999 Happy Mothers Day Wishes Quotes 2020 – Short Messages Collection in English With Images

I wish you have an infinite number of reasons for pride in your child, have unlimited patience, show wisdom in raising a decent person. Never face adversity and illness, be a happy woman and friend to your child! Kindness, understanding, comfort, love, harmony!

I want to congratulate you, my beloved, happy mother’s day! Mom, thank you for everything. Let hardships bypass you, peace and order always reign in the family, and you continue to remain just as beautiful.

The wealth, well-being, attention, strength, care and oceans of warmth and love. Once again with the holiday!

You are a real, excellent mother – you give everything to your children without a trace! I congratulate you and wish you to receive from them what you deserve – great, sincere love, unlimited gratitude and deep respect!

May there not be a single day in your life in which you would not be loved, understood or accepted as you are! Beauty to you and inspiration to you, joy and great happiness!

Happy mothers day wishes 2020

It’s not a secret whose hands are the warmest, whose hearts are the kindest, whose hugs are the strongest – these are all our mothers! On such a day, you want the love that they radiate to never go unheeded and all children, young and old, always appreciate it!

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Happy Mothers Day Quotes

On Mother’s Day, I sincerely wish less anxiety for the mother’s heart and more joys for the open soul. I wish for my love and tenderness to receive in return honour and respect. I wish for my mom, it does not matter how old she will be, always to be the best and dearest mom in the world.


Mommy’s favourite, the kindest, most beautiful! Congratulations on Mother’s Day! Thank you for the warmth of hands and hugs, for good mornings and tasty evenings, for cosiness and comfort in life!

Mother’s day quotes

A mother’s happiness is like a beacon, lighting up the future but reflected also on the past in the guise of fond memories. Honore de Balzac

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Happy Mothers Day Quotes

Thank you, mommy, you for everything! Let your health be stronger than steel, nerves – thicker than a rope, smile – wider than Don. And your most beautiful eyes in the world sparkle with happiness! Happy mommy’s day!

Dear Moms, this day is a wonderful occasion to express to you your admiration, love and respect, to bow before your sensitive and sympathetic maternal heart.

 Thank you, dear ones, for your everyday feat in the name of happiness for us, your children. Be healthy and safe for many years.

Happy mothers day wishes 2020

Motherhood is a great miracle. With the birth of a child, a lot of things change in the life of a woman; new priorities and tasks appear. Motherhood is not only bathing in love and joy, but also daily work. Let every mother feels loved, needed and protected. Let her know that at any moment she will find support and understanding with her family. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happy Mothers Day Quotes

Favourite mommy! I congratulate you on Mother’s Day and give you a big hug. You are the best, most wise, gentle, beautiful mother in the world. I love you for what you have with me, for the fact that you are just the way I am.

I wish you eternal youth, unfading beauty and only benevolent mood. Kiss you and hug you! Let’s celebrate this holiday together and go where we wanted for a long time.


Mom is the first word, the main word in each fate. The lines from this song tell about the closest and dear person in the world, about you, my mommy.

On your holiday, I want to wish you a million smiles and always a good mood. Let our failures not upset you, we will surely give you a reason to be proud of us.

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Happy Mothers Day Quotes

 Let your health not only allows you to look after but also bring great-grandchildren to their feet.

Happy Mother’s Day. I wish life to be like this: home – fortress, family – joy, child – pride and hope, love – a source of inspiration and joy. Every day is a celebration of comfort, pleasant cares, tasty cakes and sweet tea at a large table.

Mothers day inspirational quotes

Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children. William Makepeace Thackeray

Happy Mother’s Day and with all my heart I wish to be a mother in need, to be a mother who is loved and appreciated. To be a mother who makes the world for children brighter and more amazing, to be a mother who is firmly embraced and kissed by beloved children.

Let the dear child never offend and sincerely, firmly, fondly love his mother. I wish strength, health, patience and inspiration. As well as a lot of incredible ideas and plans on how to make a child’s life a fairy tale, how to give care, affection and love to your blood drink. Be the happiest, most beloved, most wonderful mom in the world. 

Happy mothers day wishes 2020

Congratulations on your mother’s day. I wish comfort to live in the house, so that good, like a watchdog, guards the threshold against harm and evil. 

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Happy Mothers Day Quotes

I wish that the best music for your kind heart, was children’s laughter and the most sincere confessions of love, sounded from the mouth of a child. Let all the heavenly powers protect you and your family. Happy holiday!  

For every mother, the most important thing is for the child to be healthy, so I wish you and your beloved child good health.


 And for the rest, no matter how many years the child has been, no matter where he keeps his way. May your prayers and your love lead him on the paths of good luck, peace and goodness. I wish to always feel loved and happy mom!

Being a mother is great happiness, a gift, joy, but also a lot of work, anxiety and surrender. Let your eyes know no tears, your hands do not get tired, your heart does not ache for children, but your heart will be calm.

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Happy Mothers Day Quotes

May care, love and warmth return to you a hundredfold, life will be long, happy and healthy!

Happy mothers day wishes 2020

Let you, dear mommy, everything in life will be fine! I wish you all the best, eternal beauty and, most importantly, good health! You are the dearest person on the planet, and I want you to know that I love you incredibly much!

Mothers day inspirational quotes

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. Rudyard Kipling

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Happy Mothers Day Quotes

I wish that the mother’s hands never know and the eyes of sadness. That the children were healthy and aroused pride! May all the mothers of the world be happy! Love, prosperity, care and great happiness!

Congratulations on Mother’s Day and wish you a kind and sensitive mother’s heart, peace of mind and joy, respect and love of children, a happy family and true well-being of life.

Congratulations on Mother’s Day, the holiday of the dearest and closest person in the life of each of us. I wish you not to know sorrow and grief, to believe in your child and be proud of her. To be for a child both a friend, and a mentor, and an assistant, and the best mom. Let the soul be full of freedom and happiness, and in your heart let love never fade.

Happy mothers day wishes 2020

 I wish you daily hugs and kisses of children, I wish ringing laughter and sunshine smiles in the house. I wish family holidays, picnics and travels that your candy kids will fill with joy, happiness and faith in miracles.

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Happy Mothers Day Quotes

I hasten to congratulate on Mother’s Day and sincerely wish family comfort and warmth, prosperity and peace in the house. I wish not to see the tears of my children, not to know illnesses and offences. I wish you to be wings for a child during his take-off and faithful support in the event of a fall.

On this good day, I want to sincerely congratulate on Mother’s Day and wish the children to love and respect. That the family always be happy and friendly, that the heart would be endlessly happy about the life and successes of their wonderful children. So that the soul would not stop singing the cheerful song and be proud of my people.

Congratulations on one of the most significant holidays – Mother’s Day! Dearest, most attentive and loving mother, I wish you great happiness! I want to see you always young, active, beautiful and contented.

Short mothers day wishes

May your health be strong, tender and such native hands. Good to you moms, wealth and well-being!

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Happy Mothers Day Quotes

I sincerely congratulate you on this wonderful and bright holiday, on Mother’s Day. I wish you boundless happiness and sincere joy, mutual understanding with children and trusting relationships. Strong family and joyful atmosphere in the house, bright imagination and great opportunities for life.

All mothers, both future and present, I congratulate mother’s day! Thank you for your tenderness, care, warmth and a huge heart that is forgiving.

You are the most beloved and most beloved women on the planet. Mom – in this word the warmth of the sun and the caress of a warm wave. Happy holiday, our dear!

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Happy Mothers Day Quotes

Let the children appreciate your care and love, let your heart live in the spring and good song. May you be the queen for the whole family, let your children be a loyal friend, a wise adviser, a constant ally and the best mom.

Short mothers day wishes

Dear Mom, you are a ray of sunshine that illuminates my world, so I want to say thank you and want to wish you all the best.

So that every day you bloom, even more, I wish you happiness, mommy, and well-being in everything!

Congratulations on Mother’s Day and I want to wish that the children do not hurt, that there are no quarrels and gloomy days in the family. That there is always order and comfort in the house, that the source of love in your mother’s heart tirelessly beat.

 Let it be easy to be a good, kind, sensitive and caring mom, let there always be enough time for everything and everyone!

Mothers day inspirational quotes

My mother is a walking miracle. Leonardo DiCaprio

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Happy Mothers Day Quotes

I wish you to always remain the best mom in the world, sincerely love, to raise your children with dignity. And every day, with every feeling, with every word, with every smile, invest in them your tenderness, good hopes and confidence.

Let everyone in the family be healthy, let the children please the mother and appreciate her. I wish the children to obey, the husband did not grumble, the family never needed anything. Happy Mother’s Day.

Always remain the most wonderful hostess in your home, be the most beloved and dear wife and mother. I wish prosperity, home comfort, family idyll and success in everything.

Short mothers day wishes

I wish that your family nest is always fragrant love and mutual understanding reigned. Let the children not be ill and do not give a reason for sadness to the mother’s heart. Let them give a cheerful talk, family gatherings, good jokes and family smiles every day.

We sincerely congratulate all mothers on holiday! Being a mother is not a simple, delicate matter, very responsible! You are growing the future and therefore we wish for immense patience, unlimited love and courage!

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Happy Mothers Day Quotes

Today, all children, all over the world, carry flowers to their mothers. Today let the sunshine with affection, to all the mothers who gave us life.

 I wish that only happiness, tenderness and caress flowed from the dearest and sweet eyes. I will strive to make you proud of me. I will try so that you can always smile. I will justify all your hopes and never let you down. Happy Mother’s Day, my best mom in the world!

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