothers day wishes

I love my mom, like a tree loves the sun and water – shr helps me grow, thrive and reach great heights.


The first word of a person is mom, the last is mom. The world keeps on the caress of mothers.

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Mothers Day Quotes

Amongst all the flowers on the Earth, you are the most beautiful. Among all the laughter, yours is the happiest. Your sweet look only makes me want to tell you one thing: you are simply the perfect mother!

Mother, I thank God for your life, for being your daughter and for learning so much with your motherly love. I have faith that God always has great blessings for your life, for you have been a faithful woman, full of faith and with a heart full of love.

You have been patiently seeking the best for your life. God has kept his steps, he has sustained his trust and this affection is passed on. I feel this because I am your daughter, I am the fruit of your love. I am inevitable part of your story, a piece of your world and a dream that has come true in your life.

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Mothers Day Quotes

May God keep you like this; special, friend, mother and servant of this God who can do all things.

 I have no doubt that your ability to be an example of love will continue to overcome the limits of time.

Happy mothers day wishes

May the heavens shower you with blessings as a reward for the kind heart that is in your bosom! Congratulations, my mother.

My beloved mother, I hope that this day will be a memorable day for you, who can celebrate by the grace of the Lord more this stage of your life, overcoming evil, defeat and pain. Because our Father wants us to be happy, and at peace with the world.

I am part of you, and a result of the power of God. I am a gift to you, and you a light to me. A light that brings me to happiness, because I know that your love leaves us much closer to the Lord’s Paradise.

I hope with all my heart that you are as happy as I am, that you can feel good about this year of life. And above all, that you continue to serve our God with faith and hope.


I wish that no evil may come near you, and may a strong light of love always protect you.

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Mothers Day Quotes

Dear Mom, today I want to celebrate with you this long awaited day for all of us. I want you to know my love, my admiration and my respect.

I want my prayers to come to the Father Almighty, I want to ask Him to open windows and doors from the sky and pour in your direction, health, peace, love and many years of life.

I want to feel in your mother’s eyes, all the tenderness a daughter needs to overcome the obstacles in the way. I want to hold your hands and find in your chest all the love I need.

I am very happy to know that you have a special love and affection for me. To wish for many years of life is what I can do, and I hope that God hears my prayers and gives you all the strength of the world for you to always win.

Happy mothers day wishes

 Mom, Know that here inside of me, you have a heart full of love to offer you at all times.

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Mothers Day Quotes

May the calendar of life reserve motives for smiling on this day so full of life. Congratulations!

Mother, we want to thank you for your friendship, for your support, for your hand that has never ceased to support our steps and our lives. And also the affection that has always dedicated us.

I thank you for the words of God you have taught us, and for all the reasons that make us love you so much.

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Mothers Day Quotes

Each day that passes you become more friendly, becomes our best example, our greatest reference of life.

May God reward you for everything. For all the days you have dedicated us your attention and your support.

 May the almighty Father bless you, protect you and continue to fill your heart full of love and dreams with light.

Happy mothers day wishes

Congratulations still for the family that we are, for the love that we feel for you. After all, it was your heart that taught us to love so much. This day is all yours.

 Mother, your existence is fundamental for understanding and peace in our home. You with all your love, patience and wisdom know how to control and calm all those around you, giving life lesson, so that we continue to live in harmony.

You deserve what is best in the world, great health and full happiness, and especially on this day, that you can feel completely happy and fulfilled.

May your wishes and wants come true and the goodness that surrounds your heart will multiply every year.

For this sublime feeling, you have taught us and transmits all your love and affection that is so important to us.

Happy mothers day wishes

All that I am, or pretend to be, I owe to a fairy, my mother.

MOM…They are three letters only, Those of this blessed name. Three letters, nothing more …And in them fits the infinite. And such a small word, even confess the atheists. You are the size of the sky. And only less than God!

She has the ability to hear the silence. Guess feelings. Find the right word at uncertain times. Strengthen us when everything around us seems to collapse. Wisdom borrowed from the gods to protect us.

Everything is uncertain in this hideous world, but not the love of a mother.

A proof that true love exists is your mother! She is always ready to support you, even when you fight (yes, the “bickering” happens in the best families) or when everything around you seems to fall.

Mother’s affection for her child is unlike anything else in the world. She obeys no law or pity, she dares all things and exterminates to be remorse whatever stand in her way.

We love our mothers almost without knowing and only realize the depth of the roots of this love at the time of the final separation.

Happy mothers day wishes

Every woman is like a rose. Queen of all flowers. But the woman who is also a mother is queen among queens. Queen of all roses …

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