999 Happy Mothers Day Wishes Quotes 2020 – Short Messages Collection in English With Images

Mommy! You are like a bright and warm sunbeam adorning the November sky, from the appearance of which the day immediately becomes bright and joyful!

Your boundless love, understanding and kindness always warm and support me. Accept sincere gratitude, wishes of happiness, health and well-being on mother’s day.

From my first breath to this day, there is no woman dearer and closer than you, mother! This holiday is just a reason to tell you about what I feel every day: I love you more than anyone on Earth!

May life save you from bad, you stand only the best and the brightest. Long and happy years of life, mommy!

We wish you mom that, in spite of the November cold and gloomy weather, spring always reigned in your soul. So that you always have a good mood, so that you rarely go to the doctors. And so that we, your children, come to visit you more often and enjoy our success. Happy holiday, our dear mommy!

Mom – is not just the status and degree of kinship. It is a rescue service, psychological assistance, an agency for organizing events, a studio, a beauty salon and round-the-clock delivery of tasty and healthy food.

I wish you it is easy to combine this whole range of essential functions and get only pleasure from the process. Happy motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy mothers day wishes quotes

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Mothers Day Quotes

My dear mother, in this bright day I wish you good health, true happiness and cheerful mood!

 You are the most beautiful, because your smile is so charming, and your eyes are deep and kind! I love you with all my heart and I will love forever, because the child’s love for mother is the most sincere love on earth!

Let an incredible inspiration burst into your life with a colorful, violent whirlwind and fill it with dazzling happy moments. Like tender first snowflakes, and your heart will be bright, pure joy, light as a fresh encouraging breeze! Happy Mother’s Day!

Mommy, you are my kind fairy! You make your dreams come true, solve problems, fill everything around with the magic light of love and tenderness!

I wish that your magical powers only strengthened, magical skills improved, and the list of superpowers is constantly replenished! Happy mother’s day my dear!

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Mothers Day Quotes

Happy mothers day wishes

Sweet mommy, happy mother’s day! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see the sun and sky, rainbow and rain, to feel warmth and wind, love and harmony.

Thank you for the life you gave me, because this is the most precious gift! I wish you joy in your heart, mood in your soul and smiles on your face.

Let in your incredible eyes, as in mysterious lakes, sparkle inspiring happiness, amazing, like the first ray of a charming sunrise. And let it, this happiness, warm you as carefully as the bewitching sun glow!


Happy mother’s day, dear mommy! You are my most beautiful. And this is not surprising, because you are decorated with tenderness, love, wisdom and patience.

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Mothers Day Quotes

I admire you and I wish to always bring beauty to the world and illuminate everything around with magical spiritual light.

Happy Mother’s Day, happy holidays! You are mommy, and motherhood suits you so much. Your beauty has blossomed like a rose, the smile shines, brighter than the sun, and an extraordinary joy appeared in the eyes.

 Be happy all your life, let the children please you, love and appreciate the husband. Let health and strength not only bring up the  but marry the grandchildren!

Let your dazzling beauty make everything around you stop in admiration. As if before a thunderstorm, joy illuminates your life, like an explosion of lightning, victories become deafening than the first spring thunder. And happiness falls on your head suddenly, like a noisy downpour! Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy mothers day wishes

Mother’s Day is a good opportunity to express your feelings to your own dear person. Mom, thanks for the excessive care and excessive vigilance!

If the love of children put up for auction, then yours would become the most expensive lot. But I will never give up such wealth! I wish you to remain damn attractive and have angelic patience!

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Mothers Day Quotes

My amazing and cheerful mommy, I wish you to be mistaken for my sister in the future. Nevertheless, I want to wish myself that my fans would not peep at you too much. And both of us can only wish to continue to be the same intimate friends and also have a fun weekend together, as now!

On your holiday I want to wish you a million smiles and always a good mood. Let our failures don’t upset, we will definitely give you a reason to be proud of us. Let your health allow you not only to look after your grandchildren, but also put great-grandchildren on your feet.

Mom, kind, gentle and radiant, I congratulate you on the holiday, mother’s day! Let this day once again remind you of my love, give tender hugs and words of gratitude. I wish you only health, long life.


Let no one ever be despondent, and the eyes not get wet from tears. Stay always the same beautiful, young, sensitive and caring. Know you are my best!

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Mothers Day Quotes

Happy mothers day wishes

Today is Mother’s Day, and the eyes of all moms in the world shine in a special way, because they are congratulated by the most dear people in life – their children.

We sincerely congratulate all the mummies on the holiday and wish you happiness, a sea of ​​smiles, inspiration and, of course, patience, because without it it is not easy to bear the honorary title of “mother.”

Take care of yourself and be happy, and we, in turn, will protect you from troubles and disappointments. Happy holiday, our caring doves!

The very first word, a caressing ear to the end of life. The most gentle and caring hands. The most kind and sympathetic heart. On Mother’s Day, I want to wish you, dear mommy, true happiness, long life, excellent, good health, understanding and loyalty in the family.

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Mothers Day Quotes

I congratulate my mother on Mother’s Day! Let me say the words of gratitude and love for you. My dear, thank you for your kindness and tenderness, for long, sleepless nights, for your worries, for your care.

 For always giving herself without reserve to us, for words of farewell and blessings. Be my dear, be happy and healthy for many more years, let your eyes know no tears, but hard labor hands. I love you very much, my dear, priceless my mom!

 May life save you from bad, you stand only the best and the brightest. Long and happy years of life, mommy!

Happy mothers day wishes

Beloved Mom, from the bottom of my heart I congratulate you on Mother’s Day. May happiness always accompany you. Stay the same kind, wise and understanding, I love you very much.

There is no person in the world more expensive and closer than mom, and I never get tired of thanking you for what you have done for me.

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Mothers Day Quotes

No treasures of the world will replace the maternal love that you gave me during long and sleepless nights sitting by my bed. Nothing compares to the tenderness of your voice when you read me fairy tales before bedtime.

Nothing will remind me of the warmth of your hands when you wiped my tears of first love. Mom, I want to congratulate you on such a wonderful holiday, to wish from the bottom of my heart joy, smiles, kindness and well-being, as well as health for many, many years to come.

  For me you will always be the best, most caring and most attentive mother in the world! After all, you are like a real guardian angel who protects from insults and disappointments, from tears and mistakes, from troubles and losses. Health to you mummy and longevity! And I beg you – be truly happy!

Mummy darling, my beloved, Today this holiday is just for you. I wish you much happiness and kindness and faith, and hope, and peace forever.

On Mother’s Day, thank you for everything, For the warm look and kindness of a smile! For the white snow of your gray hair, Intertwined and our youth mistakes!

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Mothers Day Quotes

Happy mothers day wishes

Mommy my love, What a pity that far away from home now. We seldom see you very much, I hear your voice from the phone. May God protect you, And let him guard against bad weather. In the eyes, let the light of love burn, and there will be a lot of happiness in your heart!

Dear my mommy! There are not enough words in all dictionaries of the world so that I can express how much I love you!

I wish you to remain always kind and charming, never to need anything and not to lose heart! Let the disease and sorrow pass you by! You are for me the most dear and beloved person on earth!

Thank you, dear, that you eat with us, What we see and hear you every hour. For a kind soul and a warm word, For not seeing bad things in life. Thank you our dear person! We wish you good health for your age!

Dear Mom! Take this day from us sincere warm words: we say thank you for your caring hands, which will always caress and taste deliciously. For your bright smile, which like a sun ray illuminates the path.

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Mothers Day Quotes

Thank you for your kind heart, which forgives all offenses, all misunderstandings in which we are the main characters. Thank you, dear, that you are so we have.

Happy mothers day wishes

Your hands are always the most tender. Your voice is always the softest. Your care ignites a spark of happiness in our eyes.

 Mom, be happy and healthy. We cherish you very much, appreciate every moment with you beside you and remember your every hug.

Mommy! Great health to you, less everyday worries and more sunny and joyful days. We are happy when we see your smile.

Sweet mommy! On this day, I want to hug you tightly and kiss on both cheeks, tell you about how wonderful you are and how good you are, ready to help and give wise, practical advice!

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