999 Happy Mothers Day Wishes Quotes 2020 – Short Messages Collection in English With Images

Happy Mother’s Day, happy holiday, drowning in joyful emotions, children’s eyes shining with love and care. May your whole life be a holiday, may children grow up kind and grateful. Husbands will be faithful and loving, may success accompany you and never betray luck.  Blooming you beauty, excellent health and endless happiness!

 Happy Mother’s Day!  On noisy holidays and ordinary everyday life, let you be surrounded by smiling faces. The family pleases you with support, the children give you reasons for pride! 

Be cheerful and optimistic, manage not only to work and devote time to your loved ones. But also to relax and allow yourself at least small weaknesses and whims.  Stay the best mom and charming lady!

Maternity – the main female mission on earth.  I wish it to always be doable!  May strength and kindness be constantly accumulated in fragile tender hands and in a loving trembling heart.

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 I wish you tremendous happiness, consisting in a cheerful, carefree laughter and in the gullible, delighted eyes of a child.

Let your native eyes be overwhelmed with happiness, infinite, like the sky at dawn. Even if in them, like in mysterious forest lakes, carefree joy is reflected, and dreams and inspiration rush over your head, light as serene spring clouds!

On Mother’s Day, let the wave of gentle smiles, joyful emotions, pleasant excitements cover you.


Let the mood be wonderful, and the children inspire you to create, dream and achieve goals, sparkle with beauty and health.

Let love and harmony prevail in your soul  your life will make a beautiful, cloudless and happy!

May happiness always accompany you.  Stay the same kind, wise and understanding, I love you very much.  There is no person in the world more expensive and closer than mom, and I never get tired of thanking you for what you have done for me. 

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Mummy!  Congratulations on Mother’s Day.  I do not have enough gentle words to express all my love for you.  You are the closest and dearest person to me, who will always support in difficult times and share joy.  I want to wish you good health, happiness and success in business!

 You gave me life, warmed me with your love and affection, you are the closest person to me.  The most kind, gentle, caring, beautiful, wise, my mommy!  I want to wish you good health and great happiness.

Mom is the holiest thing in every person’s life.  Mom will never betray, will not envy and will always be happy with the happiness of her daughter, as you do. 

Let every mother feels loved, needed and protected.  Let her know that at any moment she will find support and understanding with her family. 

Today is Mother’s Day!  It is very wonderful that there is such a holiday!  After all, only thanks to the mother, we were born!  Let’s wish all the mothers of our planet, present and future, peace and goodness, happiness and confidence in the future, fulfillment of all desires, clear sunny days!


My mom, beloved in heart and irreplaceable, I congratulate you on Mother’s Day!  No more tender than your kind and familiar hands, no more touching than your troublesome care and sincere anxiety.

 I, with all my love for you, wish less frustration and excitement – I will not be lost under your wing.  Rejoice and enjoy the happiness, sweet, which I give and I will give you all my life every minute.

  Be healthy and energetic, glowing freshness and positive mood.  Prosperity to you, Mom, in everyday life and inspiring love in your personal space.

I would like to congratulate all the mothers on a wonderful and bright holiday. But probably we will not be able to find suitable words in order to convey all the overwhelming feelings.

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  I would like every mom every day to feel truly loved, needed and happy.  Congratulations to you, our dear moms!

Mother’s Day is an important holiday not only for every woman, but for all people who are valued and loved by their mothers.  Therefore, congratulations on Mother’s Day to all mothers will help to express gratitude for love, care and support.  Therefore, on this day we want to wish every mother family happiness, love and understanding from their children.

My beloved mummy, I congratulate you on the holiday and I want to wish you a lot of female happiness and attention, luxury and cozy atmosphere in your home.

 Let your mood will always be only positive and the tears will not fall down from your lovely cheeks.  Health to you, dear, for many, many years and a beautiful everyday fairy tale, consisting of positive emotional charges, warmth and undying family love.  Thank you for this lovely life.  I love you very much and cherish your every breath.

 You have always been and remain selfless, loving and ready for everything for the sake of your children!  You never skimp on affection, kindness and tenderness!

Happy Mother’s Day.  I wish you to always remain happy, beautiful, dreamy, cheerful, sweet woman, kind, sympathetic, caring, sincere, loving, beloved mother.


My dear, the most beautiful and tender!  Happy Mother’s Day to you.  Thank you for the world you gave me, for your education and care.

 I congratulate you on Mother’s Day and sincerely wish you good health and patience, understanding with children and a strong happy family.

To you dear mother, may the Lord bless you in this day to reserve especially for you to be grateful for everything!  Once again thank you Mom  for your sacrifices for me. 

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Happy Mother’s Day Honey I would like to offer you a Grand Prix gift but I’m still too small. We used to say that hihihih years ago.

May everything be pleasant during your feast, my dear mother, that there are moments during the day that you will not soon forget. Since they will have been really the most beautiful.

For all mothers, today is the perfect opportunity to be spoiled a little, to put away their apron trying to forget that they are at the service of the family throughout the rest of the year.

What would I become, what would I do now without you, mother?  You are always there to console me when I’m sad or hurt.  Often, you avoid me to see red or mop up … I offer you today a rainbow of colorful greetings to brighten your whole year.

Mom, it’s a little word loaded with great meaning;  it evokes a whole world made of sweetness, attentions and daily joys. I offer you this thought today to confirm the importance your place in my eyes. The unique place you occupy in my life, as a mother and a friend.

I may not be born in the richest of families, but I grew up with the sweetest of moms.Thank you mom for this beautiful childhood that you gave me and for all that love that  priceless to you, my darling mum.

In honor of Mother’s Day, a mother I know well deserves to be especially celebrated.  It’s certainly the sweetest, most loving mom in the world.  And then, by chance, it happens to be mine! 

This year, no noodle necklace.  Yes I know, it’s hard to admit, but I’m old enough to make you a little present.  Even so, I know that I will always be your baby that you did not see growing up.  And you, you’ll always be my darling mom, whom I love.  Very good Mother’s Day and lots of kisses.

My dear mother, We have not always had an easy life and yet, I can say that I have never lacked anything.  How can I thank you enough for everything you did for me?  It’s impossible because the whole life would not be enough.  So I’ll just tell you that I love you very much.  I wish you a happy Mother’s Day and I kiss you very well.

Happy Mothers Day Messages in English

My little finger tells me that my darling mom thinks of me today, just as I think of her.  I wish you a very beautiful Mother’s day and kiss you very hard.

Today is the feast of all moms.  But among all, it’s mine that I think.  Unique to me, this mom represents for me the unconditional love, the daily tenderness, the efforts made year after year for me to become a good person.  This mom, this modest heroine who deserves a statue, it’s you!

Mom, I’m thinking of you right now because the Mother’s Day approach reminds me of so many beautiful memories … Do you remember the gifts and poems of Mother’s Day?  Today, as yesterday, it is with the same emotion that I wish you a happy Mother’s Day.

Dear little mother, every day you prove to me your love.  It’s my turn to give you proof that I love you with all my heart.  I promise you to try to be wiser.  I know that the best gift I can give you is to make an effort and love you very much.

Happy Mothers Day Messages in English

Mother of love, I love you to the infinity of the sky, I love you to the end of the shooting stars.

All the children think that their mother is the most beautiful of the mothers.  Of course, it’s their mom.  Except that my mom is for real it is!

Mom, I never want to leave you.  When I grow up and you are 100 years old, we will live together and I will make you good meals.

For such a remarkable mother, this day of Mother’s Day must be perfect, filled with unforgettable joys for a complete happiness.

My dear mother, This day of Mother’s Day is a wonderful day because it allows me to tell you again and again how grateful I am for all that you have done and you do for me and especially how much I love you. I wish you a beautiful Mother’s Day and embrace you with all my heart.

May this feast day, which celebrates the day of the birth of a queen, that you are, be inhabited by 1000 joys, and tenderness.

I send you a beautiful bouquet of flowers of love to beautify your day mom.  Beautiful flowers with the perfume of eternal happiness and endless joy.

 May this day of celebration be in your image: sweet, tender and inhabited by kindness.

Happy Mothers Day Messages in English

I want to start this beautiful mail written with the words of my heart by saying to you: THANK YOU MOM. Thank you for all this love given throughout my childhood and even today. Your affection, your protection, your maternal kindness and your daily love have rocked my childhood, a treasure of inestimable value.

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