I am so pleased and especially cheerful for you. Wishing you a cheerful marriage and a productive life. Remain favored delightful.

Dear, Sister! May you be honored and your heart loaded with insinuating bliss.

Dear sister, may God favor you with affection, joy, and harmony!

Happy Wedding Wishes for Sister in English

Dearest sister, may God favor your womb with lovely children. All the best on your wedding.

You have been my closest companion and my most loved sister. We never left each opposite’s side for a bit. A great spouse to your significant other is the thing that I find in you. Congrats on your marriage.

You were looking so wonderful in that wedding dress. Happy wedding sister!


With tears moving down my cheeks, it’s an indication of bliss only for your minute. Sweet sister, I wish you an interminable marriage, my affection.

Happy Wedding Wishes for Sister in English

How I wish I can run with you sweet sister. Nevertheless cheerful marriage!

From a minding sister to a magnificent spouse. What a gift you are! I wish you a cheerful wedded coexistence with your significant other.

To the most wonderful couple of this world, as you begin this fresh start of coexistence, may your life be filled with joy!

Happy Wedding Wishes for Sister in English

I request divine love and fellowship in your souls. I wish you a cheerful home sister.

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An uncommon wedding message for you sister and my brother by marriage. There is nothing delightful as you two together. It’s your arrangement to make me desolate by taking without end my sister. Congrats Sister.


My most profound wish is that may God showers His approval upon you both. That both your lives are loaded with unlimited recollections.

May your adoration keep on growing every last year! Have a cheerful marriage.

Happy Wedding Wishes for Sister in English

I will love to compliment you both for the means you have taken to tie a bunch.

Throughout everyday life, it takes two to make it finish a home. May your fantasies and heart want to be yours. Congrats!!

All the best amid this point of reference in your wedded life.

This street is a long one; recall not to redirect but rather let love be your guide. Sweet sister, I wish you an upbeat marriage and congrats!

I’m pleased with you, sister, your minding nature has won you a definitive prize.

Dear Sis! I supplicate you will appreciate everlasting adoration and joy. May God be your Pillar of adoration! My beautiful sister, congrats!

Happy Wedding Wishes for Sister in English

Congrats on your wedding. Good luck for your future together.

May God begin and end with you. The world is glad to see the best couple of our opportunity. Romeo and Juliet, congrats!

God made a man and made a lady from his ribs, superb! I am so happy sister, that you have discovered where you have a place.

I request God’s hands to rebuild you both into super people. Congrats!

My most profound love to you both for the stunning advance you have taken.

Happy for your wedding sis!

Happy Wedding Wishes for Sister in English

Dear Sis! May your association be unique!

May perpetual love discover your entryway steps! What’s more, may Lord favor your Marriage!

May satisfaction discover you wherever you both go! Excellent and idealize, that is the thing that your wedding looks.

May your marriage be honored with affection, euphoria, and aggregate kinship! I wish you a cheerful wedded life.

Two quiet spirits can never live separated from each other. Henceforth, this obligation of fellowship may keep going forever.

Happy Wedding Wishes for Sister in English

May you have the ideal wedding and an ideal future with your ideal man! Congrats sister.

May the obligation of your affection be reinforced consistently! Cheerful marriage sister!

May God secure you both! May love, trust, and confidence be kept dependably to each other! I wish you an upbeat marriage my dearest sister.

It’s your big day sister, I have never observed you this glad, I can tell from your eyes he is the correct one, and I trust you perpetually have an enduring relationship.

Happy Wedding Wishes for Sister in English

For whatever length of time that I have known you, you have constantly needed the ideal wedding, have a generous time as you hit the dance floor with your better half, it’s your day and I trust you receive the most in return.

I will dependably cherish you, my sister, you are currently a spouse and I know you will have more duties, yet I guarantee you, I will dependably be here for you at whatever point.

I know we haven’t seen eye to eye on a considerable measure of things, yet I can reveal to you this, you have dependably been there for me and trust me when I say I know you will have a fabulous wedding sister.

Happy Wedding Wishes for Sister in English

I’m upbeat to be an observer to this awesome day, thank you for considering me on your big day sister. To a cheerful ever after!

I have constantly respected you, sister, and I trust that you will dependably call when you require me, for I will never release you.

Have a generous wedding sister, he is your sovereign and now, you can make him the ruler of all the land, I’m so cheerful for you, sister.

Marriage is extreme yet I know you are harder, take a gander at the shoes you have on my sweetheart, have a generous wedding my adoration!

Happy Wedding Wishes for Sister in English

I should impart you to him, I wouldn’t fret inasmuch as he fulfills my sister, have a fabulous wedding day my dear!

You are a fussbudget and I know things will be ideal similarly as long as you assume responsibility and make sew culminate.

I express gratitude toward God for you and for the delight the day brings, ardent wedding day sister.

Much thanks to you for being there for me, it’s time for you to make your home!

Happy Wedding Wishes for Sister in English

Now I give back where it’s due, I saw you experiencing passionate feelings for and now, I’m seeing you turn into a spouse as a wonderful lady of the hour.

Have an awesome wedding day sister.


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